Saturday, June 12, 2010

Take Your Kids On A Safari This Summer...In The Comfort Of Your Own Backyard! Thanks "Backyard Safari Outfitters"!

Being outside as much as possible this summer is a huge deal to our kids. They love to ride bikes, play in their little pool, etc. But I am always looking for ways that will stretch their mind a little and also give us an activity to do, together as a family.
Thanks to Team Mom, we received a package (sent to us free of charge for this review) filled with products, designed just for that purpose! Not only will these keep us outside when the weather is willing, but will also give us a "mission" and the capability of keeping us all busy (and entertained) for hours on end.
Yesterday, I took the kids on a "Backyard Safari" adventure thanks to the products from "Backyard Safari Outfitters". Since moving to Connecticut, I have not truly embraced how amazing it is to have an actual "mini" woods behind our house. Did you know, that in just the right mind set (for those of us who are not HUGE woodsy people) this can be a whole lot of fun for the entire family? Especially if you have the right gear to make it an adventure you'll never forget.
We received to Safari vests (which puts the kids immediately in the mind set for an excursion into the unknown), a Bug Vacuum (to suck up critters we find along our way) and a pop up "Periscope" (so our leader can check out what's ahead of us and get a perspective for where we should go).Now, before my two older kids got home from school, I let my two younger children play "dress up" in the Safari vests and we went outside in search of something amazing. Guess what we found?LEAVES!! They had a blast and enjoyed getting to try out this gear before the older two came home and took charge.So we hung up the vests and waited for the two older kids to get home, so we could venture into our great "BACKYARD SAFARI" in the woods behind our house!
They got all geared up and ready to set out!
My oldest daughter was very interested in how the Periscope worked. We have a fun tree in our yard that was perfect for concealing her location, but giving her plenty of viewing fun! Isn't that so "SPY LIKE" cute?My older son got busy with the Bug Vacuum. It was simple to use and he immediately caught one of our giant black ants. Because there is also a magnifying glass in the container, it makes viewing the captured critters even more fun!So after they were comfortable with the gear, we headed out into the woods on our adventure with the "Backyard Safari" Outfitter products. It was so much fun!
Even after our "woods" adventure was completed, the girls were still on a mission, with the bug vacuum, to capture as many ants as they could! Even our littlest guy was intrigued with it! The girls would catch them and he would let them go was funny!
All of the Backyard Safari Outfitter products we received were not only easy to use, informative (they come with little booklets with helpful hints, things to look for on the "Backyard Safari", etc.) and so much fun, but something that I think every child would enjoy using! My six year old has already picked out several other products they offer that she insists we NEED to get too!
You can purchase the "Backyard Safari" Outfitters gear from ToysRus by CLICKING HERE!
From Walmart by CLICKING HERE!
Or directly from them by CLICKING HERE!
Thank you Team Mom and Backyard Safari Outfitters for giving our family some fun new products to fill up several afternoons of summer fun!
I was not paid to feature this review! I was compensated only by the products we received for this review!


Keonte' S said...

Looks like you guys had fun. I can't wait to try our products out as well. Great review.

brian said...

Can see from their pictures that the kids really did had fun. You should really try the products Keonte. Bet, it would really make your niece and nephews had fun too. Cheers!

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H. Kids said...

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