Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Michele Baratta at Home Giveaway

Michele Baratta at Home is a company created to empower women. www.shopmichele.com/melanisessa

I met an amazing lady online today that represents this company and sells their amazing jewelry. Seriously...they have some really beautiful items (I love their photo necklaces) and even better, when you shop at her online store...you're helping support another work at home mommy.

Have a look at some of their amazing products:

Because she believes you will love their products as much as she loves selling them, she is offering a giveaway of an amazing raised heart keychain that retails for $21.00 to (1) lucky One Bored Mommy viewer. To enter, you must visit her site: www.shopmichele.com/melanisessa and find something that you would love to purchase from her store. Come back and tell me what it is that you want to buy and you will be entered to win this amazing keychain!
Wouldn't your keys look nice hooked to this magnificent piece of artsmanship? I think so! Who knows...maybe you'll hop on board the Michele Baratta at Home Team and start selling their products too.

This giveaway ends April 7, 2009 and is good for US residence only! Hurry up and check out her site: www.shopmichele.com/melanisessa and enter this fabulous giveaway!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Randy Houser ~ Check out this Video~

For those of you who don't know who Randy Houser is...you can check out his website at http://www.randyhouser.com/. Maybe he'll be the next Garth Brooks or John Michael Montgomery. He just came out with his first debut album:
and is currently touring on the :
Isn't this just about the cutest video you've ever seen? This little guy thinks that Randy Houser is amazing! LOL!! Gotta love it when little kids appreciate music and mimic playing instruments and singing songs they love. SO SWEET!
Drake Jammin to Boots On

You must check out Geela Baby Store...

I met a sweet gal today who has an etsy store online that is unique and one of a kind. Yes...they sell typical things like slings, diaper clutches, etc. But...these are different than any I have seen!http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5590922

One thing that really grabbed my attention about Geela Baby etsy store is that all their products are named after "places". Be it cities, states or countries...this offers a very unique personality all of itself to this amazing store.

This store came about by the inspiration of their friends having babies and the need for handy and hip accessories for them. Geela Baby Store offers 6 of their favorite items and produced their first line of one-of-a-kind accessories in their etsy store.

They use bright and vivid colors and extreme attention to detail, right down to their step by step instructions (for wearing and washing) and warnings. Gotta love a company that's all about the safety of our babies.
Even celebraties use their baby accessories!

Please check out the Geela Baby Store on etsy now: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5590922 and when you check out, let them know that the One Bored Mommy sent you!
Who knows...maybe they'll consider the One Bored Mommy blogspot for their next giveaway! That'd rock, right?

Candy Cottage ~Product Review & Discount Code~

Sometimes you come along a store that is really intriguing...you wonder...are the products really as good as the pictures make them look? I found a store that made me curious:http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6412844

Candy Cottage Shop on etsy is a store that sells handpainted chocolates. Let me just start out by saying...she more than amazed me by her beautiful chocolates. She has a gift...a talent for taking a piece of chocolate and turning it into a piece of artwork.
We got to review some of her chocolates for EASTER and I can truthfully say that I would be so excited to receive any of her chocolates for an Easter present or anytime. Of course the kids and I were excited when the package arrived, cause we were getting a "treat", but really...it'd be hard to eat such amazing art. Of course...the girl's had no problem taste testing the delicious chocolate. LOL!! And I will admit...I did try some too. My sweet tooth got the best of me...over my appreciation for the hard work and effort that went into making these chocolates so wonderful! LOL!

She sent an adorable Easter Bunny Stump house (it was so perfect, it didn't look like chocolate) made out of white chocolate. This thing was extremely detailed and painted to perfection! It was wrapped in cellophane when it arrive and I unwrapped it to check out the detail. There were little loose bunnies and easter eggs floating in the cellphone. These just added character to the actual HOUSE itself. I didn't realize at first that the top came off...until tipped it over and saw that there was candy inside. M&M's to be exact. LOL!! Isn't it darling?
She also sent some lollipops. Oh My GOSH...they are adorable! We received a Top Hat Bunny, A bunny with a carrot, A bunny with flowers at the bottom, A bunny carrying an egg, a Basket of eggs and and Easter Basket with a bunny inside. THESE are so cute! We decided that these are going to be great little gifts for Brooklyn's girlfriends at her dance class next Monday. I am excited to see their faces light up when they see them. I'll be passing along the store information to their mommy's too. LOL!!

Candy Cottage is a store that I am certain will satisfy your chocolate needs. She has been making hand painted and homemade confections for 10 years and still love every minute of her "work". She will do everything possible to create the perfect gift for that special person in your life. Her chocolates make perfect stocking stuffers, gifts for family, friends or that hard to buy for person in your life. If you don't see what you're looking for please contact her and she will try to fulfill your needs.

Candy Cottage is offering a 10% off discount code just for the One Bored Mommy viewers. Please take advantage of a little savings when you buy your "Easter Basket Necessities" from Candy Cottage. Enter the code EASTER09 in the message to seller as you're checking out.

Thank you so much for letting us have the opportunity to experience your amazing talent and unique chocolates. My girl's and I were seriously impressed and look forward to seeing your store continue to flourish with more creative pieces this year.

Viva Diva Cafe ~ Win Free Cleaning for a YEAR~

Check it out: https://www.vivadivacafe.vivatowels.com/sweepstakes/lifeofleisure09/

In the VIVA® Life of Leisure Sweepstakes, one lucky VIVA® Diva is going to win FREE housecleaning for a year! It's the prize you asked for, and now it could be your dream come true!

Go sign up and enter today! I'd totally dig free housecleaning for a year. LOL!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bathed With Loved ~Product Review and Giveaway~

Do you remember when I introduced to you guys the storehttp://www.bathedwithlove.com/

and we also introduced a product called the

Bathed with Love was kind enough to send us our own "Tummy Tub" to sample and try out. At first I was apprehensive if Mason would really enjoy sitting in it like the babies on the video. But I filled it up with warm water, got him all ready and put him in. Wanna know something?


He probably would have sat in the Tummy Tub all day if I let him. He was so content! He splashed and wiggled and giggled and played. He made it look like so much fun, I think my other kids wanted to get in and join him! LOL! He was relaxed and comfortable sitting in the close quarters and I think it really did soothe him.
Now I can totally see how someone who has a baby with colic or a baby that just is a little fussy might benefit from the Tummy Tub. There are not many baby's I know, that don't like to take a bath and kick around in the water. That's where they really do come to life. The Tummy Tub is great too because it's portable (so you can put it anywhere you are) and easy to use and very safe.

Now the Tummy Tub is not the only product that Bathed with Love offers. They have many great products for bath time for you and your baby.
In fact, they are giving one lucky One Bored Mommy Viewer the chance to win a $25 gift certificate to shop in their great online store. To take advantage of this, please go to their site at http://www.bathedwithlove.com/ and come back and comment here on something you would buy from their online store. Be specific and tell me why. This giveaway will end on April 5, 2009 and is open to US Residents. Please be sure to leave your contact info so I can get in touch with you after the close and notify you of your winnings.
Bathed with Love is ready and waiting to serve you with quality bathing products for your little one at great prices & huge selection. Be sure to head over to their shop with all your bathtime needs and you too will be "Bathing your baby in Love". LOL!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

You need to check out Petunia's Shop...

Have you been introduced to the wide world of ICKY bags? I have a store for you:

What's that you say? An ICKY bag? What in the world am I talking about? There are a lot of boutiques and stores now that are carrying these styled wet bags. But Petunia's etsy store really caught my eye. These are awesome for mommy's with children who wear diapers & use wipes. Any ICKY bag is "wet proof" zip bag. The uses for an ICKY bag:

  • Cloth Diaper Bag
  • Gardening Supplies
  • Pet Supplies
  • Reusable Snack Bag
  • Wet Clothes/bibs/burp cloths
  • Bathing Suits
  • Sippy Cups
  • Gym Clothes
  • Make-up/Toiletries
  • Sunscreen/Lotion
  • Kitchen Items
  • Bathroom Supplies
  • Dirty Linens
  • Potty Training Supplies
  • Craft Supplies
  • Undergarments
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Organization for purse/diaper bag

After reading that list...I know that I could definitely use an ICKY bag for many of the above listed reasons. LOL! Petunia's does just make ICKY bags, she also makes custom ICKY bags and more. You can select your fabric from the wide variety of fabrics at : http://petuniasfabrics.blogspot.com/ She also makes fantastic custom fabric Pocketbooks and more.

Petunia's is offering 10% off discount code to our wonderful One Bored Mommy blogspot readers just for a week. So please take advantage of the discount and enter the code get10 in the comment box at checkout to get your savings. Please go check out what her etsy store has to offer and support another stay at home mommy expecting her third baby this summer. I have a feeling you won't be disappointed in the quality or craftsmanship of her items.

Introducing "Buttered Toast"...

One thing I'm a total sucker for is a little boy, all dressed up, looking like a little man with a tie on. I loved it when Clayton was small and had no opinion, cause I would get him the cutest outfits with ties for church. Now...I am lucky to get away with a button up shirt. LOL! But Mason on the other hand...he's still capable of being dolled up... http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6569088
I fell in love with this store (not to mention the fact that I absolutely adore the name) the minute I laid eyes on the "little man" ties.
HOW CUTE are these?
Seriously now...this is the kind of thing that makes a mommy's heart melt. Seeing her little guy all "dressed up" in a tie, ready for Easter or whatever special occasion might be coming that way.

Please check out the Butter Toast etsy store. She is a stay at home mommy of a little man herself and she makes the most awesome little boy ties I've ever seen. She even makes bow tie style.
Ummm...can you say ADORABLE?
When you buy a tie for your little guy for Easter...let her know that the One Bored Mommy sent you!

The Shabby Belle...

I'm always looking for businesses that offer adorable things and reasonable prices with amazing quality and originality. My friend has a store on etsy called: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6907524

She is a busy stay at home mommy of three adorable kids and in her "spare" time she sews & paints. She is super creative, amazingly talented and always open to "custom ideas", but I think her kids mainly inspire her work.

She makes adorable sundresses (which is fabulous for this coming HOT summer) and appliqued onesies. Check it out:
When you have the chance, please go over and check out what she has in her etsy store The Shabby Belle at :

And when you buy (cause you know you will), let her know that the One Bored Mommy sent you!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Road Trip Kids ~Product Review~

Yes...another company that has parents interest in mind when they came up with putting together their products. This company is a MUST HAVE for your next "road trip".

Road Trip Kid was created to make traveling with children a more pleasurable and stress free experience for children and their parents. As parents themselves, they too were forced to hear the proverbial "Are we there yet?" on road trips, airplane trips, train trips and bus trips. They knew there had to be a solution to make these trips more enjoyable for all parties involved. Their solution was to create what they then called road trip bags for each of the children for each trip that we took. These road trip bags made an immediate and profound difference in the quality of travel with the children. Hence...a company was born!

We got the pleasure of reviewing backpacks from Road Trip Kids for all three of my older children (they make these backpacks for different age ranges). At this point, Mason really doesn't need a backpack for road trips. LOL!! We got them in the mail yesterday and it was an explosion of excitement as the box was opened and each backpack was pulled out. I made the girls wait to check them out, until their brother got home from school. The second he walked through the door, the girl's grabbed their backpack and I was lucky enough to get a picture of them before they dived into their bags to see what goodies layed inside for our upcoming Spring Break Road Trip.

I have to admit...these kits were well thought out. The bags have plenty of room inside to, to put a snack or too for the long venture.

Road Trip Kids website is well designed, offering tips for parents while traveling with children, books, etc. They are even going to start offering replacement kids for their backpacks...These backpacks are favorably priced and offer hours of childhood entertainment inside.

I would recommend, no...I would highly suggest, that you consider buying these Road Trip Kid backpacks for your children before you leave on a traveling adventure. Trust me...your ears will be thanking me. LOL!! Please visit their website at http://www.roadtripkids.com/ and when you purchase, let them know that you heard about them through the One Bored Mommy Blogspot.