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Opera Singer Changes Her Tune...And It's A Very Successful Move! Renee Fleming Introduces Her "Dark Hope" CD With Instant Sucess And A Giveaway!

Who would think that an Opera singer could change their music style completely and instantly become an Indie Rock music sensation? Well, it happened for Renee Fleming! amazingly talented and successful Opera singer (with many CD's and years of experience under her belt) has switched gears completely to appeal to the younger generation. A change to a beat and meaning that her own teenagers appreciate and enjoy listening to...Renée Fleming is an exclusive recording artist for Decca and Mercury Records (UK). Since the DARK HOPE debut, Renee Fleming has hit the billboard top 200!

With the album's track including:

This is a CD that any indie pop music lover is going to want to purchase for their music collection! Don't believe me...have a listen:

Who would like to win this CD? Thanks to Universal Music & Renee Fleming, I have a copy to give away!

To Enter This Giveaway (you must do the first and then one or all of the following):

  • 1st - Tell me if you've ever heard of Renee Fleming before
  • 2nd - Tell me why you're most interested in winning this CD and adding it to your music collection
  • 3rd - Follow her on Twitter: CLICK HERE & comment that you do
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  • 6th - Tweet about this giveaway & comment that you did (you can do this twice daily)
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  • 8th - Enter one of the other giveaways & tell me which ones you entered (you may do this once per giveaway entered)

This giveaway will end on July 13, 2010 and is open to US Residents only! Be sure to leave your e-mail address with each entry and leave separate comments for each entry!

So let your mouse lead you to, where they currently have her CD for sale for only $13.99 and let this new CD amaze you, just like her transformation from Opera Singer to Indie Pop Star has. It will be a huge success!!
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The Sheer Shirt Or Skirt Solution...Autrepeau! Plus A Fabulous 25% Discount Offer!

How many times have you found an amazing blouse or skirt and realized that it's to sheer to wear alone. Being that I am pretty modest, I typically would hang it back in the closet or on the rack and never wear it! Why? I don't want my bra to show through my shirt...and I definitely don't want people seeing my "post four baby" tummy under the sheer fabric. Any other mommies out there feel that way too?

I found a solution and it's amazing! It not only gives you solution to the sheer clothing problem, but it also doubles as a barrier between your favorite itchy or stiff clothing and your skin. I received an Autrepeau white v-neck camisole (sent to me free of charge for this review) and I have to first I was leery. The box was a fabulous presentation of the product inside...however, it was so light, I was concerned that I would instantly snag the product when I removed it from the the box. I was wrong. Yes, the product is very light weight, but it's almost made of stretchy nylon and spandex fabric and though it's light, it's also very THERE! Does that make sense? It has adjustable straps, which I love (because we all know that not all women were created equally in the chest area) and is long enough to cover all the way to the bottom of almost every shirt I no skin will be sighted when I wear those sheer blouses.

Autrepeau not only makes tank tops. They also make long sleeved shirts (which is perfect for someone like me...who lives where it's cold and has to wear heavy wool itchy sweaters to stay warm). Because the shirt acts as a protects your skin from the annoyance of wool and at the same time, keeps you comfortable and happy. They also have pants made from the same lightweight material. Perfect to slip under that long sheer dress or skirt.
They come in four sizes, which covers a large spectrum of our womanly bodies and though their prices might seem a little hefty for what you're's worth the investment, because you'll be wearing them under everything you own.

Please check out their online store: CLICK HERE & enjoy the benefits of getting more out of your wardrobe, thanks to Autrepeau! As a One Bored Mommy Reader, you also get the benefits of this sweet discount offer!! You can use Code: OBMB10 at checkout for 25% off!
I was not paid to feature this review! I was compensated only by the product sent for this review/feature!

A Healthy New Winner Announcement...

The winner(s) of the (2) L'il Critters Gummy Vitamins Giveaway are:

Louis said... 37
I don't take supplements
June 28, 2010 5:20 PM

Missybeez said... 7
My kids take flinstones vitamins.
June 16, 2010 8:26 AM

Congrats to both of our winners! You now have 48 hours to claim your prize! Thank you to L'il Critters for sponsoring this giveaway! Thanks to everyone who entered to win!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

$10 Free From Today...

I was not paid to feature this post! I was not compensated in any way!

Do You Have "THE" Watch? Thanks To Deuce Brand, I Do Now!!

Wearing a watch has always been a struggle for me. Maybe it's because I am always busy using my hands or I just never got used to wearing one...but for whatever reason, I have really never had a desire to wear a watch. However, I know (in the back of my stubborn mind) that I should. Having the time, handy on my wrist, would make me feel more prepared and encourage me to be on time everywhere I go.

I am excited to tell you about this company...because I think I may have found the perfect watch for my busy "mommy" lifestyle.The Deuce Brand makes "Fashion Sports Watches" that are not only trendy and convenient, but are lightweight (weighing only 10 grams), durable, made to fit any wrist, and water resistant.
So, I received the cutest watch yesterday in the mail (sent to me free of charge for this review) and it's one that I am not only going to wear on a daily basis...but wear proudly. Why?It's their "pink ribbon watch" in partnership with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Since breast cancer runs in our family, I take this cause extremely seriously and feel honored to have such a functional way to honor that cause on a daily basis.
So why am I so excited about wearing this watch? First off, I will hardly know it's even on. It's so lightweight and made out of surgical silicone rubber (so it's flexible & stretchable). I am a woman with really small wrists and since it comes in so many sizes, I was able to get one that fits my wrist perfectly. It's not to tight, yet it's snug enough to not float around my arm and drive me crazy. Since it's water resistant, I won't have to worry about taking it on and off for showering, swimming and washing dishes too. I like that a lot. It's simple looking and not real "SPORTY", which is great for me...cause I really wouldn't classify myself as "sporty".
Anyway, if you're looking for a fun bracelet style "sports watch" or maybe you're like me and really haven't been able to find a watch that suits your lifestyle...then you must check out Deuce Brand watches. I think you'll be as satisfied as I am with what you find! Plus...if you purchase the "Pink Ribbon" watch, you'll be helping support a fabulous cause!

To make a purchase, please visit: and to buy a Pink Ribbon watch please email .

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Monday, June 28, 2010

You Never Know When You Will Need Them...But When You Do, "Spare Soles" Will Come In Handy And Your Feet Will Thank You For It!

Have you ever had the heel break on your favorite pair of pumps, just when you're on your way to an important meeting or during a lovely date night? Have those amazingly sexy stilettos ever made your feet so sore that you had to take them off and carry them (which leaves you barefoot in the process), because you can't handle the pain any longer? Well, if you're like me...I've had these things happen before and I always wish I had a back-up pair of shoes to put on for that very reason.

Amazingly enough, a company must have known that, we as women, suffer these issues from time to time and created a product that is not only completely convenient, but trendy and adorable too. Spare Soles sent me a pair of their Hot Pink Flip Flop "Spare Soles" and a pair of their Pink Ballet Flat "Spare Soles" (sent to me free of charge for this review). I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS COMPANY!!
Not only do these shoes come conveniently concealed in a cute and compact bag (which means that no-one will ever know that you always carry with you an extra pair of shoes in your purse), but they feel great when you put them on (especially on those sore tired feet). These would be extremely ideal for that person who rides the train to work everyday or has a long walk to and from. Just slip on your "SPARE SOLES" and go. When you get to your destination, fold them up, put them back in their bag and tucked back into your purse. No one will ever know you even changed them...but your feet will thank you for it!

These would also be perfect to give as a gift for that "bride to be". I know my cousin would have loved to have had these, this last weekend, when her feet were killing her from her "wedding shoes". My "Spare Sole" Flip Flops are coming with me on my trip to meet my new nephew in San Antonio in a couple weeks to. Talk about a way to keep my feet comfortable during a long plane flight or walking through a huge airport.

Check out Spare Sole" on Facebook by CLICKING HERE & on Twitter by CLICKING HERE. When you purchase your first, second & third pairs...let them know that the One Bored Mommy Blogspot sent you! Can't tell you how many times I wished I had, had these and I am so glad that I have them now! Thanks Spare Soles!
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Our "First" Official Family Vacation Is Coming And I Need Your Expertise...

Since we are a younger family (of sorts), we have never "officially" gone on a family vacation before. We decided, this year, that we are going to rent a house in Myrtle Beach with my husband's sister's family and enjoy a week playing in the water, seeing the sights and relaxing in the sunshine.So, since this is the first time I am packing for such a trip...I'd love your helpful advice.

  • Do you have any tactics you use, in getting ready to go on a family vacation?
  • How do you make sure you don't forget anything important?
  • What temp do you leave your thermostat during the summer months when you're away? (I made the mistake of leaving our heater turned off last winter and our pipes froze and it turned out to be quite an expensive boo boo).
  • Do you have an advice for me, for keeping my sanity in this whole process?

Any helpful advice is welcome! Notes of encouragement & positive thoughts are invited as well! We are excited and anxious for this trip (we will be gone all next week), but the process of packing and getting us there seems a little overwhelming to me currently!

Thanks guys!!


The winner of the Betty Crocker "Suddenly Salad" Prize Pack Giveaway is:

Antonia said... 106
follow you on twitter (antoniawt)
June 14, 2010 5:58 PM

Congrats! You now have 48 hours to claim your prize! Thank you to Suddenly Salad for sponsoring this giveaway! Thank you to everyone who entered to win!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The 11 Boredom Buster Ideas from Dr. Mary Zurn and Primrose Schools

Want to keep your kids from getting "BRAIN DRAIN" this summer? Thanks to: &
Here are some great ideas to keep their brains busy, occupied and entertained all summer long!

1. Boredom Buster Jar: At the beginning of the summer, sit down with your family and brainstorm a list of activities that can be done alone or that you can enjoy doing together. Encourage your children to share their own ideas and help you decorate and label a simple jar as the family "Boredom Buster Jar." They'll feel more involved in the project and more likely to think this is a "neat" idea, if they participate in the creation and idea generation. Next, write everyone's ideas down on slips of paper and as a group decide which ones should go in the jar. Anyone in the family can pull any idea out of the jar to fight the summertime boredom blues.

2. Stories Alive: It sounds too simple, but reading is one of the most important waysto keep young minds engaged during the summer.Make reading even more fun by finding ways to bring the stories to life. For example, in the book Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran, children create a make-believe town in the desert out of rocks, boxes, and their imaginations. Read the book with your children and then challenge them to create their own town with materials they find in the backyard.

3. Art Start Box: You'll need to gather basic art supplies-child safe scissors, glue, markers, tape and construction paper. Put them in a special box along with empty oatmeal boxes and paper towel rolls, colorful magazines and bits of aluminum foil. Occasionally add a special surprise like chalk, stickers, or stamp pads so there's always something new for the children to find. Even if you normally have these supplies around the house, it's fun for children to know that the Art Start Box is just for them. They'll probably have some good ideas of other household items that can be recycled to fuel their creative energies.

4. Family Performances: Break out old clothes or costumes and encourage children to make up characters and create a play to act out. They are the directors, actors, and producers. They can also make musical instruments out of pots/pans, wooden spoons, empty canisters and have a parade; or everyone can play along to your family's favorite songs. Record or video the performances, and enjoy the replay. You'll also be capturing a bit of family history everyone will enjoy for years to come.

5. Family Dance Party: Crank up the music and encourage your entire family to boogie down. Dancing gives children a great outlet for self-expression through their own motion and helps build self-esteem. It also enhances motor and coordination development by incorporating skills like jumping, landing and leaping. Dancing is a great activity that can involve the whole family and doesn't take very much preparation.

6. Fort Building: Children love to build all kinds of structures--from small towns to large towers. Constructing forts or tents is an activity that can keep children focused and problem solving for hours. All the items you need can be found around the house- some chairs, cushions, blankets, and of course adult supervision.

7. Cookbook Fun: Have you ever shared your favorite cookbook with your children? Take it out and ask your children to choose a recipe to try. Measuring can be a fun and easy way to keep math skills fresh.

8. Summer Scrapbook: All you need for this project is a spiral notebook. Encourage everyone in the family to draw pictures of favorite activities and collect mementos from special events throughout the summer. Children love to go back through scrapbooks and albums and tell about what happened at each occasion. They will also be building their storytelling skills at the same time.

9. Listening Game: Lie down in the backyard, in the den or at the park and listen. What do you hear? Do you hear what I hear? Can you imitate the sound? This is similar to watching the clouds and naming the shapes, and it encourages everyone to slow down and focus on listening.

10. Camping Out: Pretend to campout in the backyard. Plan a meal, pack a backpack and set up a campsite. You might even decide to spend the night!

11. Scavenger Hunt: Make a list or picture cards of common household items and have your children find the items on the list. Invite friends or neighbors to join in the fun to make it a competition.

To find these and other great tips for parents, check out Dr. Zurn's blog at
"Disclosure: I was entered for a chance to win a gift card from MomSelect in exchange for this post. No monetary exchange took place."

Friday, June 25, 2010

Going To A Wedding This Weekend...And I Am So Excited!

My baby cousin (who I blogged about her engagement HERE if you want to check it was on t.v.) is getting married this weekend in Sedona, AZ. She's kind of been a bit of a "free spirit" and I am so excited that she finally met her "PRINCE CHARMING" and is going to settle down and make a family! I know that's been her heart's desire for years now! She just had to fine Mr. Right! I am certain now...that she has! So excited for them!Since we live in CT, I get to take a couple airplane rides tomorrow (by myself) to Phoenix and then drive to Sedona. My BRAVE husband is allowing me to go alone and is going to hold down the fort (which means taking care of four kids all weekend long). I am excited to be with my family, see Sedona (I've heard it's absolutely gorgeous), catch up with my cousins and enjoy a little SOLITARY time. I think everyone needs that from time to time.

So, in case you're wondering why I am M.I.A. (missing in action), that's where I'll be! I'll be home on no week we'll pick up from where we left off!

A Sweet Winner Announcement...

The winner of the SPLENDA World of Sweet Drinks Cookbook Giveaway is:

linds. said... 44
yep, i drink water BECAUSE i'm trying not to consume a lot of calories!

June 22, 2010 4:27 PM

Congrats! You now have 48 hours to claim your prize! Thank you to Splenda for sponsoring this giveaway & thanks to everyone who entered to win!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Save Up To 70% Off At The Childrens Place! Four Days Only!!

Print this coupon and take it to your nearest Children's place to save yourself an extra 15% off $25 or more during their MONSTER SALE!! Just had to share the savings with you!!

Simply Heinz Ketchup! Can't Eat Hamburgers Or French Fries Without It!

I'll admit that I have a bit of an addiction to ketchup! I used to absolutely gross my old roommate out when we would have hamburgers, because I would have more ketchup on my burger, than burger on my burger. There's just something about the tomatoey (is that a word) goodness and the sweetness too that attracts my taste buds completely. And I will tell you, there are certain things I WON'T EAT without it!That's why, when I had to chance to feature "Simply Heinz Ketchup" (which is being launched this month), I couldn't pass up the opportunity! Now, the hard part was deciding what to we could try it out!Simply Heinz Ketchup is their newest product! It's called "Simply" because its is made simply from the basics: tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, salt and a special blend of spices and flavorings. YUMMY! So last night I made some potatoes (a food I can't eat without ketchup) and we gave the Simply Heinz Ketchup (sent to us free of charge for this review) the "family" taste test!
Everyone gave it two thumbs up!

Be on the lookout for this new version of a product we all love to eat! I have a feeling that
Simply Heinz Ketchup will be making an appearance at your family gatherings and celebrations this summer!
I was not paid to feature this review! I was compensated only by the product sent for review!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

HeadSprout 's Programs Will Help Us Grow Successful Readers & Learners All Summer Long!!

With four kids, I (like many parents) am constantly looking for ways to stimulate my children's brains...especially during the summer months. Why? Well, if you don't use what the kids learn during the school year, during the summer months, they will struggle to get back into the groove when school starts back up in the fall. You know that old saying, "If you don't use it, you'll loose it". I really think it's true with education as well! Practicing their reading skills and math skills too is very important to follow through with all summer long.

Now, this can require a lot of hard work on a parents behalf. For those of us who enjoy sending our kids off to school to be educated by an adult who has been schooled on the right way to do it, then summertime "tutoring" can be a struggle. But with sites like this may not be so bad after all!HeadSprout offers a simple, fun and entertaining way to grow successful learners in your home, just by planting them in front of the computer screen. Yes, it can be that easy!
The HeadSprout system walks your beginning reader through "Foundations", "Applications" and "Extensions" of reading with their online episodes. They also offer your child 4 helpful steps to "Reading Comprehension".

With one child (our soon to be 3rd grader) struggling with reading and our other child (soon to be 1st grader) well advanced...finding a way to interact with both of them during reading time can be a challenge. I am very excited about working this summer through this program with my oldest son especially. I think, if we can be successful with this, he will start 3rd grade with a good footing with his reading capabilities. I know that will boost his confidence and self esteem, as well as make the school year a lot less challenging for him. Plus, being that he's a very "interactive" child...working with this amazing online program will make him feel like he's playing when he's actually learning to better his reading abilities.

Headsprout's mission is to be a major force in helping eliminate illiteracy in young children around the world. The company just released their Reading Comprehension program for kids 7 and up, but we also have Headsprout Early Reading for those kids beginning to read. This is ideal for our family! They also offer a Early Reading Guarantee!

Plus, there is an offer for you readers!!
When you purchase a program, you will receive a FREE Scout (the bee) puppet at checkout. Your promotional codes are as follows:
Headsprout Early Reading (Episodes 1-80) = CHICMERBEE
Headsprout Reading Comprehension (1-50) = CHICMRCBEE

I want to thank HeadSprout in advance to giving our family the chance to work with our kids reading and comprehension skills all summer long and hopefully giving them the chance to start out the next school year full of confidence of their reading abilities.
I was not paid to feature this review. I was compensated by a free membership and some supplemental reading books to go along with the program. This review will also be featured on the Chic Mom Magazine website!

Glitterful Felt Stories Wants To Help Entertain Your Kids This Summer...The Old Fashioned Way! By Using Their Imaginations With This Fun Giveaway!

I'm not sure if you remember or not, but we did a review recently for the Glitterful Felt Stories company. They offer amazing felt storyboards and our daughters were instantly in love with the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom story we received along with it. That happened to be one of my daughter's (a kindergartner) favorite stories this year at school. CLICK HERE to read our review & see the videos of our girls interacting with the storyboard! We are huge fans!!

We are excited to take our Glitterful Felt Stories portable board and story on our trip to Myrtle Beach this an effort to keep our kids entertained for the 13 1/2 hour car ride. And I have a feeling that we are not the only family who will be taking a long road trip during these upcoming "school free" months. Right? What ways do you keep your kids occupied for hours on end in the car? What happens when they have had enough dvd's and start getting stir crazy?
Well, here's the good news! Glitterful Felt Stories understands the struggle and wants to help with this fabulous giveaway! (1) Lucky One Bored Mommy Blogspot winner will have their chance to choose (2) stories and (1) convenient portable storyboard as their prize! Trust're going to have trouble choosing just which two stories will be perfect for your kids, because they offer so many!

To Enter This Giveaway (you must do the first & then one or all of the following):
1st -
Tell me which two stories you would pick if you won
2nd - Tell me if you are heading on a road trip (or airplane trip) this summer, in which this will come in very handy for entertaining your kids
3rd - Follow Glitterful Felt Stories on Twitter: CLICK HERE & comment that you do
4th - Follow this blogspot & comment that you do
5th - Follow this blogspot on Twitter: CLICK HERE & comment that you do
6th - Tweet about this giveaway & comment that you did (you can do this twice daily)
7th - Blog about this giveaway & comment that you did, with a link, so we can read about it
8th - Enter one of the other giveaways and tell me which ones you entered (you may do this once per giveaway entered)

This giveaway will end on July 7, 2010 and is opened to US Residents only! Be sure to leave your e-mail address with each entry and leave separate comments for each entry!

Glitterful Felt Stories is also having a contest on their FACEBOOK Fan Page. There are three ways you can enter to win: 1. Post a picture on their facebook page of you or your little one's playing with felt stories! 2. Fan our page. 3.Suggest our page to your friends! The winner will receive $100!! If you want, you can let them know that you heard about them from One Bored Mommy!

Thank you Glitterful Felt Stories for not only helping make our summer road trip more enjoyable, but also offering to do the same for one of our readers! We love your products! Maybe a One Bored Mommy Blogspot follower will win their $100 Contest too! That'd be great! Let me know if you do!
I was not paid to feature this review! I was not compensated for offering this giveaway!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Southwest Airlines Is Having A Party You Don't Want To Miss Out On...

For 72 Hours Only, They Are Gonna Party Like It's Our Birthday!No need to bring a present to this birthday bash; they are giving you one instead! For the next three days, you can score some of our most amazingly awesome deals of the year for travel September 8 – November 17, 2010.
Their gift to you!
Don’t miss out on this limited-time-only party favor.
Book by June 24, and let the celebration live on through your next vacation!

Nursin' Smart From Innobaby Makes Me Want To Have Another Baby...As If You're Surprised!!

We have four beautiful children and I think I will always feel the tug to have more for many reasons! One of the highlights for me, of having a new baby, was the bonding with breastfeeding! I loved breastfeeding and felt it was a natural, positive way to promote a healthy lifestyle for me and the baby. All four of my kids nursed for different amounts of time, but with each of them, a bottle was introduced for one reason or another. I wanted to be certain that they would be able to switch between the two, so I could take a "mommy break" for an hour and get away every once in awhile. Because of that, I always struggled to find just the right bottle to introduce to my kids. They were picky about pacifiers, but even pickier when it came to bottles.

Thankfully, over the course of the past eight years, I have been introduced to some companies that make products that mimic the breast! These make the transition from breast to bottle so much easier and convenient for both mommy and baby. But with all the BPA scares, and the introduction of glass bottles, I got a little nervous about having my baby take something that could hit the ground and shatter. Finally, those nerves can take a hike for new mommies now...cause I get to introduce to you to an amazing product you'll be running out to buy!
The Nursin' Smart System from Innobaby (sent to us free of charge for this review) is ideal for mommies like me (or like I was when I was having new babies). This silicone nursing system is BPA free and truly something you're baby can feel comfortable during feeding time. The bottle body (itself) is squeezable and soft...and this would have been ideal for my youngest, who loved to squeeze while he nursed or fed. The best part about this system? It grows with your child. You just have to change the nipple or top of the bottle. So you can use this system from birth to toddler stage. How cool is that?
Check out this "Nursin' Smart" System and all the other great products from Innobaby by clicking here!
I was not paid to feature this review. I was compensated only by the product (1 bottle) sent for review/feature!

A Crunchy, Cheesy, All Natural Snack...I Feel Good About Offering To My Kids! Wanna Know What It Is??

It's Snikiddy of course! These yummy, baked, cheddar cheese flavored potato & corn fries are delicious and the perfect thing for my kids to snack on, without making mommy feel guilty about what their bodies are consuming! We received a small bag of Snikiddy "All Natural" Baked Cheddar Cheese Fries to review (sent to us free of charge by Snikiddy & and the begging began immediately, to sample these new snacks. Luckily for our four year old, she was the first one to sample their tasty goodness. With no preservatives, no corn syrup and 50% less fat than regular potato chips, she had no idea that what she was eating was actually "NOT BAD" for her. She was totally fooled by the flavor and crunch and was wanting more and more! Look at her little face! So cute! If you're looking for a snack that will leave you feeling good about giving to your kids to help them have a healthy day...then check search of Snikiddy in your grocery store.
CLICK HERE to see where they are sold!
I was not paid to feature this review! I was compensated only by the product sent for us to review!