Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Movie We Must See - MOTHERHOOD

Okay, I swear, after watching the trailer for this movie, I think that a camera has been following me around (only minus two kids) on select parts of this trailer. This movie is something that I know my husband will appreciate and I was so excited about it, I called my mom & sister to tell them about it.
To find out more about this UPCOMING movie, please check out:
Who knows, maybe I'll get to blog about being part of their opening night in NYC? That'd be awesome!

"Everything's Bigger & Better In Texas"

That motto makes me giggle a little! My parents & sister live in Texas. People who live in Texas a true believers of this motto. In fact, my husband & I even lived in San Antonio for a few years and we heard all about it while we were there. One thing I know...Texans are truly proud of their cowboy heritage. Here's a company that is proof of exactly that!

Gypsy Soule was started as a business that put studs and jewels on cowhid flip flops. From there, it has taken off to be a fashion line, a jewelry line, they have hats, bags, etc. These are products that even celebs appear to be falling in love with and I can see why. Billy Ray Cyrus, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and more love Gypsy Soule. Watch out, cause GYPSY SOULE is going to be HUGE (it's already pretty big).

I got the TREMENDOUS pleasure of reviewing a few of their "Jewels for your Soule" jewelry. All I can say is that I was blown away when the package came in the mail.

I received their amazing bangle bracelets. 13 bracelets all in amazing rustic fashion. Silver, Copper and even a brash Gold were included. They are "heavy duty" too (not lightweight) and definitely not bendable. All I can say about these bracelets are...they are 100% amazing! Seriously! I also received their Gypsy Soule Pearl Rosary Cross Necklace. It's beautiful! The little pearl beads, the turquoise cross (I love turquoise and the symbol of the cross) and even the little catholic medalions are missing no detail to make this an exquisite piece of jewelry. I LOVE IT! If you have not been to their website yet, you need to check out Gypsy Soule. My neice, who is totally into horses, will love this store to pieces. She will want one of their Jeweled Halters for her horse, etc. I could seriously see her racking up quite a bill, picking out everything she sees.

Gypsy Soule is also on twitter , facebook , and myspace
I cannot thank Gypsy Soule enough for my new amazing pieces of SOULEFUL jewelry! I love them and will wear them with pride! Who knows, I may have the same bracelet or necklace that one of the celebs is wearing around L.A. right now! LOL!

Feeling Overwhelmed...

Do you ever have one of those days when you feel overwhelmed? I am overwhelmed with emotion today for some reason! I'm not sure what is going on...surge in hormones maybe (I'll blame it on the weaning)? But I wanted to express to you, my loyal readers, how astonished and amazed I am by this blogspot. I am "OVERWHELMED WITH APPRECIATION" for making it so much more than just a typical review blogspot.What started out as a means of keeping me mentally sane last winter, after we had moved cross country & I left all my friends behind, has become such an amazing treat and blessing for our family. Being a stay at home mommy can sometimes make you feel, less than appreciated (those of you that are, know what I mean). I have always enjoyed being a cheerleader. A cheerleader in high school, a cheerleader to my kids and now I get to be a cheerleader for products that my family loves.

But it's even more than that...I have met some amazing people online through this blogspot. People who I have built relationships with that goes beyond BLOGGING.

I feel respected & appreciated, which I think gives me a boost on days when my kids are fighting non-stop and I am not in the mood to clean the house or do the laundry.

So I guess, I just needed to say thank you! Thank you to my 676 followers on here and my 2591 that follow on twitter (OVERWHELMED WITH GRATITUDE)! You guys make my day! The comments on my blogspot make me smile & I know that this blogspot is not only making a difference for the companies I am telling you about, but for you, the reader, as well. Hopefully I have enlightened you onto products that you didn't know existed, but now cannot live without.

So thank you for making me feel overwhelmed today!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

An Organized Purse? Yeah right!

How many women do you know that have a completely organized, everything in it's place, trash free & crumb free purse? Well...I'll be honest, I'm jealous if you do! If you looked in my purse, you'd probably be horrified to see what you would find in there. My purse tends to be the carry all for the whole family. I have diapers, I have wipes, I have cancer sore medication, I have business cards, an overflowing wallet (not full of money but other things), lip glosses, little cars, hair pretties, etc. You get the idea! My purse is FAR FROM organized and I NEED A LOT OF HELP if it's ever going to be even close to organized!!

Joey Junior makes a few products to help in that area. They make "The Original Purse Organizer", which is a product I think that every woman can use for their purse. Have a look:


They also make the "Mini Purse Organizer" for smaller purses or for part of the purse that requires a little more attention to detail. You know, for all those lip glosses, business cards, etc.

Then they have the "Foldable Purse Hanger", which helps keep your purse germ free and off the ground when you go to a restaurant to eat. It is easy to use and is compact, so carrying it with you is not a chore.
As Christmas is approaching, I truly believe these are the type of gifts that any female in your life would enjoy using. The Joey Junior Products come in array of colors & fabric types and I am sure they would have something to suit that "special person" in your life.
Head over there now...and don't forget to pick out your special gift with the purchase of $50 or more...

Let the Countdown Begin...

So, as little kids in school, we used to make chains to count down how many days till Christmas. Do you remember? I always loved that idea, because it helped us, as little kids, really understand the concept of time and days. Wouldn't this be a fabulous idea for a business? already is:
For only $14.95, you can purchase a Big Day Chain kit that contains everything you need to make a 30 day "special occasion" count down chain. Made of high quality, perforated paper links & glue dots, you and your children can assemble this chain in only a few minutes and enjoy the excitement on your kids faces as you let the countdown begin. Countdown till their birthdays, countdown until the new baby is coming, etc. You get the idea! Awesome project for you & your kids to spend a little quality time putting together and then taking apart, day by day.

If you use the code FALLISHERE, you can save an extra 20% off on everything. YAY! So head over to Big Day Chains and pick up a few for your those "special" days that are worthy of a countdown for your family!

Monday, September 28, 2009

My 1st Official BLOGHER 2010 Sponsor Confirmed...

I am so excited...I can barely write this because I am still giddy from the e-mail I received! I got my first official BLOGHER 2010 Sponsor. And they are so generous, they are paying for my entire BLOGHER 2010 ticket to attend the entire conference...which means I only need to find sponsors for two nights of lodging, maybe some of my wardrobe (cause I have to look good, right?) and my train ticket from here to Grand Central Station.
Oh My Gosh! Seriously...I can't thank Noodle Head Fun & their amazing PAWPARAZZI pets (my daughter's favorite toys & theme of her upcoming 6th birthday party) enough for being my sponsor...and my very 1st one at that! I am honored and will hopefully do them proud, representing them at the conference!

Looking For A Place Where You Can Help Design Your Kids Clothes?

Yes, that's right. Even though you may not have the ability to sew or create your own personal clothing line...I came across a company that allows you to be the FASHION DESIGNER, of sorts, and create some clothing for your kids that is truly authentic & just what You want!

Yes, Sweet Funky Vintage offers already made boutique clothing (for those of us lacking even the desire to be creative, and instead allow them to put together the fabrics to make something amazing), but they also have a function on their site that allows you to pick the style, the fabric & the intricate details that will make it your very own "custom" creation! Isn't that cool? I have a feeling there is a little "fashion designer" in each of us mommies (and even grandma's and aunts) that would love to create something special for those "little ones" that we love to dress.
We got the amazing opportunity to review to skirts that were made just for our girl's by Sweet Funky Vintage. Matching skirts that twirl and look adorable when they wear them. Matching skirts that are unlike anything you can purchase at Target or the mall, because these were "CUSTOM MADE" just for our girls. AWESOME, right?
Now have a look at my girl's wearing their new skirts...and tell me this doesn't inspire you to create somethings special for your little one. You're feeling it, right? Wanna head over to their site and start designing your next dress or skirt or shirt for your little darling?Another cool thing about Sweet Funky Vintage...they have trunk shows online. can be the host of your very own "TRUNK SHOW" (in house or online) and you can earn all kinds of amazing credits and discounts on your own orders. For more information on hosting a trunk show today, click here and a cool "Birthday Program".
Sweet Funky Vintage & One Bored Mommy are so convinced you're going to love their products, they are offering (1) Lucky winner the chance to win a "Morgan" style shirt of their choice.

To Enter This Giveaway:

1st - Visit Sweet Funky Vintage & tell me what's your favorite product they offer
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This giveaway will end on October 10, 2009 and is open to US Residents only! Be sure to leave your e-mail address with each entry & leave seperate comments for more chances to win!

Thank you Sweet Funky Vintage for my girl's new skirts! They are 100% adorable and 100% perfect. We love them! You can also use the discount code: MOMSROCK at checkout to get "free shipping" on your order. Make sure you let them know that the One Bored Mommy sent you!

Help Frigidaire & Jennifer Garner by supporting the "Save The Children's CHANGE" program...

Frigidaire and Jennifer Garner are teaming up to urge Moms to use the time we get when we turn the clocks back on November 1st to make CHANGE for children.
Devote that extra hour to a child. Raise your hand today to reveal your pledge
Frigidaire and Jennifer Garner are proud to support Save the Children's CHANGE program, dedicated to providing nutritious snacks and promoting healthier lifestyles for children living in poverty in the United States.
Frigidaire's new line of appliances is designed with time-saving features for busy Moms. We're asking moms - and everyone who believes in the power of moms - to use the time we get when we turn the clocks back on November 1st, to make CHANGE for children.
Starting today, when you raise your hand with a pledge to make CHANGE for a child, Frigidaire will donate $11 to Save the Children’s U.S. Programs. And you will be entered for a chance to win a new Frigidaire Professional double wall oven.

So please, take a minute out of your busy schedule and head over to to make a pledge and raise your hand today!

Thanks Mom Select for letting us know about this great program and how we can help!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Holiday Clothes Shopping For Your Kids Can Be A Tough Job On A Mommy...

Yes, as that "special time of year" quickly approaches, you're probably already thinking about "fancy" holiday parties you'll be attending, church events you might participate in, family pictures that will be taken, etc.. Because of that, you're probably thinking about your children's wardrobe for these events, right? Ughh...the daunting task of finding exquisite outfits for your little ones. Outfits that will attract all the positive attention they can get, while at the same time, not affect your pocketbook immensely, right? With a family the size of ours, finding "color coordinated" outfits or even matching "dressy" attire can be interesting with the size range. But it may not be anymore...

Cutie Clothes offers amazing dressy clothing for children and even women. They have an amazing assortment of suits & tuxedos for boys, fancy dresses and accessories for girls, and even formal dresses for women. Their prices are extremely reasonable, for the quality of clothing they offer and they even have a 75% off clearance rack, where you can save even more $$, buying for your families holiday festivities.We got the pleasure of reviewing an adorable dress for our 3 year old. This dress is not only darling on their online page, but even more amazing in person. The dress we received is called the "Lauren" and it's a burgandy color with gold accents & a gold sash with bow in the back. POSITIVELY dashing! Seriously...she's going to be a head turner this holiday season wearing this amazing dress around to our parties & Christmas events. This dress is on sale right now for $42.95. Great deal, right? I must say again, this dress is even better in person than it looks online...if you can believe that!

This is only one of the many, many amazing dresses Cutie Clothes offer, not to mention handsome suits & tuxedos for your little "men". Their selection is truly vast and I think you will be happy with what you find at Cutie Clothes. You can also find Cutie Clothes on Facebook by clicking here or on Twitter by clicking here. And for 3 more days, till 9/30/09, you can use the code: TWITTER0909 to save 15% on your order. But I am sure that, if you sign up to follow them on twitter, facebook or even their webpage (for their newsletter), you will get the opportunity to learn about more sales & discounts in the future.
Thank you, Cutie Clothes, for our daughter's new Holiday Dress. She looks so gosh darn adorable, I can barely stand it and I should be coming back to shop for the rest of the kids (and even for myself), so we can look brilliant for our family photos this year.


The winner of the Foot Flush Giveaway is: said...
September 17, 2009 1:18 PM

Congrats! You now have 48 hours to claim your prize! Thank you to Foot Flush for sponsoring this giveaway & thanks to everyone who entered to win!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Have A New Way Of Keeping Tabs On Our 1 Year Old's Location In The House...

As most of you know, we have a very active, quick & curious 1 year old in our house that is not just walking, but running around everywhere. Everytime I go through this stage with my kids, I have moments where I truthfully feel like I am going to pull every single hair in my head out. LOL! Keeping tabs on where he is all day long & what he's into, is a full time job, all in itself! Truthfully! Just ask my husband! Having to watch him for even an hour (so I can have a break) is quite a chore.

Because he's into everything...which can be good or bad, I love to have a way of knowing where he is...even if I can't keep my eye on him at that particular moment. But what type of product could help me do this?

Squeaky Shoes 4 Tots offers a great assortment of "SQUEAKY SHOES", which are perfect for my radar dectection as to where our 1 year old is, in the house, when I can't be with him at that exact moment. These shoes are not only darling, but they squeak when the child walks on them, making a noise that even the doggies enjoy! LOL! Yes, it can be a little much, at times, if your little one is constantly on the go...but it's also an amazing tool for making sure they stay out of harms way, when you are in the middle of something. And yes, the squeaking device can be removed from these shoes, making them normal "adorable" everyday sneakers...if you've had enough of the squeak! LOL!

Our little guy has a very big intrigue with the stairs (as I am sure most kids do). Nothing scares me more, than the thought of him rolling down them. He's really good at climbing them, and not so good coming down...and he is stealthy & silent when he climbs. Since there are three other kids in the house, that sometimes remove the baby gate from the stairs...having these shoes on him...will allow me to hear him climbing & run to grab him, before an accident occurs. LOVE IT!
video Our 1 year old didn't seem to mind the squeaky sound at all, in fact, I think he sort of enjoyed hearing himself walking! LOL! They come in lots of adorable designs for both boys an girls and could, quite possibly, make your job a lot easier when it comes to keeping tabs on them during the day. video

Sqeaky Shoes 4 Tots is offering a gift certificate to (1) Lucky One Bored Mommy Viewer, so they can pick out their favorite pair of Squeaky Shoes for their little one!

To Enter This Giveaway:

  • 1st - Head over to their site at & tell me which pair is your favorite
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This giveaway will end on October 9, 2009 and is open to US residents only! Please leave your e-mail with each entry and leave seperate comments for each entry.

Please head over to and check out their selection and affordable prices on their "Squeaky" Shoes. I am so thankful that we have a pair for our 1 year old. My job today just got a little easier thanks to Squeak Shoes 4 Tots!

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Tasty Dessert That Is Hot & Ready In 45 Seconds??

How many times have you had a craving to for a warm, tasty, mouth watering dessert but don't have the time to make it or all the ingredients to put it together? How many times do you wish there was something, as easy as a 45 second microwave time frame, that would create a fabulous dessert, that would satisfy any sweet tooth & not break your piggy bank? Edwards® Singles A La Modes are the cure for any momentary sweet tooth! These super quick & easy desserts go from your freezer to a warm dessert in only 45 seconds in the microwave!'s simple, easy and SUPER DUPER tasty!
Check it out:
video video
Each of these Edwards® Singles A La Modes have to servings per box and retail for only $2.89 (but you can save $1.00 with the coupon you receive by signing up . They come in three mouth watering flavors too: Hot Fudge Brownie, Hot Turtle Brownie and Hot Apple Crisp (for non-chocolate lovers). I personally think that's a great deal for two mouth watering desserts that would cost far more to make on your own and that it saves you the time and effort, not to mention the clean kitchen, to eat a warm dessert. FANTASTIC! This is also the type of product that everyone in the household will enjoy (just ask my kids, LOL)!

Do you want to try Edwards® Singles A La Modes? I have (2) Free coupons for (2) Lucky viewers to give their own taste testing of these great desserts.

To Enter This Giveaway:
1st - Head to and sign-up to receive a coupon for $1.00 off one package of Edwards® Singles Á La Modes desserts and enter for a chance to win a gift card to treat themselves to a relaxing spa experience.
2nd - Tell me your favorite dessert & how long it takes to prepare typically (if you are making it at home)
3rd - Tell me how much you think it would cost to indulge in your favorite dessert
4th - Follow this blogspot & comment that you do
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This giveaway will end on October 8th, 2009 and is open to US Residents only! Be sure to leave your e-mail address with each entry!

Thank you Edwards® Singles A La Modes for giving our home a new option for a quick, easy and delicious dessert for our family "after dinner" treats! And please look for Edwards® Singles A La Modes in the freezer section of your local grocery store!