Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Call Me A Wanna Be Teenager, I'm Fine With It...

But I am really looking forward to seeing this movie:

We are huge Miley Cyrus fans in this house and the storyline of "The Last Song" looks ADORABLE! I get the warm fuzzies from watching the preview and I hope that the movie is just as sweet & charming! I'll let you know. I have to talk "the husband" into taking me to see it!

What do you think? Looks cute, right? It opens in theaters today! Are you going to see it? Let me know! I don't want to feel like the only "30 something" that is excited to see a teenie bopper flick (but maybe I am).

4 Troops CD Would Be The Perfect Present For Those Military Mom's Out There This Mother's Day!

Here's a CD you're going to want to buy for every MILITARY "MOM" out there this Mother's Day! This group is a collaboration of 4 individual VETERANS (with true war stories to tell) that are taking their interest in music and their cause to a higher level. Meet "4 Troops".The album consists of well-known positive pop and country songs and some new songs. All of the songs take on a special meaning in the context that they are performed by these four combat heroes.

I was not paid or compensated to post about this music group!

With Mother's Day Right Around The Corner...What Can You Get Mom Or Grandma That's Like Nothing You've Gotten Before?

Since I am in charge of purchasing presents for every holiday for every family member...sometimes I get stumped on ideas for things like "Mother's Day". I always love to give personal gifts from the heart and have been known to buy jewelry (they got tile necklaces last year), flowers, etc. You get the idea... This year, however, my Mother In Law is going to get something different for Mother's Day thanks to Museware Pottery! This year, she's getting a personalized (with all four of my kids names on it) "Grandma" plate (sent to us free of charge for this review). It's AWESOME!! Absolutely awesome! I seriously teared up when I saw it. Hand painted with "We (Heart) Grandma" in the center...all around that, it has my kid's names handwritten in a script writing. I love this for many reasons! One, I know she's going to use this for many, many years to come and when she does, she's always going to think about my kids (no matter how old they are or where life takes them). Secondly, she has a ONE OF A KIND piece of art work that will not only make her feel LOVED and SPECIAL, but my kids are going to love (and feel special) when we visit and she uses it!Each piece is stamped to show it's authentically from their "Everyday Collection" of Museware Pottery. Plus, it shows the # it was in production. I guess you could consider it a collector's item (of sorts).

They not only make Grandma's Plates, they offer Personalized Hand painted Pottery for all occasions and every member of the family.

Regardless what you're looking for, I know that MuseWare Pottery's products are going to be something you're going to cherish for years to come. Made with pride, love and expertise...these products are built to last.

I was not paid to feature this product review!

Fabulous Winner Announcement...

The winner of the Twisted Orchid Handbag (up to $80 value) Giveaway is:

Lydia A. said... 189
March 22, 2010 12:43 AM

Congrats! You now have 48 hours to claim your prize! Thank you to Twisted Orchids for sponsoring this giveaway (along with Mad by Design Bags). Thanks to everyone who entered to win this awesome giveaway!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Looking For An Easy And Adorable Way To Show Off Your Easter Pictures (Or Any For That Matter)...

Then you should try out:
Easter Online greetings, scrapbooks, slideshows
You can e-mail your photos out, you can print them, you can made slideshows and so much more. It's free to try out, so sign up and take advantage of presenting your EASTER pictures in the cutest way you can possibly imagine! Keep in mind too, Mother's Day is coming and you could really make your mom "tear" up with a sweet slideshow of you, your kids or whatever sentimental pictures you can find to include!
I was not paid to feature this post! I am an affiliate of!

The PillowPet Winner Is...

The winner of the PillowPet Giveaway is:

Maja said... 432
March 29, 2010 1:58 PM

Congrats! You now have 48 hours to claim your prize! Thank you to PillowPets for sponsoring this giveaway and thanks to everyone who entered to win!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Moments Thanks To StarBucks New Vanilla Frappuccino Light, I Am Taking My "Monday Moment" & Offering This Great Giveaway

Monday Moments
Every Monday, for the next three weeks, I will be posting a
"Monday Moment" from the One Bored Mommy Blogspot. This Monday Moment will be me, taking a MOMENT to enjoy a few minutes to myself in some way! LOL!

HAVE A LOOKIE at me enjoying my 5 minute "Monday Moment":
Today I was enjoying a nice warm cup of Starbuck's coffee on this raining Monday, but next week, I might be drinking one of their newest products, "Vanilla Frappuccino Light". Yes...they have a Frappuccino that is 50% less calories and 60% less sugar than the classic Vanilla flavor. To me, that makes it even more attractive (especially since I like to drink these on my road trips to OHIO with the kids).

I also get to offer a fun giveaway:
One of the One Bored Mommy Readers who enter this giveaway will receive a
FOUR PACK of Starbucks new Vanilla Frappuccino Light as well as a $10 Starbucks Gift Card. You can't go wrong with that, right?

To Enter This Giveaway:
1st - Tell me what you did for your
MONDAY MOMENT (5 minutes you take to yourself today)
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6th - Enter one of the other fabulous giveaways (you can only comment once per giveaway entered)

This giveaway will be running for the next three weeks (ending 12am on April 12, 2010) , as we post our
"Monday Moments". So you can enter up to three times (THE BEGINNING ENTRY) in this giveaway! This giveaway is open to US & Canada! Make sure to spread the word and use the coupon below to save some $$ on the new Vanilla Frappuccino Light.

I was not paid to feature this post or giveaway! I was compensated a four pack of Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino Light and a $10 Gift Card!

Win A" Mommy's Necklace" To Cherish From Forrest Concepts...

My friend Sarah is such a creative soul! We actually met on a Mommy Board called, "Misfit Mom's" over four years ago when we were pregnant with our kids. Though we've never met in real life, I would consider her a close ONLINE FRIEND. She's now a busy "work at home" mommy of two kids. She's is an amazing JEWELRY Designer, Recycled Journal Maker & Candle Shop Owner. She has creativity oozing from every pore of her body and talent to boot!Her Etsy store is called "Forrest Concepts". One of her biggest sellers to our "MOMMY" community is her hand stamped "personalized" Sterling Silver Mommy Necklaces. Those online friends that have purchased one from her, have given her BEAMING reviews. She makes each piece with care & love and it shows in the finished product.As a means of encouraging you to head to Forrest Concepts and fall in love with her fabulous creations, she is offering (1) Lucky One Bored Mommy Reader the chance to win an amazing PERSONALIZED Hand Stamped Sterling Silver "Mommy Necklace" the one pictured above. It will come presented "gift ready", in case the winner is going to be sharing this prize with a friend or family member. She is able to fit up to three names on one disc, but is willing to do a second one if the winning mommy has more than three kids.

To Enter This Giveaway (YOU MUST DO THE FIRST, then one or all of the following):
1st - Tell me what other product in their
ONLINE STORE (CLICK HERE) you would love to have
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This giveaway will end on April 12, 2010 and is open INTERNATIONALLY (so please come and enter). Be sure to leave your e-mail address with each entry and leave separate comments for each entry.

Thank you
Forrest Concepts for offering such a sweet giveaway...just in time for MOTHER'S DAY! This necklace would be the perfect way to make any MOMMY feel special!

My Son Got A Lot Of Attention Wearing His TOUGH GUYS And MUDPIES Tie Tank...Have A Look! You're Going To Want One Too!

My boys are 100% boy! If you met either of them (one is 8 and one is 1), you would agree with me. They look like boys, they play like boys, they eat like boys, etc. you get the idea! I also love to dress them like boys...with a CUTE touch (as long as I can get away with it). YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT THIS STORE:
It's the BROTHER STORE to:

They sent us the most adorable tank for our 1 year old. It has an MANLY tie sewn on it. Unlike other tees and tanks I've seen like this...this is almost like an actual tie. It's not completely sewn around the edges to the tee.

So he can actually lift it up and play with it. Because the tank is black, I think it makes the tie stand out even more, which draws attention immediately to how CUTE it is!

And the MOTORCYCLE & Flame Design is just 100% boyish! I LOVE IT! It's perfect for my "Bad To The Bone" Lil' man!
Just to see what kind of attention we would get when we wear this shirt out, I put it on him to go to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. I spiked his little Mohawk and got him all ready and let me tell you...I don't think a single person passed by our table without making of him. It had to be the shirt! I think he's darling on his own, but with a little tee like this, who wouldn't stop to make a comment on how ADORABLE he looked?
Please stop by Bling Around The Rosie's Website and look at all the "TOUGH GUY & MUDPIES" tees and tanks they offer! I have a feeling you might be buying one for your little tough guy too! If you use the code: boredmommy you'll receive 15% off your order!
I was not paid to feature this review!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Little Bit Of Softness And Luxury Make For One Happy Boy...Thanks To CottonAge! Enter This Great Giveaway!

My oldest son loves to be comfortable! When I say comfortable, I mean, he loves to basically strip down to his skivvies when he's lounging around home. Even in the dead COLD of winter...or after a bath. Because of this, I am always trying to offer him other options for covering his body and keeping himself warm and cozy too.CottonAge offers amazing 100% Natural Turkish Cotton Bathrobes (for adults and children) and all different types of towels Towels. Their products are not only amazing, but reasonably priced too! So I couldn't pass up the offer to try out their CottonAge children's terry bathrobes (sent to us free of charge for this review) on one of my kids. When it arrived and was bright blue, it was obvious that it was perfect for only one of my children (because the baby is way to small) and he's truly the one that could use it the most. This bright blue Hooded Terry Velour bathrobe is AWESOME! It's soft, heavyweight and warm. Our son immediately was attracted to the quality of the robe and how luxurious he felt wearing it. In fact, he liked it so much, he wouldn't take it off...until right before bed. This morning he got up and immediately put it on. I think we may have found a cure for his non-clothing issues. YES! Thank you CottonAge!CottonAge is so convinced you're going to be equally impressed with their products, they are offering a giveaway of 1 Adult Waffle Weave Spa Bath Robe (which by the way the Marriott uses at their hotel) to (1) Lucky One Bored Mommy Blogspot reader. This reader could be you...if you enter below!
To Enter This Giveaway (do the first and then one or all of the following):
1st - Tell me what other product you'd be interested in on the
CottonAge website
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This giveaway will end on April 8, 2010 and is open to US Residents only! Be sure to leave your e-mail address with each entry and leave separate comments for each entry.
Thank you CottonAge. Our son loves his new luxurious bathrobe and I think we may have solved (at least for now), his need to be less then dressed around our house.
I was not paid to feature this review or giveaway!

A HUGE Winning Announcement...DRUM ROLL PLEASE!

This giveaway appeared to be a HUGE hit with my readers! I'm so glad, because I know the winner of this is going to love their new Audiovox pocket digital video camera. Maybe Audiovox will offer another review/giveaway in the future on the One Bored Mommy Blogspot! One can only hope! So without further ado...

The winner of the Audiovox "Small Wonder" Digital Video Camera Giveaway is:

Barbarawr said... 289
I want to win this because my parents are getting older and not able to visit as often. I would love to be able to record my daughter's voice recitals and send them to my parents so they don't miss out.
March 26, 2010 10:29 AM

Congrats! You now have 48 hours to claim your prize! Thank you to Audiovox for sponsoring this generous giveaway! Thank you to everyone who entered to win!

Friday, March 26, 2010

We're A Part Of The US Family Guide...CHECK IT OUT!

I applied and we were accepted! The One Bored Mommy Blogspot is now a part of:

Which means that we are amongst over 500 online family guides.

We can be found in their Moms Connect Directory section.

I am so flattered & honored! Head over there and check it out and search for the One Bored Mommy Blogspot on the US Family Guide website!

I was not paid or compensated to post about this!

Save Some $$ At Mason And Matisse's Online Boutique With This 20% Discount Offer!

I love stores that offer all of your baby needs in one place! Businesses that offer a large selection of AMAZING products at reasonable prices.
For those of you looking to buy necessities for your baby, presents for your friends & family that are expecting or getting a treat for your little person...then you need to check out Mason & Matisse (love the name, by the way). They even have the Tummy Tub (which we are huge fans of) for only $39.99.Thanks to Mason & Matisse, they are offering the One Bored Mommy Blogspot a 20% discount when shopping in their online store. Use the code: OBM20 and save money storewide. This is a great discount and I think you should all take advantage and let them know that the One Bored Mommy sent you!
I was not paid or compensated to blog about this discount offer!

TWO Winners To Announce...

The Winner of the Flirty Lasso Necklace & Earrings Giveaway is:

Salleefur/Jesslyn/Jesster said... 154
My most favorite Flirty Lasso (at the moment!) would be the "Gold Rush",The "I Got the Blues" and the "Smell the Lilacs" are tied for a very close second!
March 25, 2010 6:43 PM

The Winner of the My Favorite Pal Matching Father & Son Ties Giveaway is:

Dana said... 66
I like the Aqua Nautical Stripe.
March 22, 2010 12:37 PM

Congrats to both of our winners! You both have 48 hours to claim your prize (send an e-mail to Thank you to both My Favorite Pal and Flirty Lasso for sponsoring these awesome giveaways! Thanks to everyone who entered to win!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY...Remove Your Name & Info From Spokeo

There is a new website I learned about tonight that I want to share with my readers. It's basically an ONLINE search tool for people. Pulls up all kinds of information on just about everyone! NO JOKE! It's called: It's legit and you will pull up just about all your own personal information if you search your name. I did mine & my husband's and proceeded, very quickly to have it being processed to be removed from the site.

To do this, follow these simple steps:
To remove Phone/Name Listings:
1. Locate the listing you want removed
2. Copy the URL. The URL can be found on the top of your browser and should look something like:
3. Go to
4. Paste the URL from step 2
5. Provide your email address (required to verify that you are not an automated bot)
6. Check your Inbox for the confirmation email, and click on the link on the bottom to complete removal process
7. The directory listing will become flagged and should be removed within 1 business day

Just thought I'd give you the heads up! This was disturbing to me! It's much to easy for people to breach your privacy and it's so open online. PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY and remove yourself from this website immediately!

Sesame Street Safari Of Fun Premiers At Busch Gardens On March 27th And I Wish Our Family Could Be There!

It is my hopes that someday (in the near future) our family will get to visit and experience all that this fun new area has to offer Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. I've never been to Florida (or Busch Gardens), but have heard fabulous things and with all the exciting places to visit...this is a "family hot spot" for sure!
Here's a little bit of the cool facts and some pictures from this awesome new area of Busch Gardens (that people can start visiting on March 27th):

Sesame Street Safari of Fun is filled with kid-size rides, cool water fun, shows and memorable adventures that celebrate the spirit of Africa as Sesame Street and Busch Gardens unite to create a signature attraction found nowhere else.

Sesame Street Safari of Fun will provide kid-size rides aplenty to delight kids and kids-at-heart. One highlight is a new junior roller coaster designed for parents and children to ride together. “Air Grover” is full of mini-dives and twisty turns as families soar through the Sahara. “Oscar’s Swamp Stomp” provides cool water fun, and “Bert & Ernie’s Watering Hole” is a wet adventure filled with bubblers, geysers, jets, dumping buckets and more. “Big Bird’s 123-Smile with Me” photography studio gives kids the chance to share a hug and a smile with Sesame Street friends, and musical performances bring safari tales to life. The new destination for family-friendly adventure replaced Land of the Dragons and doubled its size to 2.5 acres.
In addition to the rides and play areas, families can watch their favorite characters on the big screen. Sesame Street presents “Lights, Camera, Imagination!” runs daily in the park’s 4-D theater, located in Timbuktu. The movie features Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird and other lovable Sesame Street characters trying to save the Sesame Street Film Festival. Their adventures are brought to life with zany 4-D gags and special effects like wind, water and jump-out-of-your-seat surprises.
Families can share breakfast or lunch with Elmo and friends on select days at an outdoor dining facility in Sesame Street Safari of Fun. Fill up on hugs from everyone’s favorite characters, delicious food served buffet-style and family together-time during these unique dining experiences. The menu includes items sure to please both adults and kids alike! And fans of Sesame Street can celebrate their birthdays at Sesame Street Safari of Fun. From a Dine with Elmo to an exclusive party for a group from 20 to 50 that includes front of the line access to Air Grover and reserved seating for the daily show, Sesame Street Safari of Fun is the new destination for family friendly birthday parties. For more information on birthday parties, visit

Special event dines are offered throughout the year, too. From celebrating moms to Muppets, there’s a party each month to celebrate characters’ birthdays as well as holidays. Check out each month to see what’s new on the event calendar.

Sesame Street Safari of Fun expands upon the variety of unique experiences Busch Gardens offers. With thrilling rides, award-winning shows and exotic up-close animal encounters, Busch Gardens provides unrivaled excitement for guests of every age
Looks like fun, right? If you're in that area and have the chance to check it out...I'd love to hear what you think! I'm sure our viewers would love to live vicariously through you as well!

New Music For Your Family To Enjoy...Ours Sure Did With Debbie And Friends More Story And Sing Alongs CD!

Who can pass up a CD the whole family will enjoy? Especially one that makes your kids faces light up and their bodies come alive with energy! Since our family loves to culture our kids with different types of musical styles, we are also open to learn about new groups that not only our kids, but the whole family will love. We received a Debbie and Friends More Story Songs And Sing Alongs CD in the mail (sent to us free of charge for this review) and my kids were immediately anxious for me to open it up and crank up the volume!
Here is some video I took of my kids enjoying the music on this CD: video
If their little happy faces and giggles aren't convincing enough that they love this CD, then I don't know what would be. They had a great time dancing & moving to this fun music. Debbie And Friends is having a contest and you can check out more information by following the link below.

Find more music like this on Debbie & Friends GarageBand Remix Contest

Interested in buying this fun CD for your family? It's being released on on March 30, 2010. CLICK HERE to pre-order!

I was not paid to feature this review!