Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day! A Time To Reflect And Give Thanks...

I get teary eyed on this day! Why? Well, not because I have lost several loved ones...but because I know so many have, so that we can live freely in the US. We have so many freedoms and liberties that have come at such a high cost for men and women in the military. I really don't think that people spend enough time reflecting on that. Would you do it? My husband served in the Navy for 6 years and during that time, September 11th happened. I remember being terrified as their ship deployed to war. Of course, we had a newborn (1 week old) newborn son he was also leaving behind. Thankfully, and by the Grace of God...he came home to us healthy and in one piece.
But so many men have been brave, fought and given (I say given instead of lost...because they have chosen to fight) their lives for our country! What an amazing gift to the rest of us! The bible (in Ecclesiastes 3) says there will be a time for war and a time for peace.
Let's remember all that served, but especially those souls that left this world behind because they were defending our freedoms and giving us a safe place to live and grow our families!

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

VtechToys Did It Again!! You'll Want To Check Out Their Newest Addition, " The MobiGo" And Get Excited About This Giveaway Too!

Our family is a Vtech Toy Family! We were probably amongst the first families to purchase the Vtech Learning System, which happened to be our only gaming system in our house until last year when our son got a Nintendo DS. Why? We love to stimulate our children's brains while they, at the same time, are also having a fun time playing games. Some video gaming systems don't offer both. In fact, I think that some offer the opposite effect on boys especially. Of course, that's just my opinion.

Anyway, I am so excited to tell you about the newest product that Vtech Toys is introducing to children & parents everywhere. Available in ToysRUs exclusively, this product will hit the store shelves on June 7, 2010. Have I caught your attention yet?

Meet the MobiGo! What is the MobiGo? Vtech's MobiGo gives kids ages 3-7 their own touch-tech toy that keeps them engaged while they learn. With a touch-activated screen and a QWERTY slide-out keyboard, kids get to emulate their parent's gadgets (like an iPhone or DROID) while learning from characters like Shrek, Disney Princesses and Dora. Tap, slide or flick with MobiGo - kids pick the way they play and learn about colors, shapes, spelling, math, logic and more. So, when this box arrived (after much anticipation on our part), my kids were beyond excited to give it a go. Okay, I'll admit that I was a little excited and curious too! Since this was sent to us (free of charge) for one of the very first reviews, we wanted to make sure to be thorough and give as many "fun" details as we can about this new learning toy.Since I have four kids, I had to give each child a time limit, because I could already foresee the fights about to break out over this new toy. What I like about this product...from the get that it's user friendly for younger and older users. Of course, my 8 year old son was much more coordinated than my 4 year old daughter with the touch screen and keyboard, but it's definitely something they can all figure out.
I really like that the QWERTY keyboard is just like a computer keyboard, which will encourage them to learn the placement of the letters. Learning to type has been a huge asset to me! They will be text messaging pros before they ever own a phone playing with this gaming system.
touchscreen makes them feel like they have a gadget that is just as hip, cool and grown up as my "DROID" phone that they bed me constantly to play with. This will get them off my backs for awhile! YAY! So while I am messing around, downloading applications, they can be playing games and learning on their MobiGo. It's a win-win situation!

I also like that, it's as simple as plugging the USB cord into the computer, to download additional games and fun stuff (they can win rewards), which means that this will continue to keep my kids interested in playing (because we all know they have a need for something NEW constantly).
Being that it's portable, we can take this MobiGo on our road trips and it will keep them entertained for hours of driving time. This makes me a happy camper too! And entertained child is worth a million bucks on a 12+hour road trip. Thank you MobiGo!!

Of course, I already see a Christmas list forming with games like,
Disney Fairies and Shrek being added! Cause you know, my kids are always interested in adding to their Vtech Kids Toys gaming collection. At least with these games, the more they have, the more they will be I don't mind spending the $19.99 to keep them focused on something that is of educational value and not brain rotting nonsense.

Overall, we give the MobiGo a 5 Star rating! This is definitely something I can see us buying more of (so each kid can have one) and us purchasing almost all the games to go with it as well. Since it's encouraging learning and fun, all tangled together into one portable device, we LOVE that too!
Would you be interested in winning your child a Vtech MobiGo Touch Learning System? Oh yes, the One Bored Mommy Blogspot has the honor of being one of the first to not only review the product, but give one away to (1) Lucky follower! That could be you!!

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This giveaway will end on June 7, 2010 (the day they hit the shelves in ToysRUs) and is for US Residents only! Be sure to leave your e-mail address with each entry and leave separate comments for each entry.

CLICK HERE to pre-order your MobiGo from for only $59.99!!

Thank you VTech Toys for letting our family be amongst the first to give the MobiGo a test run! We love it and will definitely be purchasing supplemental games for it, to keep our kids hooked on the MobiGo for years to come! They are already begging for them all!

I was not paid to feature this review! I was compensated only by the product sent for review!

Teres Kids Offers Organic Clothing Every Child Can Feel Comfortable Wearing!! Plus An Exclusive Discount For One Bored Mommy Readers!

How can you pass up a soft pair of organic cotton yoga pants? Or perhaps a super soft organic tee shirt? Even to me, an adult, this sounds like a very comfy outfit. Children love to be (and need to be) comfortable in the clothing they wear. Trust me...I know, after having four of them. Little things like fabric tags and seams can be a huge annoyance to a child who just wants to wear clothes they can play in, without being distracted. That's why I was really excited to do the review on this next company:Teres Kids designed their clothing with KIDS in mind. The seams of all their clothing is out on the outside (which means that it will not be bothersome to the child wearing them at all). Their clothing is all made of organic cotton and spandex, making it super soft & stretchy and undeniably comfortable.We got the pleasure of reviewing several items (sent to us free of charge) for this review, and I will admit that I was very interested to see what my kids thought of them. (He loved the little frogs on his shirt)
(Can you tell she's comfortable in this dress?)

I loved the bright colors and how soft the fabric really is. I want a pair of yoga pants for myself. Another cool thing about their product is that, if you order long sleeved items for winter, when the spring/summer comes around, you can just snip the sleeves off (making them perfect for year round wear). We did this to both the long sleeved tee and the dress and the kids loved that they were both short sleeved and cooler. These shirts have raw edges, so you can adjust as needed! I personally love that, because we will get the most out of each and every item we order.I especially love this clothing because it won't irritate my kid's skin, as we have some eczema and skin issues, and sometimes clothing can rub and make matters worse.

My kids seemed truly relaxed and comfortable in their new Teres Kids clothing. And we all know that "HAPPY KIDS" equals a "HAPPY MOMMY"! Teres Kids is offering a 25% discount if you use the code : BOREDMOMMY at checkout! I recommend you view all they have to offer and consider buying some for your children as well.

I was not paid to feature this review! I was compensated only by the products sent for review!

Friday, May 28, 2010

A Chic New Winner...

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It Was Time For A New Stroller...And Thanks To, We Had A Large Assortment, At Great Prices, To Choose From!

We no longer need our double stroller! I'm kind of sad to see it go! Our four year old is plenty "old enough" to walk next to the stroller, when we are out for longer jaunts now. That means, it is officially time to part with the double stroller and find something that is more feasible for the one little guy we have left to ride. But where do you start? There are so many places to buy strollers online, so many different types and styles and options galore? This mommy of four could tend to feel a little overwhelmed by it all.
Thanks to, overwhelming was not my first emotion when I arrived on their site to search out the ideal stroller situation for us now. They have their stroller section broke down into categories, so you can immediately single out the type of stroller that you're looking for. Since I wanted something light and a single stroller, I clicked on their lightweight stroller section. Immediately, I changed the search engine to the "lowest to highest" option. Since we do not have an unlimited budget to work with, finding one in our price range was also easy to do. They have a great selection and most of their products have "reviews", so you can find out what other's thought about the product before you buy it yourself. That makes me feel better about making my selection.
After reading the reviews (the other colors of this same style stroller had reviews) and checking the price (which was saving us 34%), I settled on the "Dream On Me" European Styled Stroller. I picked the grey color, because it was neutral and rugged. I figured it would handle the wear and tear our little guy will give it. Shipping was very quick (it was sent to us free of charge by for this review) and I was pleasantly surprised to find it on our doorstep only a few short days after ordering it.

Now, I have to tell you that I was a little worried about the box size. To me, it appeared that it was small enough to have the stroller inside, but have it be in a million pieces instead of one assembled stroller. I got worried that I should wait until the kids were in bed to pull it out of the box, just in case it required a couple hours worth of assembly. But because the kids were very excited and anxious about seeing the product inside, we opened it and much to my surprise (and excitement), it was almost completely put together. I had to attach the two front wheels, the canopy and the foam safety lap bar. That was it! It took me literally 2 minutes total and it was ready to roll!

It has a nice plastic covered foam lap bar, which will make for easy clean up when sticky hands touch all over it from snacks while we are out and about.

I love the look of this stroller. It is very European (in style & look) and the way the handlebars are made, it is perfect for taller or shorter parents. Which is fantastic for us, since my husband is 6'4" and I am 5'4". I also like the fact that the seat reclines back pretty far, making it the perfect napping environment for an exhausted toddler (or infant for that matter).

It has a very nice sized basket for my purse or shopping bags. It also has a pocket on the canopy that is perfect for storing things like pacifiers or car keys. I like that a lot!

Any guesses who might be pretty excited about his new stroller? Yes...he couldn't wait to get in and go for a stroll! HE LOVED IT!

So here we are...getting ready to roll. This stroller steers like a dream and I am overall very impressed with it! I would highly recommend it for a new parent as well as a parent looking to trade in their double stroller for that final single stroller purchase (like me).

The reason the box was so small? It folds up (very easily) almost completely flat! IDEAL for our family, because we need all the extra room in the back of the van we can get. Especially when we are packing for a vacation and taking the stroller along is an absolute must!

Overall, this stroller gets a 5 out of 5 stars for me. It performs well, it looks great and my son is comfortable and cozy in this stroller.

If you are searching for the right place to buy your stroller, I suggest you check out the selection at and search through their great deals. You're going to walk away with a stroller that you're going to feel confident you're going to love it and save yourself some money while you're at it!

And hey, don't forget that has over 200 different stores to shop why not bookmark it and make it your starting off point for shopping for your household needs!

I was not paid to feature this review! I was compensated only by the product that was sent for review!

Do You And Your Kids Love PillowPets? Then You're Going To Want To Know About This Contest!!

Pillow Pets™ Plush Folding Stuffed Animals Seeking Summer Adventures

Show them where your Pillow Pets™ plush folding stuffed animal have been this summer and earn the chance to win one for ten friends! All
Pillow Pets™ plush folding stuffed animals love an adventure! This summer, show them the fun you and your favorite Pillow Pets™ plush folding stuffed animals are having on vacation, at camp, in your backyard – wherever!

All you need to do is post a video on the video-sharing website of your choice, send them the link at, and watch to see if you are randomly selected to win the Pillow Pets™ plush folding stuffed animal of your choice, plus one each for up to ten friends! Videos will be accepted between May 24 and July 31, 2010.

One winner will be chosen at random every three weeks between May 31 and August 22, 2010, and will be notified via e-mail. CJ Products, LLC, the official creator and marketer of Pillow Pets™ plush folding stuffed animals, is the contest’s sponsor. A full list of program guidelines may be found at Read the full story here:
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

RedSnapper Baby Onesies Are A MUST HAVE For Every Tired "New" Mommy And Daddy! Win One Right Here!!

Admit it! I've done it too (many times before)! I've been so exhausted in the "middle of the night" diaper change, to fully or properly button up my baby's onesie before putting them back to bed. I'll even go as far as to admit that I've done that during the day when I am in a hurry or just being plain lazy about it. Why is it so hard for us to snap three little snaps and move on? Maybe it's because, a lot of times, we button them wrong and have to un-do and re-do the buttoning, only to cause our baby to get fussy or us get severely annoyed. know what I mean, if you've ever been a zombified "new parent" who hasn't had a full nights sleep in months.
There is a solution and it's amazing!
RedSnapper offers adorable (and completely original) onesies that are made just for you, by parents who know exactly what I'm talking about. Yep, I am talking to you..."MOMMY"! You, that's yawning at the computer screen right now... Why? What makes their onesies so special?Well...the snaps of their onesie are "COLOR CODED". you don't even have to think to get them snapped properly and completely. The middle snap is red...isn't that great? You may not think so yet, if you're expecting for the first time...but take my word, you're going to fall in love with these onesies! We received this adorable onesie (sent to us free of charge for this review) and I cannot wait to gift it to my "first time" expecting little sister. Not only will my nephew look darling in this onesie, but she will love the concept and functionality of being able to get him fully snapped in seconds, without even using an ounce of though to make it happen. LOVE IT!! Anything to make motherhood less stressful and more enjoyable is something I will definitely endorse!
They are so certain you're going to love their onesies, they are offering (1) Lucky One Bored Mommy Reader the chance to win a "Priceless" onesie (as seen above) in their choice of size.

To Enter This Giveaway (you must do the first and then one or all of the following):

  • 1st - Tell me your absolute favorite onesie on their site: CLICK HERE
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This giveaway will end on June 10, 2010 and is open to US Residents only! Be sure to leave your e-mail address with each entry and leave separate comments for each entry!

Are you expecting for the first time? Got a baby shower you're attending and you want to give them an extra special gift that they will love you for? You have to check out RedSnapper and tell them that the One Bored Mommy Blogspot sent you! You're going to love what you find!

I was not paid to feature this review! I was compensated only by the product sent for me to review! This review is also featured on the Chic Mom Magazine website!

Organic SkinCare Makes My Day! Thanks Blue Ridge Gypsy Studio!

In our family's effort go "GO GREEN" we are finding all kinds of companies that offer products that are organic, safe to use on the whole family and simply amazing! One of which I was just introduced to the other day and is actually a sister company to

Blue Ridge Gypsy Studio offers organic soaps, lotions, bath salts and even room Reed Diffusers. They have fabulous scents and so much to choose from, it's hard to pick just one thing from their store. All of their products are cruelty free and vegan.

So, in an effort to bring you a thorough review of their products (sent to me free of charge for this review), I selected two things that caught my interest. Both in the Mandarin Vanilla scent. I chose the Reed Diffuser and the All Natural Liquid Soap.

The Reed Diffuser has an amazing scent that is light and simply lovely! I put it on the bookshelf in our living room and our room smells fabulous!

The All Natural Liquid Soap was different than I was expecting, partly because it was a lot runnier and thinner than the typical liquid soap we normally use. It smelled great and my hands were super soft when I was through washing! The great thing about this, is you can use it on the entire body. Just pour some on a sponge, wash cloth or loofah and enjoy! That means your entire body can feel just as soft as my hands do.

I enjoyed both products a lot and look forward to trying out some new scents in the future! I highly recommend you check out their assortment of
Organic Skincare products for yourself and give them a whirl...
I was not paid to feature this review! I was compensated only by the products sent for review!