Monday, May 18, 2009

Wonder Toast ~ Can Clothing be Educational?~

I stumbled across a company I admire. They offer typical products, like tees and onesies, books & hanging prints, etc. But what I think sets them apart from the rest is their products are wearable & educational all at the same time.
Meet Wonder Toast! This little guy wonders about everything and loves to help kids along the way!

Wonder Toast offers tees that feature each letter of the alphabet with a Food Alphabet Friend featured on each. They sometimes aren't the most typical "foods", which causes children to broad their horizons and open up their taste buds to something new. Talking about these foods are going to spark their curiosity to how they taste and smell. At least they spark mine. LOL! I'd love to try the "T" is for Tandori Chicken dish. LOL!
Wonder Toast is offering the opportunity to win a free onesie if you submit a picture of your child wearing a Wonder Toast product. You need to just become a fan on Facebook and submit away.

Another plus...they are offering a free book with a clothing purchase! YAY! Gotta love free stuff! So please check out their store at and purchase your child an educational piece of clothing that is going to be a conversation starter, no doubt.


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