Saturday, July 31, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Football? Our Family Is Getting Ready For Some!

It's that time of year again...Pop Warner Football Registration is today and so is uniform pickup.
Next week, we start the grueling 1st week of conditioning in the remainder of the summer heat. It turns out to be conditioning for everyone in the family. 2-3 hours a night, 5 nights a week, we get to watch our 8 year old son (in full tackle football gear) run, jump and tear it up on the field. This is our son's second year of playing Pop Warner Football.He had a great experience last year and is hoping to have the same experience this year. My husband will also be helping out with the coaching this year, so that adds a new dynamic to our "football" experience.

Do your kids play sports through the school year? Does it end up being a "family" commitment for your entire family? Do you love watching your child play sports?

Friday, July 30, 2010

"Tees For Change" Makes A Statement To Add More Positivity In Our Lives & Help Our Environment At The Same Time!

We can all use it...MORE POSITIVE ENERGY! How many of us live our day to day lives in the "dark depths" of existence? Probably more than we realize. No one said that life is easy and there are so many ups and downs. We could probably use some encourage and positivity, right?

This company provides more than that...The shirt I received, from" Tees For Change" (sent to me free of charge for this review), couldn't be more perfect for me right now. Since we are in contract on a new house and going to be moving and "embracing change" very soon...this shirt is going to encourage me to do it and do it with a cheerful heart.
All of their tees are fair trade and made under sweatshop-free conditions from 100% organic cotton or a blend of 70% bamboo/30% organic cotton. The cotton is cultivated without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which is good for the environment and for the workers who grow and manufacture the shirts. Naturally sustainable bamboo is fast-growing and, because of its natural antibacterial properties, it needs no pesticides and is 100% biodegradable. Their tees are super soft, comfortable and have an amazing and flattering fit. They offer five different styles: organic cotton fine jersey tees, organic cotton tanks, bamboo raglan sleeves, bamboo jersey tees and men's tees (organic cotton and bamboo/organic cotton). They launch a new collection twice a year - in March and September - and welcome your suggestions and feedback for designs, colors, phrases and styles.
Now I know I don't look anything like Denise Richards (I've always thought she's drop dead gorgeous), but that doesn't mean that I can't feel just as confident & just as positive wearing my "Tees For Change" tee.

Check out the entire positively encouraging line of tees by CLICKING HERE & remember that with every purchase of a tee, they plant a tree for EVERY tee you purchase. So not only are you wearing something good for the environment, but they are also helping make positive changes to the environment through your purchase of their tees.

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TRUTH OR DARE...With The iCarly "Truth Or Dare Bear" Is A Lot Of Fun! Just Ask My Kids!!

I remember playing "Truth or Dare" with my friends when I was younger. In fact, this was a SLUMBER PARTY favorite! It was always fun to see what people would be completely honest or take the risk of doing something completely out of their comfort zone! Of course, whatever was picked, always turned out to be something totally laugh worthy and that's what kept us coming back for more play!

My kids are still young and have not really been introduced to this type of game yet...until now!
We received (sent to us free of charge for this review/feature), the new 2010 iCarly "Truth Or Dare Bear". This adorable yellow "gummy bear" (if you watch the show, you'll understand why) electronic machine offers over 500+ truths or dares. How fun, right? Now, I must admit that I think my kids are still a little to young to play "Truth Or Dare". The package states for ages 6 and up. So we opened it up and tried it out...and yes, even our four year old tried to be a part of the action. In fact, they named the Truth Or Dare Bear "LEMON"!
(She's pretending to hold her breath for 10 minutes)
(He picked Truth...and as you can see from this picture, was re-considering his choice after hearing the question! LOL!) (yes, even the four year old got into the silliness of the game)

After a lot of giggles and some confusion...we decided that this is going to be a lot more fun as the kids get older. Although I do believe that my 8 year old would probably have fun playing this with friends his age. Plus, with so many questions and dares, this will not be something that gets old & boring. Every time you play with this Truth Or Dare Bear, the experience will be different, fun and entertaining!
Regardless, we were once again impressed with the Playmates Toys iCarly 2010 product and can't wait to hear that these toy's we've featured, are on the top of every child's 2010 Christmas Wish List.
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New Winner Announcement...

The winner of the Baby Prodigy DVD's Giveaway is:

Kimberley said... 95
I'd love to watch the Baby's First Words dvd with our little miracle man!!Many thanks!!
July 29, 2010 12:24 AM

Congrats! You now have 48 hours to claim your prize! Thank you to Baby Prodigy for sponsoring this giveaway! Thank you to everyone who entered to win!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

iCarly's New "Sam's Remote" Is Even More Interactive Now...And Your Child Can "Bling" It Out. My Kids Love This Thing!

Not sure if you remember or not, but last year, we got the opportunity to do a review for Playmates Toys their iCarly "Sam's Remote". CLICK HERE to see my review!

So I am excited to tell you that they are introducing an even more fun iCarly "Sam's Remote" for 2010. This remote not only will make your kids feel like they are a part of the fun iCarly show when they play with it, but this new remote also gives your child the opportunity to "BLING" out "Sam's Remote" and it comes with even more sound effects than the last one. Did you know that "Sam’s Remote" is the only authentic gadget featured in almost every single episode of iCarly, that delivers authentic features from the show. NEW SOUNDS from the show include: Applause, Booing, authentic Random Dancing sound clip and hilarious sound bytes.


The above video was taken from our previous review!
My kids have a blast playing with this. Of course...the Booing sound effect is one of their favorites. They walk around "booing" each other. Although I encourage them to use the "applause" button instead. We actually used the sound effects on the videos that we created yesterday. Of course, our oldest daughter was very excited to personalize this remote for herself with the "Bling" that is included. Now, this remote is not only fun, but also very girlie and she loves it more because she got to make it "her own". If your kids are as big of fans of iCarly as mine are...these toys we are featuring from Playmates Toys will be on the top of their 2010 Christmas list. So start looking for them in stores now, so you're not shopping e-bay for them after the stores are sold out!
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A Week From Today...I Am Off To BLOGHER 2010! Excited, Curious, And Ready To Take It All In!

Oh yes...1 week from today, I'll be venturing out to NYC (one of my absolute favorite places to visit) to participate in the 2010 Blogher Convention! I am so excited! I heard all about this event (which happened in California last year) last year and since I was new to this BLOGGING world, I did not have the opportunity to attend. So I made it a point to make sure it happened this year. I'll be staying at the Hilton in NYC (where the convention is taking place) in a room all to myself. This is the first time in my life that I have not shared a hotel room with someone. I am very excited about "BEING ALONE".
Now, you'll have to bare with me on my posts from Blogher, as I was not able to attain a "LAPTOP SPONSOR" and will be using my DROID to post (1) picture at a time of my experiences at Blogher 2010 and tweeting as @oneboredmommy on Twitter. I'll do the best I can to keep you up to date on all the happenings. I will not turn away a laptop sponsor, if someone wants to overnight ship me one to take along for my Blogher 2010 experience! I've got my Noodle Head Fun Shirt & Pawparazzi Petand my Dr. Bloom Chewable Jewels to wear around and all of their cards to hand out to other MOMMY BLOGGERS who might be interested in featuring/reviewing their products and helping promote their awesome things! I am proud to be representing both of them & hope I am able to do them proud!

So get excited with me, as I enbark on this "MISSION Blogher 2010" and learn, grow and have fun doing what I do...blogging about things we love!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Did You Know Our Family Made Guest Appearances On iCarly? Check It Out!!

Made you look!

Okay, so maybe we didn't "actually" make guest appearances on the show (though we would love to because our entire family is HUGE fans), but we got the opportunity to review one of the coolest iCarly products that Playmates Toys is releasing for 2010. And if you ask my kids...they feel like they got the chance to "REALLY" be a part of the show...since I can put it online and share it with you!We received (sent to us free of charge for this review/feature) the "Web Show Set". This" box of fun" just entertained my kids for hours today as we played, scripted and entertained each other...pretending to be on the actual iCarly sets. Before we did anything with this, I removed the DVD, which gives you a better idea of how to use this "Web Show Set" and get the most of your experience with it. Of course, my kids were completely and totally enthralled (as you can see from the picture above) with the fact that "FREDDIE" was talking directly to them about how to make their own web show and that made them very happy and interested. After they watched the entire DVD from beginning to end...we opened the box up and pulled out the sets, the characters, the props and layed it all out to see what we had to work with...
And then we got started making our "appearances" on the set of iCarly with our own little touches!

We had a blast and I can see this something that they are brainstorming about and working on for many, many days to come! We loved it!
Playmates Toys is offering a bunch of new iCarly toys that we will be telling you more about this week, so stay tuned. Until then, enjoy watching our show's and, who knows, maybe one day you'll really see us on a "guest appearance" of iCarly.
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More Fun Summer Reading... Hurricane Mia A Caribbean Adventure And A Giveaway~

As most of you know...I have been trying to encourage our 8 year old son to read this summer. My efforts have been fleeting, but that doesn't mean that I am not trying. Since he struggles already, I don't want him to loose anything he gained last year from his hard work and efforts with his reading teachers.

So I was excited when we were contacted by the author (Donna Seim) of newly released book to do this review/feature.Hurricane Mia! A Caribbean Adventure arrived at our door the other day (sent to us free of charge for this review/feature) and I was excited to get my son started in the process of reading this book. This was going to be a challenge for him, since he's been satisfied reading beginning reading books. This book has chapters and far less pictures than a book he would typically pick out. So I was curious to see what he thought...
This book is quite a stretch from his normal "easy" reading. And we haven't made quite the progress I was hoping for...because reading through this book will be slow and steady with him. I'm okay with that. Maybe in the next few weeks we can get through it before school starts and he can take it in to show his 3rd grade teacher what he was able to accomplish during the summer time, by reading at home.

Hurricane Mia! A Caribbean Adventure is about a middle reader, 12-year-old Mia that believes that her summer is ruined when she learns that her mom is very sick. Then she and her younger brother are whisked away to their grandparents’ home in the Caribbean for the summer. Mia is furious until she meets Neisha, an island girl, who tells her about “the tea that cures everything.” Can Mia find the tea? And will it cure her mom? Mia and friends set sail in search for the magical tea. Their quest is filled with danger and adventure, including barracudas, tropical storms, and uninhabited islands. Includes illustrations, study guide, and activities.

Do you have a child that falls in the 8-12 year old category? Would they be interested in reading this fun & adventurous story? I have the pleasure of offering a giveaway of (1) copy of this fantastically written book to (1) Lucky One Bored Mommy Reader.

To Enter This Giveaway (you must do the first and then one or all of the following):

  • 2nd - Tell me how old the child is you're wanting to win this book for
  • 3rd - Tell me who you've encouraged your child to read this summer
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This giveaway will end on August 11, 2010 and is opened to US Residents only! Be sure to leave your e-mail address with each entry and leave separate comments for each entry!

You can purchase this book from by CLICKING HERE for only $12.95.

Thank you Donna Seim and Hurricane Mia! A Caribbean Adventure for challenging my son this summer with some fantastic reading. Books like this, that are not only entertaining but challenging make me a happy mommy!

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Decorating A House For Less Isn't a Problem With Stores Like "Online Discount Mart"... And Save 5% Off Your Order!

Some of my readers may know already, and some of you may not...but we are currently in contract on a new house! It's almost twice as big as the house we've been renting, which means I have a lot of shopping to do on a very, VERY minimal budget. That means that I am scouring the Internet to not only find great deals for me...but to bring them to you as well! I know most of you appreciate that, right? I'll spend my time to save you, your time. It works out well!
So, in my pursuit to find a fireplace screen (because our new home has a lovely fireplace in the formal living room), I was searching for a place that could offer me two things. Affordability and the look I want to complete the room. The last house we bought a
metal fireplace screen for, we spent close to $200 on it...and it worked perfectly, but that is a little bit out of my budget, so I was doing some heavy duty research.

And I came across a website that had way more to offer than metal fireplace screens...though they did have exactly what I was looking a price I couldn't pass up!It arrived yesterday (sent free of charge for this review/feature) and I immediately started pulling the contents of the box out. My curiosity about the product was in a full uproar as I started unwrapping this new fireplace screen. I have to tell you...I was very excited about what I found.This metal fireplace screen cost half the price of the one we bought before and was just as nice. Heavy and perfect for not only adding a little extra decorating touch to our new "formal" living room, but also helping me keep our adventurous "almost two year old" out of it! I was very pleased.The only assembly required was adding to the two little screw on knobs to the outside screens, which took seconds and it was ready for action.

I have to tell experience with Online Discount Mart was PERFECT! I highly recommend that you check out their site. They offer all kinds of household decorations for interior decorating, outdoor decorating and more. There is even a section of their site with helpful decorating hints and tips. I have a feeling I will be purchasing more things for our new house from this awesome resource.

In fact, if you want to save 5% off your order, use the code: boredmommy5 at checkout and you'll save yourself even more money!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"A Pocket For Corduroy" Is Being Released Today From Scholoastic Storybook Treasures...

Have you ever read "A Pocket For Corduroy" by Don Freeman? To most of you, it's probably a classic. Even my kindergartner told me that she read it in her class at school. It's no wonder my kids were SO excited when this new DVD fromarrived in the mailbox for us to check out (sent to us free of charge for this review) on the day it arrives in stores &on true Scholastic style, this amazing DVD not only re-tells some favorite children's stories, but also offers a read along guide (encouraging reading in younger viewers) and a sign language guide (which is perfect for our friend across the street that is hard of hearing).
This new DVD "A Pocket For Corduroy" from Scholastic Storybook Treasures includes the stories: "Blue Burt and the Wiggles" and "Big Al". All three of the stories were thoroughly enjoyable, entertaining and ideal for the age spectrum of my kids. Plus, I love that my kids can read along and also learn some signing too, as they watch these classic stories retold on DVD.

Are you interested in purchasing this fabulous new
Scholastic Storybook Treasure for your family's collection? has it on sale right now for only $11.49! CLICK HERE and order your copy now!
I was not paid to feature this review! I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!