Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Opinion Of "Moon Dough" And My Kids Point Of View Too...

When Moon Sand first made it's debut in stores & on t.v. commercials everywhere, my kids were so anxious to try it out (they are total suckers for commercial ads).  It's claim to fame...it doesn't make a mess!  Mess free wax coated sand?  Hmmm...okay!  I have to tell you, when we finally broke down and let the kids buy some, the product got everywhere.  I even made them play with it outside, in hopes of keeping it out of my carpet, off the floors, etc.  It was spread out all over my back patio and, needless to say, came tracked in on every "little" pair of shoes to be sprinkled all over my carpet.  What I was hoping to avoid by having them do it outside.  I was less than impressed with the product and would not recommend it to even my worst enemy!
So, when the opportunity arose for us to try the newest product "Moon Dough", I was curious if they had found a way to truly make it "MESS FREE" (or at least far less messy). 
The box arrived today (sent to us from Team Mom) with this adorable "Barn Moon Dough" set it in it and my kids could not be more excited about it.  Myself, I was a little leery about even letting them open the box, let alone the packets of "dough".  But how could I not open it?  Look at their little faces all lit up!
So we opened the box and I realized that a little construction had to take place to get this kit ready for play.  It only took a few seconds of snapping some pieces into place and the MOLDING BARN was ready to roll.
The next step was opening up the packages of Moon Dough.  In order to keep the colors separated from each other, I put them in this plastic lunch container, which seemed to work quite well.  A great thing about Moon Dough...it never dries out, so you don't have to worry about covering it or keeping it in a sealed container.
Then I let the kids have at it.  Now, from an observer point of view...they were really enjoying it!  Pushing the Moon Dough into the barn mold, turning the handle and watching the little farm animals pop out like magic.  I have to admit, that part even had me intrigued and excited!  I even made a couple Moon Dough animals myself.
My oldest daughter loved the "free" dough molds, which were a bale of hay and the fence panel.  She had fun doing that while my two younger kids popped animal after animal out of the "Moon Dough" Barn.
Now, from a mommy perspective...I have to tell you that I saw similar characteristics to Moon Sand in this Moon Dough product.  Though it has a marshmallow like consistency when it's smashed together, when it falls apart, it gets everywhere.  There is no way to keep the sand colors separate from each other.  When we finished up & cleaned up (I ended up bagging up the Moon Dough in individual zip lock bags), our Moon Dough colors were a little mixed (but not horribly).  I did have to take the vacuum cleaner to the floor, because I tried to follow the directions for clean up and the dough kept crumbling and making a bigger mess.
(this was our multi colored pig)
I am definitely not saying that you shouldn't buy this product.  My kids really love it and I love the fact that it's also hypo-allergenic and wheat free (so even kids with allergies can enjoy the molding fun).  I also love the fact that it never dries out, so you can have multiple play sessions with the dough, as long as your children are okay with mixed colors.  Of course, my kids thought that the animals turned out even cooler that way.  I also like that they offer several different "play sets" and refill packs (when necessary).

"Moon Dough" is available at ToysRUs, Target, Walmart, Kmart, Amazon.com, A.C. Moore, Michaels and eToys.

If you get Moon Dough for your kids and you end up with a bit of a mess...I told you so!  If you get it and your kids love it...mine did too (so I told you so)!  Sometimes watching them make a mess & have fun doing it is OK with me!  I am positive that we will have many more Moon Dough messes in our future! 
I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature.

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kids furniture said...

This is interesting, my kids would love this product. I'm sure they'll have fun doing Moon Dough. Thanks a lot!

David said...

One word of warning; it is not so easy to clean up when on carpets. The colors tend to leave stains; so my advice would be not to use it in carpeted rooms.
David Papi

Anonymous said...

Would not purchase for anyone. Son received as a gift and barn broke after 10 minutes of play. Also the dough is a pain to clean up, lots of little pieces end up everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Same as the above we bought this for my son on Christmas day after opening all his presents this was the first thing he want to play with and 10mins later it had broken, the handle on the back just keeps turning a d no animals pop out. When to exchage it but the shop didn't have anotherone. Still today my son asks my when is father Christmas bringing my new moon dough, and no shop seems to have this at the moment. But Iv got to say, he loved it for the 10 mins it was working and like a sucker that I am I have to get him another 1. And I'm glad I we have wooden floors. Lol

Anonymous said...

Yes, the kids were occupied for hours, but the clean up is soooooo horrible it is not worth it. It made the floors sooooo slippery that all of us have been slipping and sliding on the floor even after clean up and washing the floor with soap and water. And washing all the rugs in sanitation cycle. And keeping all of it outside.

I'm still finding pieces in places.

I would never buy this product, sell this product or give this product away under any circstances.

The aftermath is worth the fun the kids have.

Anonymous said...

Note: the aftermath is NOT WORTH THE fun the kids did have.