Sunday, January 31, 2010

WINNER Announcement...CHECK IT OUT! And 1st Anniversary Celebration Reminder...

The winner of the Blush Topless Undershirt Giveaway is:

fancygrlnancy said...
I am a tall person and lots of shirts just hit the top of my pants or just over. THis would be wonderful to make up the difference. Plus when I get pg with my second (tryin in the next year) and bfing that child it would be great.
bwneyes100 AT hotmail DOT com

January 18, 2010 8:07 PM

Congrats! You now have 48 hours to claim your prize! Thank you to Blush for sponsoring this fun giveaway & thanks to all who entered to win!

Don't forget to check back everyday this month...brand new giveaways will be posted daily! Lots of amazing products for you to win, as we kick off our 1st Anniversary Celebration!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

~WallSlicks Changed The Entire Look Of Our Bedroom And $200 GC Giveaway~

I have been uninspired to decorate our bedroom. Maybe it's because it's the one room in the house that few people go in except for my husband and myself, but it's been blah since we moved into this house. Keep in mind, we are renting, so painting the walls is not optional to give it a spruced up look. Plus, I really do like the neutral yellowish beige tint the walls already have. I just needed a little inspiration and I found in it Modern wall Graphics WallSlicks online stores.If you haven't visited Modern Wall Graphics WallSlicks websites, you need to CLICK OVER THERE IMMEDIATELY! Why? If you're lacking inspiration (like I was), just one look at their website & I can guarantee you will be invisioning your next themed room or how you'd like to decorate that boring hallway. Their website is chocked full of amazing modern wall graphics that are pleasing to the eye and so easy to apply. One of the things I like most about them is that they are only permanent until I want a change. They peel off just as easy as they are applied, so when we move or I get inspired to change the decor, it's easy as a snap.

See how boring & uninspired it was BEFORE:
I'm going to walk you through the process of applying the Modern Wall Graphics WallSlicks decals (sent to us free of charge), as I show you how I applied them to our bedroom wall:

Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
Step 4:
The final look:
I was extremely impressed with our new WallSlicks look & feel extremely confident that our bedroom looks a lot more put together now that the wall is spruced up with the new Damask Patterned Wall Decal Stickers. I chose all black, but you can design your WallSlicks in whatever colors you are inspired by. They also have over 100 designs to choose from.

I am so excited to tell you about this next part. Modern Wall Graphics WallSlicks is so confident in their wall decal stickers, they are offering a HUGE giveaway! (1) Lucky Winner will receive a $200 Gift Certificate to spend in their online store for your own CUSTOM Wall Decals. Imagine the decorating possibilities you can do with that much $$. The inspiration will come when you visit their store and choose the ones perfect for your family's home decor.

To Enter This Giveaway (you must do the first & then do one or all of the rest):
1st - Tell me EXACTLY how you would spend the $200 Gift Certificate
2nd - Follow WallSlicks on Twitter: CLICK HERE & comment that you do
3rd - Follow this blogspot & comment that you do
4th - Follow this blogspot on Twitter: CLICK HERE & comment that you do
5th - Tweet about this HUGE Giveaway & comment that you did (you can do this 2x's daily)
6th - Blog about this giveaway & comment that you did, with a link, so we can read about it.

This giveaway will end on February 13, 2010 and is open to US Residents only! Be sure to leave your e-mail address with each entry and leave seperate comments for each entry!

Thank you Modern Wall Graphics WallSlicks for the amazing new look of our master bedroom. I am literally in love with how it turned out & how simple it was to complete the project! Your going to fall in love with this store! Take my word for it!
I was not paid to feature this review or giveaway!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Cuisinart Just Made Cooking Rice So Much Easier For Me...

We don't eat a whole lot of rice, but when we do, we normally use a rice cooker. My husband is "anti" instant rice. But the thing about generic rice cookers is that you never know if you're adding the right amount of water, if the cooker will cook the rice to the right texture and it takes so gosh darn long. Not to mention, you have to make it and immediately eat it or it will get cold. We got the fantastic opportunity to review (sent to us from Cuisinart free of charge) the new Cuisinart Rice Plus™ Multi-Cooker with Fuzzy Logic Technology.
Product description straight from the Cuisinart website:
Cuisinart introduces a smarter way to cook rice…and a lot of other dishes, as well. Introducing the Rice Plus™ Multi-Cooker, the first product from Cuisinart with advanced fuzzy logic technology. This built-in “brain” senses fluctuations in cooking and automatically adjusts operation to ensure perfect results. With pre-programmed settings for six types of rice, plus oatmeal, soup, steam, slow cooking, and more – and easy dishwasher cleanup – this is destined to become a favorite.

This rice cooker not only cooks rice, it also cooks oatmeal, risotto, steams veggies and can create a mean soup! I love the fact that is programmable, so that you can leave your house and come back home knowing that the rice will be cooked at just the right time. And if you're not completely ready, it will stay warm for up to 30 minutes after it's done cooking to perfection.

videoMy experience with the Cuisinart Rice Plus Multi-Cooker was 100% positive. And I feel that I hace a whole lot more to learn about this new kitchen accessory, so that I can tap into it's full potential! I can't wait to try some different things and see how they come out.The rice that I just made though, was seriously cooked perfectly. Tender and delicious rice that was super easy to make and convenient too.
Thanks Cuisinart for inventing this new way to help my job as "Executive Chef" in our house a much easier & more enjoyable experience. I love our new Rice Plus Multi-Cooker.
I was not paid to feature this product review!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

This Company Makes It Easy To Make A Statement Without Saying A Word...

As a mommy speaking from experience, one of the things that can make me the most tense about taking my new baby out, is the fact that random strangers will walk up and touch them without even asking. Some of them will even have the guts to ask if they can hold them, complete & total strangers. I can't tell you the countless times this has happened with all four of my kids. I try to grin, acknowledge their touch as a kind sign and pray to GOD that they washed their hands at least once that day before they rubbed my baby's face with their hands. I am not a germaphobe by any means (at least I wasn't before the swine flu outbreak), but there are just certain things that can make a mommy's blood boil inside and it's hard to say "NO" to complete strangers (at least for me). That's why new mommy's everywhere need to invest in a few of these signs.If I had, had these signs before I was a mommy, I think it would have made a world of difference as to how strangers & even friends and family approached my kids. Isn't it the truth? How many people can you think of right now, that could use one of these kind signs to hook on their stroller, car seat or diaper bag? I can think of several and probably could still use a few with my kids. would like to offer (3) Kind Signs to (1) Lucky Winner.
Interested in entering to win these very direct, but KIND signs?

To Enter This Giveaway (do one or all of the following):
  • 1st - Tell me if you've had an experience as a mommy where this sign would have come in handy
  • 2nd - Follow them on TWITTER: CLICK HERE & comment that you do
  • 3rd - Follow this blogspot & comment that you do
  • 4th - Follow this blogspot on TWITTER: CLICK HERE & comment that you do
  • 5th - Tweet about this giveaway & comment that you did (you can do this twice daily)
  • 6th - Blog about this giveaway & comment that you do, with a link, so we can read about it
This giveaway will end on February 11, 2010 and is open to US Residents only! Be sure to leave your e-mail address with each entry and leave separate comments for each entry.

Thank you for creating a delicate way to tell people, indirectly, not touch your child with their unsanitary hands. This should eliminate the awkward feelings people have when they are approached with this situation with their new baby or small child.
I was not paid to post this product giveaway!

Without Further Ado...

Sorry I didn't get this posted first thing this morning. I had to take my six year old to the doctor. She has pneumonia in her right lung. So there was a bit of a delay in posting the winner...

The winner of the LIVE Giveaway for 1 movie ticket and $10 Gift Certificate to Regal Cinemas is: said...
i like that you showyour products you are reviewing being used personally, not just stock photos off another website

January 25, 2010 9:51 AM

Congrats! You now have 48 hours to claim your prize! Thank you to everyone who entered to win this fun "LIVE" giveaway!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shhhh...I've Got A Secret To Share

OLD NAVY is having a 2-Day Super Sale Friday and Saturday (1/29-1/30 only) and you guys get to be the first to know about it! Aren't you excited?

Shoppers get 30% off on every single item in stores – except gift cards – even items already on sale! And get this, no coupons required!

So get your shopping $$ ready and head over to this weekend to stock up on incredible deals for your whole family! Get the latest looks at 30% off.

Plus, print this coupon CLICK HERE to receive $10 off a $50 or more purchase!

You're talking about HUGE savings!

I was not paid to feature this sale!

Out Of Curiosity...Tell Me About Your Insecurities

There is an insecurity I've been struggling with since 6th grade. One that other's may not ever realize, but it really eats at me. It's something I could fix (if I want to pay the price $$) and I am heavily considering it now! I want your opinion...
Please respond! I'd really like to know how other's feel about their insecurities!
Thanks One Bored Mommy Readers! You're the best!

Let's Hear It For A Winner...

The winner of the Amon Maternity $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway is:

theladya said...
I'm most interested in The Forgive BodyShaper. abailey_crace at yahoo dot com

January 13, 2010 7:04 AM

Congrats! You now have 48 hours to claim your prize! Thank you to Amon Maternity for sponsoring this giveaway! Thank you to everyone who entered to win!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My House Smelled So Good Today...

I wish I had SMELL'O'VISION, so I could share with the delicious smells from my house today. No, I didn't put in hours slaving over a stove to cook a meal that would make my husband bow to me. But I did make a mean pot of soup and all I had to do was add the water. Want to know more? This family owned business in Vermont makes amazing mixes that taste like you spent hours in the kitchen slaving away and only take minutes of your day. Pancake & waffle mixes, soup mixes and even coffee. These mixes offer no artificial ingredients or added preservatives. Take it from me, they smell & taste fabulous too!We received two different products (sent to us free of charge) to try out. The Buckwheat with Maple Pancake & Waffle Mix and the White Bean & Pasta Soup.
So today, I decided to try out the soup. The directions were super easy too, which I liked. The less things to hassle with, the better. After four cups of water were brought to a boil, I added the contents of the package and let it simmer for 15 incredibly smelling minutes. At which point, the soup was completed and I got to delight my tastebuds with the flavors that I had been smelling for those tortureous 15 minutes. This was exactly the meal I needed in this dreary, raining weather we've been having! Talk about perfect!YUMMY! Two thumbs up on the soup.

I have not made the pancake/waffle mix yet, but I know that if they are nearly as good as the soup, my tastebuds will be 100% satisfied. The prices in their catalog are amazing and their products are even more satisfying.

Are you interested in trying some? Guess what? (1) Lucky winner will receive their own set of the Cook In Kitchen Buckwheat with Maple Pancake & Waffle Mix and the White Bean & Pasta Soup, plus they get to pick one other item they would like to try from the website. Isn't that awesome? Start planning your meal from Cook in the Kitchen now and enter this giveaway!

TO ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY (you can do one or all of the following):

1st - Visit their website and tell me what you're most interested in trying
2nd - Follow them on Twitter: CLICK HERE & comment that you do
3rd - Follow this blogspot & comment that you do
4th - Follow this blogspot on Twitter: CLICK HERE & comment that you do
5th - Tweet about this giveaway & comment that you do (you can do this twice daily)
6th - Blog about this giveaway & comment that you did, with a link, so we can read about it

This giveaway will end on February 8th, 2010 and is open to US Residents only! Be sure to leave your e-mail address with each entry & leave seperate comments for each entry too.

Thank you Cook In The Kitchen for my fabulous lunch and the kids breakfast tomorrow morning! I can't wait to hear their pleased comments as they munch on their early morning pancakes before school. I'm sure they will be just as delighted as I was with your soup today!

So You Want To Be President? My Oldest Son Does...

Being the President Of The United States is a job not taken lightly. It's something that, as parents, we joke about our kids being someday (because we believe they are the smartest kids in the world & worthy of such a position). But do your kids know the history behind the presidents? Do they understand what the President Of The United States does? Do they know about our past presidents and their likes, fun facts, etc.? Mine do now, but only because Scholastic Storybook Treasures came through for us once again, without fail.

Scholastic Storybook Treasures is making my job easier and easier as a mommy. My kids will go to school knowing more about the past Presidents of the United States than I even know and I graduated from high school already. Guess that doesn't say much for my education, does it?

In this new (soon to be released on February 9th, 2010) DVD, "So You Want To Be President?" has four fun stories that will keep your child entertained and educated all at the same time. "So You Want to Be President?", "My Senator and Me: A Dog's-Eye View of Washington, D.C.", "Madam President", and "I Could Do That! Esther Morris Gets Women The Vote" are the fun award winning stories included in this collection.


Even my three year old and 1 year old were excited and interested.


And obviously, my oldest son thinks he could be president someday...(this cracked me up)

Do you want to teach your kids the history behind the Presidents Of The United States? Help them get excited and learn more about what senators do and how important voting is? Then you should purchase this video for your family collection. You can pre-purchase this dvd on right now for only $10.99 CLICK HERE to go there now!
Thanks again Scholastic Storybook Treasures! Keep them coming! Every dvd we receive makes my job as a mommy a little easier! I LOVE IT!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Munchkin Came To My Rescue Today...Just When Our Toddler's Spills Are At Their WORST!

Spilled plate, after spilled bowl, after even more spilled plates & bowls. This has been our daily process of feeding our 1 year old son. He is out of control when it comes to dumping his food (no matter if it's a snack or a meal) all over the table, the floor, etc. It's getting on my very last nerve. Since I have four kids, I can't always hover over him at mealtime to make sure he leaves his plate on the table, which results in way to many spilled plates. If I have to clean up many more, I'm going to scream! LITERALLY! But thankfully, Munchkin came to my rescue today! My sanity is saved, at least for now! Who would have guessed that something that costs under $10 can bring such a relief to a mommy? A package arrived in the mail from Munchkin (sent free of charge for our review) and it couldn't have gotten here any sooner! What was inside this delightful box? A product that is going to, fingers crossed, change our meal time experience with our 1 year old for good. At least until he moves on from this bowl dumping stage. Have a look at our before videos:
We received the Munchkin's Stay-Put Suction Toddler Bowl. CAN I JUST SAY, "THANK YOU!" I mean, those were literally the words that came out of my mouth when I opened up this product we tried it out! At first, he was a little curious about this new bowl. He look around it, touched it, tugged on it, but the most amazing thing about didn't move. It was STUCK to the table. Even I had a hard time getting it unstuck to move it. WOW! I LOVE THIS BOWL!! Here is the after video footage:
videoI also like that it comes with a lid, which makes this great for meals or snacks on the go. I can prepare it, put the lid on it and we can head out the door. THANK YOU!

Companies like Munchkin are making products that make my life a little easier and I want to share this information with you, in case you have a toddler in your house that likes to dump their bowls & plates of food too. Save some sanity and head over to their website now to check out few of these products for your meal time moments. You can purchase this Toddler Stay-Put Suction Bowl on by CLICKING HERE. You'll be thanking me for telling you and thanking Munchkin for making such a product! ENJOY!
I was not paid to do this product review!

LIVE GIVEAWAY ~ENTER NOW TO WIN A $10 Movie Theater Gift Certificate and 1 Free Movie Ticket

Everyone loves a good movie, right? Even better, everyone loves a "FREE" movie, right?It's been awhile since we've done a "LIVE" giveaway and I would love to get more participation on my giveaways, so, here's how this "LIVE Giveaway" will work:TO ENTER THIS "LIVE" GIVEAWAY (you can do one or all of the following):
1st - Head over to the One Bored Mommy Blogspot & enter each of the giveaways (there are currently four)
2nd - Follow this blogspot & comment that you do
3rd - Follow this blogspot on Twitter:
CLICK HERE & comment that you do
4th - Tweet about this giveaway (you can do this 5 times a day, but they can't all be within 5 minutes of each other) & comment that you did
5th - Tell me what movie you will see with this ticket
6th - Tell me what snacks you will buy at the concession stand with this gift certificate
7th - Leave a comment telling me what you love about the One Bored Mommy Blogspot. YOU CAN DO THIS AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT (but not consecutively), as long as you have done at least 1 or more of the other entry ways above.

This giveaway will end when we reach 300 comments!
At which point, will pick the number of the winning entry! BE SURE TO SPREAD THE WORD so this giveaway ends quickly! You might be headed out to the theater to see something new this coming weekend.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Come On Nickelodeon...Don't Let Me Down Now!

After reading another Mommy Blog about the "Addicting Games" site linked to the website, I had to post this video for other parents to see & be aware. Your kids could be playing potentially sexually explicit games without you knowing about it. Ones that your parental controls won't block, because they are linked to a reputable children's website.

After watching this video, my husband and I went to ourselves to verify that this was indeed true. It was! We came across a couple games immediately that caught our attention. One was called "Candy The Naughty Cheerleader", one was called "Naughty Beach", another called "Spank The Monkey", etc. You get the idea. These are just a few of the many that have names that will intrigue your exploring child to click on them and possibly learn more about life & sex than you're ready for them to know about.

BE AWARE...your kids have it hard enough growing up in this day and age. It's upsetting to me that a company like Nickelodeon would allow this "Addicting Games" website to be even remotely attached to it. I'm disappointed and pretty upset about it. I never thought that I would not be able to allow my son (who is 8) to play on this website anymore.

Nickelodeon, PLEASE make some changes, so that we (as parents) can feel comfortable about letting our kids explore & enjoy your website!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Designer Jeans - Ideas For Getting Them For Less And Still Feeling Like A Million Dollars...

Everyone has a favorite pair of jeans, right? Come on...admit it...they're the ones that you wear & wear & wear (and wear with everything) until they start getting holes in them (oh wait...that's kinda in right now) and start to fall apart because you have worn them so much. I have a few "favorite" pairs of jeans. I wear them casual or I dress them up with some nice boots or stillettos. Yes, I like to "sort of" stay hip & trendy and I refuse to wear "MOM" jeans.
Okay, I'll admit, I was not raised to insist on wearing brand name clothing. In fact, my parents did the best they could to keep us "cute" on a budget. But as an adult, I have found that paying more for a really nice pair of denim jeans is totally worth a certain extent. Some people feel okay paying hundreds of dollars for their favorite brands...and though I ABSOLUTELY love those brands of jeans, I cannot and will not pay that price.
I'll clue you in on a little secret I have found...the people that normally (I say normally cause not all of them are this way) would pay that big price typically have no problem "giving" their used jeans to places like GOODWILL or SALVATION ARMY in order to talk their parents into buying them another pair. Or so they don't feel as guilty about buying the newest release. In my home town (and even here in Connecticut), I have been able to find brand name jeans like, "Seven for All Mankind", "Citizen's of Humanity", "Joe's Jeans" and even "True Religion" jeans that barely look worn at all. Now I will admit...I practically choke on my spit when I see them hanging amongst the gobs of no-name jeans in the thrift stores. And of course, as long as they are my size, I snatch them up and go home one extremely happy camper. I have even bought them if they are the wrong size, to re-sell on EBAY or Craigslist to make a little money for my family. So...what is the point I'm getting at? I'm wearing a pair of "Seven for All Mankind" jeans right now that I paid $4.75 for. I think they were around $150 new in the store. BARGAIN! CHA CHING!!
If you don't have any second hand stores around you (or have had no luck finding designer denim at these types of stores), check out Ebay or Craigslist for more reasonable deals than paying full price. You can even check's designer jeans section (sometimes you can catch an even better savings if they are on clearance). You will be amazed how you feel wearing the "designer" made jeans (cause there really is a difference in fit and quality) and satisifed that you still have some money in your wallet for other MUST HAVE wants.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

ShopRite Stores "Bloggers In Caring" Says Thanks By Putting My Face On A Cheerios Box!

Not sure if you remember or not, but awhile back, we (our blogspot) participated in a program from Price Rite Grocery called "Blog It Forward To Fight Hunger". You can see my post by CLICKING HERE. Because of your comments & the efforts of other active bloggers, 3,000 boxes of cereal will be donated to local food banks in ShopRite’s trading area! Way to go!! As a way of saying thank you, Shop Rite and Cheerios produced a mosaic in the "Bloggers In Caring's" honor and printed it on boxes of cereal for the Price Rite stores. These boxes will hit stores the week of January 24th, 2010.

Guess who's picture was included in this mosaic? MINE!! It's funny to think about my face (it's really small, but on there several times) being featured on a cereal box. It's actually unreal! I am thrilled that our blogspot was able to help make a difference in those communities that Shop Rite will be donating the cereal boxes to.

I want to say "THANK YOU" for helping me be involved in this program. Without your comments & support, this would not have been possible, as I am certain all the other bloggers involved agree. Without our readers, we would be nothing! All of your faces should be featured on this box as well!

ShopRite Partners In Caring, together with General Mills, has launched a video contest: "Expressions of Hunger", that challenges everyday people to submit videos using song, poetry, dance or dramatic reading that creatively express the plight of the hungry or offer solutions to the issue of hunger. Up to six grand prize winners will have their stories and photos featured on a special-edition Cheerios box available exclusively at ShopRite stores in September 2010! That special winner could be YOU!!

SO CLICK HERE to head over there today and get creative about ways we can fix the issue of hunger. Needs Your Help! So Do The Youngest Victims Of The Earthquake In Haiti!

In an effort to provide relief to the youngest victims of the earthquake in Haiti, has announced that it will donate 10% of its proceeds from the month of January to aid the children of Haiti. has already donated $1,000 to AmeriCares a nonprofit disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization which provides immediate response to emergency medical needs. AmeriCare volunteers and staff are working tirelessly to provide relief and supplies to the earthquake victims. The proceeds earned in January will also be shared with Partners in Health, an organization that works to bring modern medical care to poor communities in nine countries around the world. Partners in Healthy has been working in Haiti for more than 20 years to provide medical care, but is now overwhelmed and in need of assistance due to the recent tragic events. Each purchase you make at, your online destination for eco-friendly products for mom and baby, is your chance to offer relief to the children of Haiti. We would like to raise as much money as possible for these two great organizations. Thank you for doing your part, loving your baby, AND loving the planet.
I was not paid to post this feature!

Sounds Like A Challenge To Me...the fombag vs. the lovesac

Today I got a comment on a review I did for
If you remember, we loved our
FOMBAG! LOVED IT! I vlogged about putting it together, took pictures and we have been promoting (via twitter) hard for this company...because it's one that the One Bored Mommy Blogspot absolutely 100% loves. Every person that visits our house leaves wanting one (or at least considering buying one for their home) and our kids wouldn't know what to do without it now that we have it.

So here is what the comment said:
Anonymous said...
Hey I saw your comparison to Lovesac,and i just wanted to say with a lovesac you wouldnt have to put the foam in yourself and it would have come packaged in one duffle bag smaller then then the two boxes put together,and you would have gotten a LIFETIME WARRANTY on anything and everythign that could possible happen to the sac, and you would have had a choice of over 200 covers that are all machine washable even though you dont need a cover for LS product.Just look at this way which product has 28 retail stores nationwide and is gaining more everyday.When that thing breaks open and you cant replace it switch up to the big guns and check out your local Lovesac!

January 21, 2010 8:46 AM

Since the comment was left anonymously, I don't know who left it. Was it someone from the Lovesac company? Was it just a loyal fan of LoveSac?
So I sent Lovesac an e-mail today letting them know about this comment and insuring them that if they want us to review their product and tell our readers about the differences in the two products and which one we love more...we can do that! We'd be more than willing to take pictures of their product, vlog about our experience and see which ones the kids & myself think is BEST OF ALL!

Do you think they will repsond? Do you think they will want to challenge fombag to a review on the One Bored Mommy Blogspot? Which one do you think the kids & I will like more? Please feel free to share your comments! I'd love to hear what you think about this and if you have an opinion on which one will win the One Bored Mommy's heart.

This could be fun! I am always up for a good challenge!!

EarthWorm Ensemble Anyone? My Kids Hands Go Up...

We love reviewing music on this blogspot. Our family loves to introduce our kids to different sounds, rhythms and types of music. Almost everything is welcome in our house! So we always get excited when a new cd arrives in the mail!Yesterday, when I went to the mailbox, I was excited to bring in a new CD (sent to us free of charge from Sugar Mountain PR) for us to review. Earthworm Ensemble is a group that introduces all sorts of musical styles into one incredible CD. It includes 11 original songs that give you child the chance to have fun, dance, enjoy the beat and use their creativity all at the same time. As you'll two younger children absolutely enjoyed it! Their favorite song on the CD was Pizza Moon. They liked the beat, they love pizza and they loved the words to the song. Check it out:
But truthfully, they were pretty excited about all the songs on this CD. Each one was very different, but very exciting to them as well. With names like
"Bang a Drum", "Mama Loves You" and "Little Willie Buffalo", you can imagine that these songs are made to keep a child entertained and their little ears pleased!

Here's the kids dancing to another song:

If you're looking for a CD that offers your child the experience of listening to several different forms of music all wrapped up into one, then I suggest you check out Earthworm Ensemble. I think you might be pleased with what you find. We were and I have a feeling this will be a CD played over and over again in our house and probably even in the car, because they liked it so much!
Pre-order your copy of the Earthworm Ensemble on right now by CLICKING HERE! This CD will be released on February 16, 2010!
I was not paid to feature this music review!