Friday, October 2, 2009

Looking For Matching Mother/Daughter Dresses For The Holidays?

Family pictures, holiday parties, special events, etc. all require special occasion wear! Where do you get yours? In our family, I love for us to match, or at least color coordinate. My girls are getting of an age where they are truly getting picky about their clothing options. Some things they like, some things they absolutely dislike! It can get kind of hairy picking out something for a family picture that pleases everyone in the family. However, I came across an amazing boutique that makes matching Mother & Daughter Dresses for occasions such as this:

Adore La Vie has spared no expense to bringing mommies the opportunity to look stunning & have their little girls match them, with fabulous dresses for special events & parties for this coming holiday season!

Have a look:
Aren't they breath taking?

I recommend you check out Adore La Vie in more detail and get your orders in now, so you have your dresses in time for your upcoming holiday festivities. Imagine the comments you'll get when you walk in wearing one of these numbers, holding the hand of your little girl, who looks equally as marvelous!


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful-I actually just went on the site and bought matching mommy and me summer dresses for my daughter and I for next summer because all of the summer line is on sale! Check it out, moms!

Tiffany said...

So cute! They should consider adding matching ties for Dad's and sons in the same fabrics. That way the entire family can coordinate for the holidays.