Monday, June 29, 2009

Lightning Bug Learning ~Review & Giveaway~

I have two children that are reading in our son that is a first grader and my daughter, who hasn't even started kindergarden yet. No joke, she has pretty much taught herself how to read. Since Clayton struggles in that area, I find it very important to find activities and ways of encouraging him and practicing so that we don't loose what we've already learned. Especially during the summer months, when he's not at school.

Lightning Bug Learning is an amazing company to support me in these efforts. They offer amazing "sight word" books, games and flash cards. All of which are exciting for the kids and amazing learning tools, all at the same time.

We got the thrill of reviewing two books "Kindergarden Word Family Reader" and "Kindergarden Sight Word Reader". We also got to review their "Sight Word Bingo Game". Now...keep in mind...just because it says Kindergarden on it, doesn't mean that you can't use this to help practice with your older kids. In fact, I am certain that they will enjoy the "Sight Word Bingo Game" as much as your children that are just learning to read...maybe even better cause it won't be as much of a struggle for them to find their spots when they are called out.

Brooklyn is thrilled with the new books. This child thoroughly amazes me. When the books arrived, I took them out of the package and we started looking at them. Immediately, she started reading the pages as I flipped through...enjoying every second and even more so, the praise she received when I saw how well she was doing. Ever had a child that just blows your mind? Brooklyn is ours. Not that our other child don't amaze us on a daily basis also, but Brooklyn has a HUGE thirst for learning and it's evident with her ability to read without much coaching or effort.


The Sight Word Bingo Game...we all enjoyed! The kids love the idea of playing a game together and I love the idea that they are working on their reading at the same time. WHAT A JOY! Seriously...a great way to disguise "work & practice" (two things my son really has no interest in), packed in a fun little game. Check out our video of us playing the game.


The best part...the two books we received only cost $4.99 each (a cheap & inexpensive way to keep their minds working during the summer days) and the bingo game was only $9.95 (can you believe that?)
Lightning Bug Learning is so confident that you are going to love their amazing products, they are offering (1) SIGHT READING BINGO Game to (1) Lucky One Bored Mommy Viewer.

To enter this giveaway you must:
  • Visit their website at and leave a comment on your favorite item they offer
  • Become a follower of my blogspot and leave a comment that you are
  • Sign up for their newsletter (to receive info and coupons) and comment that you did (this will be verified before you're officially a winner)
  • Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter and leave a comment that you did
This Giveaway will end on July 14, 2009 and is open to US Residents. Please leave your e-mail address with each comment so I can contact you if you're the winner.

Thank you Lightning Bug Learning for sending us a sample of your amazing products. We are going to have a great time using them this summer, in an effort to preserve what Clayton has learned at school already and enhance what Brooklyn will soon be learning this fall. LOL!

Step 2 Toys to check out for the Summer

My kids love to play outside, they love to play inside, and they love to play all the time! And here's something very exciting...I love to have them play, instead of watch t.v. or play video games. Because I feel so strongly about that (and since there is four of them to keep entertained), companies like: happen to be an amazing resource for our family, when we consider buying products for our kids to enjoy & entertain with!

What child wouldn't want to play with this for hours outside (all four of my kids would love to play on this...I'd probably have to drag them in to get them away from it, LOL):
Or create something using this amazing art table (my daughter Brooklyn would be busy with this for hours on top of hours):Or go on a roller coaster ride (yes...that's what I said, and I know that all of my kids would dig this one!):
Or even to imagine they have their own backyard park with a sandbox & picnic table & shaded umbrella (Payton & Clayton love playing in the sand):Head over to Step 2's website and check out their entire selection of amazing, quality constructed toys for all ages. Their products are built to last, can withstand an infinate amount of play & will keep your kids busy this summer with activites that will be constructive and physical. Here's the best part...their prices are truly reasonable! Seriously...when you consider the amount of time that your child will be playing with these activity centers...the investment is 100% worth it. It's no wonder their company has won all kinds of awards for their innovative things.
When you're making your purchases, let them know that the One Bored Mommy sent you!

David Kirsch's "Butt Book" Review...

Everyone has problem areas on their bodies, right? I know that I have my fair share of spots on my body, that I find least desireable, especially right after I have had a baby. My butt being a huge one of them. I have been endowed with more than the "average" in that area. I have, what they call, "JUNK IN THE TRUNK"! Because of this problem, I need help with toning, sculpting and making my RUMP be in shape and fabulously flattering.

David Kirsch, who has 20 years experience sculpting and and perfecting the most glorious bodies in HOLLYWOOD (Heidi Klum, Liv Tyler, etc.), is releasing a book on July 13th, that you're gonna want to purchase for yourself. It is available for pre-order right now at: for only $15.99. It's called "BUTT BOOK".
Easy name to remember, right?

This book gives you the guidelines for working your hiney into something that would resemble a super models rear end. Can you imagine looking at that in the mirror after a shower? Okay, maybe we won't go that far, but it will make your "behind" more toned, sculpted and tighter than it's ever been before in your life.

Here a few examples of the exercises in the book:
Looks like fun, right? You know...though these exercises may not look like a ton of fun...they have been proven (time and time again) to work. If that's the case and we have the guidelines in this book to do it...we should all be walking around with fine sculpted tushies! I know that I am going to work on mine...get it toned and in shape and since I now have this book to help direct me in the type of exercises that will make that happen...I feel like the goal is definitely attainable. He even goes into detail about diet & stretching.

Because this book is not yet released to the public, you can win a copy of this book thanks to my friends at Engelman & Co.
To enter this giveaway you can:
  • 1st - Tell me, truthfully, if you will use this book to sculpt your "BEHIND"?
  • 2nd - Follow this blogspot and comment that you do
  • 3rd - Tweet about this giveaway on twitter & comment that you did
  • 4th - Blog about this giveaway and leave a link so I can check it out
This giveaway will end on July 13, 2009 and is open to US Residents only!

Thank you Engelman & Co and David Kirsch for allowing me to review this amazing "Butt Book". I am very excited to whip my hind end into shape, so I look fabulously fit and fantastic.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Two More Winners...

The winner of the Precious Girl's Club Giveaway is:

Marie said...
I would give this to my daughter Alex who is very precious to me as we never even thought we could have kids at all until she came along :-)
June 26, 2009 9:55 AM

The winner of the Tomboy Tools Pink Hammer Giveaway is:

Happi Shopr said...
Love the pink pliers set. trinitygsd at yahoo dot com
June 25, 2009 5:34 PM

Congrats to both of the winners. You both have 48 hours now to claim your prize. Thank you to both Mom Select & Tomboy Tools for hosting these delightful giveaways! Thank you to everyone who entered to win!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another Fabulous Winner...

The winner of the Vital Earth Traditions "Bitch Balance Butter" Giveaway is:

Mimi the kitten said...
I'd love to try the Angelic Moments Lotion!
June 24, 2009 7:35 PM

Congrats winner! You now have 48 hours to claim your prize. Thank you to Vital Earth Traditions for hosting this giveaway and thanks to all who entered!

Friday, June 26, 2009 Review & Giveaway

Shopping for bathing suits for my two little girls is such a fun job. Seriously, I love it when the time comes around to find a cute suit for them to wear in the hot summer months. In the pool, in the sprinkler, playing in the hose, etc. Summer time, to me ='s a really fun time with water & sun and what better excuse than to doll my girls up in frilly bathing suits that really show off their personality?

During some children's clothing shopping online, I came across a website that I was "TAKEN" by. Truly, this online store has the CUTEST, MOST ADORABLE, JAW DROPPING GORGEOUS bathing suits I have ever seen for little girls. darn cute for their own good! Right away, I envisioned my girls wearing these adorable suits. All the compliments that would be paid to them, how great they will feel wearing them, etc. I LOVED everything, EVERYTHING that I saw.

We got the delightful pleasure of doing a review of
two of their swimsuits and two of their cover up dresses. It was no shock to me, when the packaged arrived, that the bathing suits & cover up dresses were even more adorable in person (and on my girls) than they were, shown on their website (of course, I'm a little biased). Brooklyn, who I have mentioned before, is extremely picky and was thrilled with her new suit & cover up. Both swim suits were Frankie & Daisy brand suits made by Corky & Company.

So you know, if you've been reading this blogspot for long, that I love taking pictures of my kids & especially showing the amazing products we get to brace yourself for some MAJOR CUTENESS ahead. LOL!
This is Brooklyn, modeling her new Hello Kittie Heart Applique Double Ruffle Skirt Bikini. SO girlie & ruffley and sweet! WE absolutely love it! The quality is fantastic, the appearance (far better than most bathing suits I have seen) and it fits great on her little skinny body!
This is Payton, modeling her new FRANKIE & DAISY Fuschia Dots Tank 2 By Corky and Company. This tankini style two piece has rouching in all the right places, gives the look of a one piece, with the convenience of a two piece, and an adorable fluffy flower & ruffles all around the bottom. FABULOUS! Kids Swim Wear is so positive that you're gonna love their girl's swimsuits as much as we did, they are offering your choice of (1) swimsuit to (1) fortunate One Bored Mommy Viewer. That's right...can you picture your little princess wearing one of these amazing swimsuits?
To enter this giveaway:

  • Visit and tell me your favorite swimsuit
  • Follow this blogspot & comment that you do
  • Follow and comment that you do
  • Tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment that you did
  • Blog about this giveaway and leave the blog link so I can read it
This giveaway will end on July 4, 2009 and is open to US Residents only! Be sure to leave seperate comments for each, so you earn more chances to win. Also, leave your e-mail address, so I can reach you if you're the winner.
Thank you Kids Swim Wear for letting us review these amazing swimsuits. My girls will get plenty of attention this summer at the local pool and I owe it all to you!

Winner of the Latest Live Giveaway...

And the winner of the LIVE GIVEAWAY of The Child Safety Pack by My Precious Kid is:

Megan R. said...
I tweeted!
June 26, 2009 10:37 AM

Congrats Megan R. You now have 48 hours to claim your prize. Thank you to Itty Bitty Baby Bunz for hosting the giveaway & thanks to all who participated! This was a lot of fun! I look forward to the next LIVE giveaway!

The Wrinkleband Mid-Week Update

I have been faithfully wearing my every night at bedtime. I apply moisturizer before I put it on and of course, half the way through the night I find it laying on my pillow...but I know it's on for more than 10 minutes a day at least. I find it hard to remember to wear it during the day with the kids and all the goings on, so at night I have made it part of my bedtime routine.'s the first picture I took, prior to using the Wrinkleband:
And here is the picture I took this morning before heading to the zoo: Do you notice a difference yet? Hmmm...guess we'll have to wait and see! So exciting! I really hope to see it make a difference in the intensity of my wrinkles. I know they aren't going to disappear all together, but I would love for them to be lightened a little.
Check back next week to see the final result of my 1 week trial of the Wrinkleband.


The winner of the JC Toys "Lots to Cuddle Twins" Giveaway is:

Sonya said...
I love the La Newborn (Real Boy!) 14"
June 17, 2009 11:55 PM

Congrats Sonya! You now have 48 hours to claim your prize. Thank you to JC Toy for hosting this delightful giveaway and thanks to all who participated & entered to win. Now go buy your kids some adorable baby dolls today!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rembrandt Teeth Whitening Products...Review & Giveaway

I am an avid coffee drinker & lover. I had a love for coffee ever since my grandma used to sneak me some as a child when we were visiting with her. My love has turned into a passion as I have grown into an adult and I truthfully have a difficult time starting my day if I don't have a nice hot cup of joe to warm & wake me up. But, sadly, because of my horrible obsession with coffee, my teeth have suffered severe stains. They have gone from pearly white to dingy off white. I am not to the point of embarassment, where I won't smile in public, but they could definitely use a pick me up...and a few layers of color lifted off. Rembrandt has been known for years, for making products that help improve the look and health of your teeth. At least that's what I think about when I hear the name. So, because of that, I was truly excited to have the opportunity to review some of their newer amazing products.

My package arrived today and I received : A Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit, A Rembrandt package of Whitening Strips, A tube of Rembrandt Intense Stain Whitening Toothpaste & a bottle of Rembrandt Fresh Mint Whitening Mouth Wash. Now if my teeth are not sparkling white after using all these amazing products, I will be absolutely shocked! With all the products I've been reviewing lately, I better be one HOT mama when I'm through, huh? LOL!
So, I decided to vlog about my experience using the Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit and here are a few facts about it:

Here is my before picture:

Here is my after picture:
Can you notice a dramatic difference in the before and after?


I will now continue brushing with my new whitening toothpaste and whitening mouthwash to keep my smile nice and bright.

Do you want to try this out for yourself? Thanks to Rembrandt and, we are giving away the 2 Hour Whitening Kit to (1) Lucky One Bored Mommy Viewer. I'm so excited about this!
To enter this giveaway you must:
  • Visit Rembrandt's website at and tell me another product, besides the 2 Hour Whitening Kit that you would like to try out
  • Become a follower of this blogspot and leave a comment that you are
  • Tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment that you did
  • Blog about this giveaway and leave the link where you blogged at
This giveaway will end on July 3, 2009 and is open to US Residents only! Please be sure to leave your e-mail address with each entry. The more entries you have, the better odds you have for winning, so be sure to leave seperate comments.
Thank you Rembrandt for making quality products we can rely on for helping keep our teeth sparkling white and healthy. And thank you, for allowing the One Bored Mommy Blogspot to tell our readers more about their amazing products.

CSN Rugs Amazing RUG Giveaway

I am so excited to tell you about this next company. They offer any type of rug you can possibly imagine! Not exaggerating about this at all...I am pretty sure that if there was something "special" or even "particular" that you were looking for, this business has it in their online store. They have area rugs, they have floor runners, they have sport themed rugs, they have children's rugs, etc. You get the idea.

CSN Rugs has so many rugs, it can almost be overwhelming as to where to begin. For those of us who live in homes where we only have hardwood floors, rugs are a must, especially with children. Their rugs are reasonably priced, they offer free shipping and they even have a clearance section, where you can save yourself even more money.

CSN Rugs is so excited about you learning about their online business, they are offering (1) Lucky One Bored Mommy Viewer the opportunity to win one of the following amazing rugs (the winner will choose from one listed below):
Who wouldn't use this rug as an excellent learning tool and adorable decoration for a primary colored room, nursery or even a homeschooling room? (size 3'3'' x 4'10'')

Any Little Boy could spend hours playing cars on this amazing road map rug! (size 3'3'' x 4'10'')

Hopscotch anyone? I'm sure this would be an absolute favorite to any little girl! (size 3'2'' x 6'8'' )
All Little Boys like going on a Treasure Hunt with pirates...and now they can do that everyday with this adorable rug! (size 3'3'' x 4'10'')

Do you know any little girls that don't like to have Tea Parties & Cupcakes? Isn't this adorable? (size 3'3'' x 4'10'')

To enter this giveaway:
  • You must first tell me which of these amazing rugs you want to win?
  • Tweet about this giveway & leave a comment that you did
  • Blog about this giveaway and leave the post link of your blog
  • Follow this blogspot and comment that you do
  • Purchase a rug from CSN Rugs and comment that you did (this will be confirmed before you win)

This giveaway ends July 3, 2009 and is open to US & Canadian Residents ONLY! Please be sure to leave your e-mail address in each comment so I can reach you if you're the winner. Leaving seperate entries gives you more chances of winning this comment away!

CSN Rugs is also offering a discount code on their website. You can save 20% off if you use the code Shopper20 at checkout. Can't beat a great deal...go shopping now!

Thank you CSN Rugs for allowing the One Bored Mommy Blogspot to host this fantastic giveaway!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Glamourmom 2pc Pajama Review & Giveaway

Can I really say anything more about Glamourmom that I haven't already said? I LOVE this company! This company was made to please & cater to a nursing mommy. They makes products that are fantastic quality, convenient for nursing and make my life easier by making products that are attractive & trendy (and made for nursing) all at the same time.

I got another opportunity to review a
Glamourmom product that I am going to wear a lot in the next couple months (in fact, I'll probably wear it out because I'll wear it so much)...It's their Glamourmom 2pc Sleepwear Pajama Set. I LOVE THIS SET! Seriously, I have been wearing a nursing bra, a t-shirt (cause it's easy to lift up in the middle of the night to feed Mason) and jammie bottoms to bed since having Mason, so I won't leak through my clothes nightly (nothing grosser than waking up soaing wet from leaking milk). I am far from "attractive" to my husband wearing this get-up to bed and it's kind of uncomfortable to have my nursing bra on at bedtime.
With the
Glamourmom 2pc Sleepwear Pajama Set, I don't have to wear a bra, I look amazing at bedtime and I feel good about my body in this outfit. This set is FABULOUS (and I'm not just saying that). Not only is it an outfit I feel great about, it's got a drawstring waistband on the pants (so these are perfect for postpardum on) and the tank top is so long, it covers all the extra skin that might be left over from having a baby. I know that seems graphic, but those of us who have delivered a baby, know that everything doesn't go right back into place the second the baby comes out. The tank top unhooks for easy nursing and doesn't require you wear a bra underneath (you can place your pads inside the bra built inside the tank). SO NICE! The fabric is soft, stretchy and the color is something that everyone will look great wearing.

Because I love this
2Pc Sleepwear Pajama Set and Glamourmom does too, they are offering a set to (1) Lucky One Bored Mommy Viewer. Do you want that viewer to be you?

Here's how you enter!

* Visit Glamourmom and look around at all their amazing products, then come back and leave a comment telling me if you're currently nursing or planning to nurse.
* Become a follower of the One Bored Mommy Blogspot and leave a comment that you are
* Tweet about this Giveaway on Twitter
* Blog about this giveaway and leave the link so I can read about it video

This giveaway will end on July 2, 2009 and is open to US Residents only! Be sure to leave your e-mail address so I can reach you if you're the winner. Also, leave seperate comments so you can have more chances to win!

Thank you
Glamourmom for making me a "Glamourmom" too. My husband and I both thank you for my new adorable pajamas. I will wear them and feel glamourous even at bedtime now! And that, to me, is a BIG DEAL!