Saturday, October 31, 2009

"HAPPY HALLOWEEN" To Everyone...

Not sure if your kids are like mine, but the excitment of Halloween started at about 7:30 this morning when the first child woke up! It's going to be a long day of 4 excited kids, as we wait until dark, to go Trick-Or-Treating with our friends and their 3 kids.

Anyway, wishing my fabulous readers a

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Amazing Way To Have Perfectly Groomed Eyebrows & Full Lucious Lips...Without Surgeries or Procedures!

My mom has very thin, almost non-existent eye brows. I'm sure she will not be happy that I am telling my blogging fans about this, but it's the truth. After beauty school techniques (waxing and tweezing) and her own personal eyebrow efforts, what is left is thinned out and almost not there. She has been known to use eyebrown pencils, but when she does, it looks drawn on and not real.

I have normal lips, but at times, every woman would love to have ANGELINA JOLIE lips. You know, full, plump, beautiful. But who wants to go through expensive, painful procedures to have them look like that? NOT ME!

So, I bet you're wondering why I have just told you about thinning eyebrows and fuller lips, right?

What exactly is "STAMP ME FABULOUS" you wonder? It's an amazing, innovative new product being introduced to the market where you can actually use a plastic stamp and ink to stamp on "real" looking eyebrows and line your lips for a fuller, plumper smile. Don't believe me? You can check out their website or see the pictures below as I show you the Stamp Me Fabulous Lip Stamp.
Please keep in mind that, I was sent this product (free of charge) and did not get to pick the style of lip stamp that they sent me. If I had the choice, I would definitely have picked one that matched my true lip line closer, but I used the stamp they enclosed to show you how it works.

First, I watched the DVD, which gives step by step directions on the application process for the Lip Stamping. Once you have found the lip stamp that works best with your lips (or the look you're wanting to achieve), then you outline that stamp with the ink. "BLUSH" is the color they sent me (which is almost red and normally a color I would choose).

Match up the lip stamp with your lips and press firmly, rolling it back and forth to make sure it covers your lip line evenly.

Take the applicator in the ink bottle and line your bottom lip and then fill in the rest.

You can apply a top coat of their "Hint of Mint" gloss, which gives them a glamours glitz about them...or you can apply your favorite color lipstick on top. The awesome thing...the Stamp Me Fabulous Ink is semi-permanent, so it stays put, even when your lipstick withers away. This ideal for the working woman, who can't touch up her lipstick non-stop or someone attending a special event that wants to make sure they look fabulous for the entire day!

I also received a sample of their product remover, which took the lip stain right off (in case you don't apply it perfectly the first time).

If the lip stamp works as well as it does, I am almost certain that the eyebrow kit will be just as effective! In fact, I am sending it to my mom, for her to try out. I think she's really going to love it! Hopefully it gives her the results she's looking for!

So, if you or someone you know, is wanting to achieve a better eyebrow application or have fuller looking lips, then look no further than Stamp Me Fabulous!

Thank you Stamp Me Fabulous for introducing me to such a great product. I hope that my blogging about it helps reach woman, who are really looking to improve their facial eyebrow and lip application.

I was not paid for this product review.

Pure Barre - Workout #4 - Week One Completed!

Well, I've done it...I've made it a full (4 times) week doing the Pure Barre Workout!To be completely honest, finding time to workout during my day is DIFFICULT, especially if my two babies don't cooperate with sleeping at the same time. Thankfully, I think I am getting the hang of getting them down together, which does free up a good section of time for "JUST ME" and I can't think of anything better to do (besides a LIST full of house chores) than spend an hour getting my work out on. So...since I've done it four times now, I think I can begin to give an honest evaluation of the program. Important things to keep in mind, it's all about posture, it's all about small precise movements, it's all about consistency with the workouts (making sure it's 3 to 4 times a week), and if you keep those things in will begin to really make a difference in your body shape. I've already noticed a difference in my behind (which means that things that were extremely wiggly are now tightening nicely), my inner thighs are start to change shape and the backs of my legs as well. I feel more confident about my lower half. abs, that's another story. I think this is really going to be a project for me. Having given birth four times and having a small body frame with LARGER sized babies, my stomach mucles are shot. It might just be me, but it seems that the abdominal muscles are causing my tummy to stick out more than before I started the program. Maybe that's what will happen before stuff starts laying flat again, but it is a little discouraging, because I have been really sore in that area since starting the workout. I'll give it a few more weeks and see what happens. Here's my video for the end of my first week of the Pure Barre workout! video
Pure Barre...I am finding your program to be one that I can fit into my busy mommy schedule and something that is truly changing my body shape already (even after four workouts). YAY for PURE BARRE!
I was not paid to do this product review!

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Table Settings For Thanksgiving...Thanks To Target Clearance

I have to tell you all about my bargain today...I was able to SCORE big time at Target. Just a heads up, you might want to head to your local Target and have a look on their end caps. Today, I got 4 sets of 4 plate chargers in a box (normally $5.99) for $1.74
I got plastic plates that look glass (normally $1.99) for $.47 each, an adorable plastic leaf plate (normally $12.99) for $3.74 and thanks to a questions being answered on TWITTER by, I was able to make my own napkin rings by cutting up a paper towel roll, hot gluing ribbon them and then gluing acorns (that I collected from my yard) around them. What a great (AND TOTALLY COST EFFECTIVE) idea!I think they turned out great...So, I am excited to host our Thanksgiving dinner with our cute PLACE settings thanks to the end caps at Target and the free napkin rings that I was able to make thanks to a suggestion on twitter. LOVE IT!! Bring on Thanksgiving dinner!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pure Barre Workout - Day #3 - Need Encouragement!!

As you know, I am mid-week into a review of the Pure Barre workout dvd's and the first two days I have been going strong. Yes, my legs are sore! inner thighs, my butt and abs as well, but it's a good sore. It's amazing that such tiny little movements, when done correctly can make such a difference in your muscle tone and health. The past two days, I have been able to coordinate nap time (for our 1 & 3 year olds), right after we drop our kindergartener off at the bus stop...which frees up a complete hour for me to get the warm up and work out down. I've been loving it. Today, however, it didn't go as planned. My one year old went down for an early morning nap, which pushed his afternoon nap back later. That did not coincide with my 3 year olds naptime either. UGHHH! My plans for working out today (during the daylights hours have diminished because my school aged kids will be home soon & it will be time for homework, dinner, baths and bed for them). plan...I'm going to try to fit in my workout after my kids go to bed, but before "GLEE" starts tonight. I think I can do KNOW I CAN! I will make this happen. I can seriously feel changes in my legs already. Maybe it was the entire year of not working out, but things are starting to feel a little more tightened and toned. My pants, even after two workouts are fitting differently too. I LIKE IT! I want more...MORE...and I have to make it happen!
So wish me luck in getting my workout done tonight and on Friday, I will be re-capping my week in a "VLOG" and sharing with you more details of my weeks worth of workouts. I'd love some cheering on...if you so desire! Nothing like a little BOOST of encouragement to help me stay motivated...right? COME ON READERS...if this works're really going to want to know about it! I just have to stay on top of it, so I can give a TRUE evaluation of the program. So comments are definitely welcome! Thanks!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Their Feet Were Cold And Now They Aren't, Thanks To Plaza Rugs

Our first full year in Connecticut is coming to completion and one thing we, as a family, can all agree on is that, it's rather cold here during the winter. More than that, our hardwood floors, no matter what the temperature is set at in the house, always seems to be cool to the bottoms of our feet. I felt so bad last year, as were all adjusting to wearing socks and finding ways to keep ourselves warm. This year, I am on a mission to make our winter a little bit more warm and cozy. How?
Well, first off, getting rugs for my kids bedroom floors. I truly think that, this will make some difference in the warmth of their feet at least, when they are stepping out bed in the early morning hours. So, where can you find affordable throw rugs that are perfect for your kids rooms?

Plaza Rugs has thousands upon thousands of amazing rugs for your home decor. Guaranteed, they have something that will match any bedroom or family room, kitchen or living area. I mean, they truthfully have so many rugs, it can be a little overwhelming trying to find the right one. But if you have a general idea of what you're looking for, their website is pretty user friendly and it shouldn't take you to long to narrow down your selection.

So when I got the chance to do a product review (a rug sent free of charge) for Plaza Rugs, I definitely jumped at the opportunity. I looked through their entire selection of children's rugs and found the perfect one for my girl's "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL" themed bedroom. I loved the bright checkers of color and I knew that my girls would instantly love it when they saw it too!

The rug arrived yesterday, via UPS, and my three year old (because my other daughter was still at school when it came) was jumping up and down in excitement. She helped me take it up the stairs (my little helper) and we got it all unwrapped and checked it out. I LOVE IT EVEN MORE IN PERSON! The colors are vibrant and cheerful. The carpet is SOLID and heavy (not cheapy and lightweight). My opinion of the rug? ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Starting at $54.00 + free UPS shipping...this was a fabulous deal for the quality of this rug!

When my five year old got home from school, she immediately ran upstairs to her room to check out her new floor rug. Her opinion? She laid down on it, ran her fingers around on it and announced, "Mom, it's just like "REAL" carpet". "I LOVE IT"! Can you tell we miss having carpet a little bit? Case closed...we are sold on Plaza Rugs!

Here's the rug I am going to get for the boy's Ohio State Themed room, which I can purchase for $99 (4'11" x 7') + free UPS shipping:

If you're looking for a way to keep your kids toosies warm this winter & you want some fabulous floor coverings for your hardwood floors...please check out and I think you'll like what you find! We certainly did!

Thank you Plaza Rugs for our girl's new floor rug! THEY LOVE IT and so do I!

I was not paid to do this product review!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pure Barre Workout #1 Completed...

Yes, I did it! My first PURE BARRE workout. Here is my before video:
I won't lie, it was hard! It was really hard at times. In fact, I had to stop and take a couple breathers, because my muscles were in some "PAIN". But I know that I have not worked out for over a year and this is the intensity that I need and the burn that I should feel if I am doing the exercises right. The more I do it, the easier it will get and the more in shape my body will become. I WILL NOT GIVE UP! I have to admit, it was a little discouraging to watch these amazing ladies, who are extremely flexible and in shape do the workouts, while I am at my house, in my sweats, huffing & puffing and trying to do what they do. I laughed a little inside, but I can honestly say, it motivates me more. I want to look like these girls. I want to be toned and flexible like them. I want to feel CONFIDENT in my skin and see the "problem" areas improve. So even though it's tough at first to watch, and could be an immediate discouragement, I let it be a motivation to keep going and transform myself into one of them. So...with workout #1 under my belt, my goal is to do this work out 3-4 times a week, if I can. It worked out perfectly today because my babies were both napping, so I could give 100% to the workout. Not everyday will be that perfect and I may have to move my workout time around to accomidate my schedule, but I will MAKE IT WORK!
So there you have it...and I will give updates on how it's going with my Pure Barre workout. I really encourage you to check out their products and see what you think about this program for yourself.

As with all workouts, continue to eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water before, during and after your workout.
I was not paid to do this product review!


I am so excited! I just purchased my ticket for the BLOGHER 2010 event in NYC next August. Did I mention that, I am so excited? sponsored my full event ticket and again I want to say

Don't can help send me to BLOGHER 2010 by purchasing some yummy GUMMY Vitamins from Hero Nutritionals.

Don't forget to use the code OBM10 to get 10% off your order and to come back and comment on this link (CLICK HERE) to be entered to win a fabulous gift basket full of Hero Nutritional Products as our way of saying THANK YOU! Thanks!

Sheba Has A New Chewbie Buddy...& She Really Likes Her A Lot!!

Our dog lives a very boring life... Aside from living in a house with four kids, who sometimes give her positive attention, she pretty much just lays around. Since she's at least used to having a backyard to escape to, and we don't have that here, I think (though she's a dog and I really have no idea) that she's pretty depressed since we moved. Anyway, because of that, I love to buy her treats, to at least keep her teeth busy, so she doesn't get bored enough to get herself in trouble! Want to know where she loves getting toys from?
Not sure if you remember or not, but we reviewed a few toys from PetProjekt a couple months back that Sheba absolutely ADORED! They came packaged in actual "meat" packages and wrapped in plastic wrap. TO CUTE!

This time, we received a package (free of charge) in the mail with a toy I think she likes even more than the others. Her new toy is called a "CHEWBIE" and not only does it squeak (what dog can resist a squeaky toy?), but it has a fluffy white tail that she's crazy about.


I like Chewbies because they are safe, non-toxic (because dogs love to chew things up & sometimes things get swallowed) and for dogs of all ages and sizes. She is currently (as I write this) giving her Chewbie some loving! LOL!
If you have a pet that loves toys and you're looking for something to entertain them that is a little different than a traditional boring ball, I highly recommend you head over to PetProjekt and check out their amazing toys, feeding products, Dogleeshes and more.

I was not paid to do this product review!