Saturday, February 28, 2009


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The following is the winner of the Piggy Paint giveaway...(drum roll please)

Michelle said...
Wow, I think for me it is a toss up between the Forever Fancy and Angel kisses. They are both so cute I would have a hard time choosing. Leiya loves anything pink. Regular polish seems to rub or peel off Leiyas toes after a couple days. I would love to see if this polish could stand up to Leiyas brutality HaHa. Michelles email

February 21, 2009 2:48 PM
The following is the winner of the Uppercase Living Giveaway...(drum roll please)

Veronica Lee said...
The nursery embellishments are fabulous!
February 20, 2009 12:28 AM
The following is the winner of the Pixyworld Giveaway...(drum roll please)

Kelley Kendall said...
These clothes are so adorable!!! I love the "Accessorize Me"or the "Pixy Friends". What an awesome website you have.
February 23, 2009 11:59 AM
Congrats to all the winners...and can't win if you don't enter. SO GO TO MY OTHER GIVEAWAYS (there are several more posted on my blogspot) and leave comments for your entry in these amazing company's fabulous giveaways. And don't worry...there are many more to come in the near future, so keep watching and commenting and pass along the word to your friends about the One Bored Mommy blogspot.

Friday, February 27, 2009

The NoseFrida ~Product Review and Giveaway~

Don't you hate it when your child has a stuffed up nose. Even worse, when your baby can't breathe and they fuss and cry because they don't understand why. Then you MUST check out the

This invention is genius! This beats using a hospital type bulb syringe to pieces. Seriously...
My first attempt with the NoseFrida was with Clayton this afternoon (after we got it in the mail today). The poor guys has had some sort of cold virus for the past two days (he hasn't gone to school because of it) and his throat and runny nose have taken their toll on him. He was the perfect candidate to let me try it out. At first, I won't kid you...I thought the concept of my mouth sucking the snot out of my son's nose made my tummy roll a little.

But the way it's designed, unless you have the suction power of a super hero, there is no way possible the snot would ever get to your mouth. Besides that, it would have to go through their disposable filters before reaching the part you are sucking on.

We got out (without being to graphic) so much I could barely believe it. The end result...he felt a lot better and could breathe a lot easier. Here is a little video of me using on Clayton (he looks like he's in pain because he had his eyes shut and wasn't sure what was going to happen).


Of course you can't hear anything because my camera doesn't do sound (anyone that wants to do a product review of digital cameras...I'd love to help you out), but we were giggling and he was a good sport.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT! It is very inexpensive and the results that it gives are 100% worth every cent you spend. If you don't believe the reviews on their site.

NoseFrida is offering a giveaway one NoseFrida system. go to their site and check it out! Come back and comment on this blogspot about who you would use this NoseFrida system on if you won it. This giveaway will end on March 6th, 2009. Please let the company know you heard about them from the ONE BORED MOMMY blogspot.

Wouldn't you like to be a Superhero? ~ Giveaway ~

Okay, so maybe not you! But I know you probably have a son, daughter, neice, nephew or friend who does, right? LOL! Check out this store:

I LOVE IT! I know that Clayton went through a stage when he couldn't be enough superheroes. We had costumes for just about every one there was.
This stay at home mommy of four boys makes the most wonderful "dress up" capes for both boys and girls. I'd say that she would know how to satisfy, being that her sons inspect each and every cape she sells to make sure they pass their quality inspection. LOL! She's got SpiderMan, SuperMan, Mr. Incredible, Batwoman, SuperGirl, etc. You get the idea. She even makes the masks to complete the superhero look! Can't you see your child "flying" around your house right now with their superhero cape on their back "saving the day"? Maybe you'll be their Lois Lane! LOL!

She is offering a giveaway of one of her fabulous capes to one of my lucky One Bored Mommy viewers. All you have to do is go check out her etsy store at: and come back and leave a comment (with your contact info in it) about which cape you would choose and why. It's that simple. This giveaway will end on March 6th, 2009.

If you don't want to wait and see if you win the giveaway cape, head of her to her site and shop at her great store. She offers excellent prices and great low shipping costs...and I am pretty sure you will be pleased with the quality and hours of imagination this cape can bring to your house.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mom Works Inc. ~ Product Review and Giveaway

Everyone knows that a mommy's job is a 24/7 job. But do mom's who "stay at home" ever really feel appreciated for all they do in the "business" they run daily?
There is a company called:
that was invented for just that reason. All moms share one of the most important jobs in the world - raising great people. Mom Works sets out to congratulate all Mothers for their efforts made towards building and managing strong organization, while at the same time striving to fulfill their own personal goals.
The owner, Jacqueline, was kind enough to send me some samples of their products for me to check out. WOW...I was blown away! Seriously! I felt extremely appreciated when the box arrived from the post man. This box was filled with all kinds of goodies. A notepad (cause you know those always come in handy for moms), a pen with their logo, a bumper sticker for my car, a water bottle with their logo and best of all, a t-shirt (their networking design) for me to wear and show my "Mom Work Inc. " pride. As you will see from the picture of me modeling the shirt...I LOVED IT! I am actually wearing it right now and it feels good to wear a shirt that fits my lifestyle right now. I am so glad I "networked" with this company.

Something very special about this company that I think is just excellent...they have a "EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH" contest. This is great...

A fun contest in which someone can win a Mom Works goody bag. They want to recognize someone for a job well done at home or in the community.

To Enter:
• Nominate yourself, someone in your personal organization or someone that you simply admire for their spirit or teamwork.
• Submit your nomination via email to
• Briefly tell us about the individual that you are nominating and the reason for your nomination.
• Your nomination can be humorous, inspirational, or simply matter of fact.

She is also offering a GIVEAWAY and discount code to our One Bored Mommy readers. Are you starting to feel appreciated too? LOL!! Please go to the website and look around. Come back and tell me what design t-shirt you like the best or something you find specifically uplifting about this company.

What will you win? She is offering the winner of this giveaway: A white short sleeve Mom Works tee and Mom Works logo large tote bag. Isn't that great? This giveaway will end on March 5, 2009.

I know that you will want to go back to buy a shirt for you, a friend who deserves a pick me up or a t-shirt for one of your kids who fits the "job description" of one of her designs for children. LOL!! I know some of my kids do to the tee (no pun intended). When you do...use the code: 1235680769 for 10% off your order (make sure you hit the recalculate button to see the discounted total).

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Frenchy Baby Organics ~ Product Review & GIVEAWAY

We were introduced to the wide world of "Organic Clothing" today by a company called
This company offers adorable & affordable 100% organic clothing & bedding. 5% of their profit is donated to recognized charitable organizations dedicated to helping children. It's an amazing company with an amazing cause!

Anyway, they were kind enough to send us our very first 100% organic outfit. Mason got to try it out and he looked adorable wearing it. One thing I really noticed about it that was different that some other baby clothes we have, is that the fabric is super soft and cozy. It appears, that it was made to stand up to some wear and tear (good thing cause my kids are full of energy).
We got a cute little sage green shirt with little tree frogs printed on the side and a pair of matching chocolate brown drawstring pants. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! I took a few pictures of Mason wearing it and guess I got a little camera crazy...but he looked so darn cute wearing this new outfit.

A few tidbits about Organic Cotton :
  • Pesticide Free
  • Herbicide Free
  • Sustainable land use
  • Eco-Friendly Dyeing
  • Soft. Natural and Breathable for Babies skin

"Frenchy Baby" is offering a giveaway of a t-shirt or onesie of your choosing. All you have to do is check out their company at and leave a comment on this blog about something in particular you find interesting about organic clothing & bedding or something that you absolutely must have from their site (if it's not a t-shirt or must buy it! LOL! Just kidding!). This giveaway will end on March 4, 2009, so hurry up and enter today!

Baby Emporio ~ Kammi Doll Product Review

We got the pleasure of doing a product review for a company called:

They offer fine baby gifts. They pride themselves with being a baby boutique that offers great new mom gifts and cool baby gifts. Check out Baby Emporio's full line of products, or click on more products links to see all of the wonderful things they have to offer.

Anyway, one product they offer really caught my eye because I have a teething, drooling and fussy 6 month old. There is nothing worse than a teething child (cause there is not a lot you can do to comfort just hurts!) Anyway, they offer a product called a "Kammi Teething Doll" that we had to try.

The Kammi Teething Doll is made out of terrycloth. They come in an assortment of colors, we chose blue (it matches Mason's eyes, LOL). How does this doll work? You can wet one or all of the knots (there are four) and stick the doll in the freezer for 15 minutes and your baby will love chewing on these cool knots. Here's the best part, this doll is machine washable and made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

Our opinion...Mason loved his new Kammi doll. He chewed and drooled and cooed at it. It was hard getting some good pictures (cause my photographer is five and was having technical difficulties), but he really does love it. I think this will be handy tool to have around, especially when those top teeth start popping through. Thanks Baby Emporio! I'm so glad you helped us introduce the Kammi Teething Doll to Mason.

I really recommend you search out this company. This Kammi doll is just one of the many things they offer parents to help make our job easier! LOL!

Guess what? Because of this review, they are offering a special. If you put 1BoredMommy Special in the comment field, they will give you "two for the price of one" on the Kammi Teething Doll. How can you beat that? Then you'll always have an extra, for when you other Kammi Doll is being washed.
Trust me...if this doll can make a difference for your child (and your sanity) during the teething's worth the $$ spent. Visit today and let them know that One Bored Mommy sent you!

Want a Free Sub from Quiznos?

Yep...totally free, just for signing up for their Quiznos Q–Club marketing database. GO to:
and register to get your free sub!

Have you guys seen this before?

Okay...after almost hyperventilating watching this video...I have to show it to all my viewers...THIS IS AMAZING!!

Every summer, I always panic a little (I try not to show it to much, but I am a horrible actress) when it comes to swimming. Yes...I have a son that does know how to swim, but the rest of them can't. One of my worst fears as a mommy is having one of my kids fall in the water and drown. Especially when we are at a home that has no gate around the pool area. This is an amazing thing to teach your infant/toddler.
What do you think about this? I seriously am still a little panicked after watching this video clip. This child stays amazingly calm! Please leave a comment and tell me what you guys think about it!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Want to Start a Family Heirloom?

There is a small business on called :

This store offers lovely new products for babies and toddlers. The one thing in her store that I thought was amazing, was their Digital Portrait Silhouettes. She takes a profile picture of your child (she has pointer tips on her store of what exactly she needs), and turns it into an amazing black and white or colored custom digital portrait silouhette. Of course, I thought it was a great idea (having four kids myself) for Grandparents presents, to hang on my own wall, etc. Cause you know...we all wish we could freeze our kids in time...and since we can't, we can at least have some moments captured to look at for years and years to come.
Not a believer? Check it out! She did a sample for us of Brooklyn, so you can see personally her work for us. Here is the picture I took that she then made into a beautiful silhouette. She can also add their name and date of birth or whatever you'd like on the image.
Here's the most amazing part. She started a second etsy store
to raise money for a charity. 100% of her profits go towards the charity ~ Special Kids of TN. On June 6th she will be completing the Mach Tenn Triathlon (.6mi swim, 16mi bike, and a 4mi run) on behalf of a child at Special Kids. Last year, she was able to compete in the Mach Tenn as well as the Murfreesboro Middle Half (half marathon) and was able to raise over $900 for Special Kids.
Because of her charity etsy store, she is offering a special on these amazing digital silhouettes. Instead of the full price of $15.00 (which I still think is great) on her main etsy store, she will make these amazing works of art for only $11.50 for the black and whites and $12.50 for the colored ones.
Please go visit both of her stores and keep her busy making digital portrait silhouettes for you and your family. You won't be disappointed. I wasn't! When you do...tell her that you heard about her through the One Bored Mommy blogspot.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Heavenly Couture...~Product Review~

"Heavenly Couture" was thrilled that I did a feature blogspot on them and offered me a free item of my choosing as a thank you (product review). I picked out this great off white zip/button down shirt with an attached scarf. The price on the internet said it was originally over $80 and of course, because everything they sell is $17.95 or was a fraction of the regular retail price.
Well, it came today and I had a blast trying it on, tying the scarf in different ways and taking a few pictures so you can see what it looks like on me. It turns out, it's a "Miss Me" brand...which is awesome and I LOVE IT! It's something I can wear casually or dressed up. And even though it was free, I would totally have paid $17.95 for it (that's cheap clothing...with quality in tow).

I also found out that they have four locations to serve you in Southern California - Belmont Shores, Laguna Beach (the one I highlighted in a previous feature), Orange and Tustin. Isn't that great? More opportunity to go to their store front and shop. If you don't have that convenience (like me cause I am in Connecticut now), you can always go online to and check out their extensive selection of "Junior Clothing".
Don't forget, they also offer a $9.99 deal of the day! You will not be disappointed in their quality, their price or their selection. So check out now!

Faith Baby ~ Faith Inspired Babywear ~ Review and GIVEAWAY!!

"Faith Baby", a faith inspired babywear company, was kind enough to send us a sample of one of their onesies for Mason to try out. Here's a little info about :
They are a Christian family, strong in faith and run their business likewise. The mommy is juggling a full time career, with 3 Blessed children, running her own company and being a loving wife to her wonderful husband. Her vision was to create a unique, one of a kind clothing line for babies and toddlers. Their collection includes a variety of colored onesies and toddler tee's to enlighten your heart. They are dedicated to keeping our phrases simple, cute and unique. They also have cute pants, hats and embroidered lap blankets.

I got the pleasure of choosing one of the onesies for Mason to try out. I went with "Mommy's Answered Prayers!" Of course, I think all my children are an answer to prayer (there are four of them), but Mason especially is to me, because he was conceived after I had a surprise miscarriage a few months before. Having him join our family was definitely an answer to my prayers and his presence in our family is a profound and wonderful thing.

The things I noticed about this is made of heavyweight cotton (not thin) and the printing is bright and colorful. It has an adorable tag on it with the verse "we live by faith, not by sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7. It came in a pretty clear bag with a brown ribbon tied around it and they enclosed a bookmark ( as a thank you to all their customers for spreading the word about This would be an amazing gift for any expecting mommy...and a great witnessing tool for a mommy who might not be saved.

Anyway, Mason loved being a model for the onesie (as you can see from the pictures) and the blue made his eyes pop even more than normal! LOL! the even better part...
They are offering a giveaway!!
GO TO and look around. Come back and leave a comment on this post, telling me which onesie you would choose and why. That is your entry in the contest. What are you going to win, you wonder? You get to have your pick of one of their fabulous onesies. Trust'll love them...and you'll be back to buy more. So hurry up and check their site out already and come back to get your comment posted and be entered in this drawing. This giveaway will end on March 2, 2009.

Free Pancakes Anyone?? For a good cause too!

Tomorrow, IHOP (International House of Pancakes) is celebrating National Pancake Day on Tuesday, February 24th from 7 am to 10pm. You get a free "short stack" (3) pancakes. All they ask is that you consider making a donation to the local Children's Hospital through the Children's Miracle Network and other local charities. You can find out more information and the closest location near you by visiting their website at

The Back Porch Shoppe ~ and Giveaway...

Browsing through all the Etsy stores can be monotonous, but when you come across one you really love, it's worth all the searching! Trust is! I came across one I had to blog about, that is owned & operated by a very sweet woman who had three kids of her own (so she understands all things about being a mommy herself)...
"The Back Porch Shoppe" has adorable vintage inspired, 100% handcrafted wood signs with enduring quality. Each piece is aged & distressed capturing the beauty of a vanished world. I LOVE THEIR THINGS!!

They offer a variety of signs that range from :

They are offering my viewers an amazing giveaway...One lucky viewer who leaves a comment about what they would purchase from her store will receive this darling "Cupcake" sign (you know you want to win this!):

So please go check her etsy store out:
and come back and leave a comment about what you would buy (or are going to buy) from her(this will also enter you in the contest)! GO SHOPPING and enjoy your piece of quality vintage inspired artwork! Please make sure to tell her you heard about "The Back Porch Shoppe" from the One Bored Mommy blogspot. This giveaway will end on March 2, 2009!

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Our PixyWorld Giveaway for an adorable boutique outfit for spring ~
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

AVON Calling...

When I was a little girl, I remember my mom used to get the AVON catalog and we would look through every page and ask if we could have one of everything in the whole book. We especially liked their chapstick (probably cause that was the only thing our mom would really let us have) LOL!! Yes...we were girls (my sister and I) that loved to play dress up with make up and perfume. Guess some things never change, cause I still do and now my daughters do too (even though we are only at the chapstick stage). LOL!!

Anyway, quite the coincidence...a little girl we used to play "dress up" with is now selling AVON herself. My friend Nicole is selling AVON and would love to assist you in any of your AVON product needs. Please check out her website at:

She just sent me some samples in the mail for me to try know...line filler for wrinkles, face firming lotion (the stuff that 30 year olds start to use in their makeup regime). LOL!! She also sent me samples of their new perfumes, which I loved all three of them, along with all the other products she sent for me to try.

I'm not sure if you've ever tried AVON make-up or products before, but if you haven't...I suggest you at least try something from AVON. There is a reason AVON has been a vital part of the "make-up & skin product" community for so long. They make products that sell...and they sell because they work! So head to Nicole's site and purchase something from AVON and after you do...come back and tell me about your purchase and how much you love it! LOL! I'd love to hear all about it! And let Nicole know you heard about her website through the One Bored Mommy blogspot.