Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Buy These For Your Kids Stockings...And Their Feet Will Stay Warm And Your Floors Will Stay Clean!!

I'm always looking for products to help me keep my floors clean.  Seriously, it seems that whenever I make the effort to mop the floor on my hands and knees, it rains the next day.  It's karma, right?  So, when I come across a product that will not only keep my kids happily entertained, but also keep my floors sparkling clean...I FALL IN LOVE! 
Deeply in love!!
We received SLIPPER GENIE's (from Evriholder Products, Inc.) for the kids & I try out (sent to us free of charge for this review/feature) and I couldn't wait to put them to work. 
I love the look of the women's Slipper Genie, it almost has a "house shoe" look with a cute bow accent.  Plus, MOMMY loves hot pink!  I love how soft the chenille fabric is and how the bottom is detachable (Velcro) so you can wash it and wear it again.
The kids received the "Kids" Slipper Genie's that were made to look like a blue/pink adorable animal.  Not only will they be keeping my floor "dust free", but they really are to cute for words!

Check us out...having a great time (and embarrassing my oldest son) while we try out or new Slipper Genie's.

Keep in mind, these are not for mopping (nothing wet), but more "dusting" type cleaning (only dry floors)!  They really work and they are a lot of fun to wear too!

So, in my opinion...parents should be buying their kids these Slipper Genie's for Christmas stocking stuffers.  Your kids will never know that they are helping you with the household chores and they will love their new slippers.  Then you can silently giggle inside, as you notice the nice clean glow of the floors (being that they will be pretty much dust free) and pat yourself on the back for buying a present that makes both of you happy.
They also offer products like these awesome "FUZZY WUZZY" Microfiber Mitts that are perfect for dusting off the t.v., lamps, etc.  And the "FUZZY FINGER" which is perfect for keyboards and small spaces you want to remove dust and dirt from.

Evriholder Products LLC, offers so much more than just these products I mentioned.  CLICK HERE to see their entire PRODUCT LINE!
I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!

What If Your Child Asked Santa For This For Christmas?? You'd Be In Some "BIG" TROUBLE!!

I love Rosenberry Rooms.  They have some of the most exquisite children's decorative products and toys I've ever seen.  ELITE and SUPERB, I would be terrified that my children would break anything and everything we might buy from there with a few exceptions (they also do carry some brands my kids & I love an adore...like BlaBlaKids, Kidcraft, etc.)!

So, here is something I couldn't pass up blogging about...and NO...this is not a "REVIEW" (though I wish it was).
It's called the "La Petite Maison Chez Moi Cottage Playhouse
Yes...these are stairs inside the playhouse!
I could spend time in here...I'd probably lock myself in for some "QUIET TIME"...it looks pretty peaceful and serene...
Sitting in this window seat (remember...this is a playhouse we're looking at) would be a lovely place to watch the snow fall...

A few added details about this La Petite Maison Chez Moi Cottage Playhouse (which does include free shipping...with it's $36,000 price tag):
*  Ceiling heights average eight feet, allowing adults to stand comfortably inside.
Not to be overlooked are the basic amenities any home must have: running water and indoor/outdoor lighting. As an added safety feature, we can install a wireless communication hook-up with the main house.

I want this playhouse for Christmas! 
It's truly amazing!  SERIOUSLY...you would be in big trouble if your child ever saw this, fell in love with it (it would only take a couple seconds for that to happen) and the writing on the wish list would be ALL OVER WITH!!

I truly wonder how many of these they have sold and to whom they have sold them too? Can you imagine having this in your backyard? You'd be the hit of all the neighbors and your kids! I would want to live in this PLAYHOUSE!  I'd love to do a "PRODUCT REVIEW" of this Playhouse!  Wouldn't you love to see One Bored Mommy and her kids frolic around in such an adorable "Petite" Cottage?  Guess I better keep dreaming!

Happy Shopping! 
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HOLY COW!! Geico Insurance Really Did Save Us (SUBSTANTIAL) Money On Car Insurance...

So, we were headed out the other night to a local "bakery" to purchase pizza dough (it was "make your own" pizza night at our house) and next door is a Geico Insurance office.  So, I watched as my husband headed into the Geico office before going to get the pizza dough.  A little puzzled, I asked him why when he got back in the car.  Our car insurance was due (we have had Progressive Insurance...you know the one with that infectious lady on the ad, since we got married almost nine years ago) and he thought maybe we could save a little money.
So, he called yesterday to find out about switching and was totally floored! 

Not only could they save us a little money, they saved us HUNDREDS of $Dollars$. 
Oh My Goodness! 
My husband was so excited and so was I.  Especially this time of the year when you know how pennies can get a little tight with Christmas shopping and holiday trips.  So I am proud to say that we not only have car insurance (unlike some American Drivers who do not), but we also managed to pocket a little of the money that we would have been giving Progressive Insurance to re-new our policy. 

Just thought I'd mention it in case some of my readers might want to make the switch and save some $$ too!
I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way, shape or form by writing this post! 

Real TREE vs. Fake TREE ~ How About Your Family?

In our almost nine years of marriage, we have always gotten a "freshly cut" or "cut it down yourself" Christmas Tree.  My husband insists on a "REAL" tree for the smell, the look and the experience of getting it (with our family).  However, along with the real tree comes the maintenance (keeping it watered or it will die), clean up (cause those needles can be a pain, especially on carpet...poor vacuum cleaner) and then the removal of the dead tree (cause it always is by Christmas time).
 CLICK HERE (trust me it's worth the read...it was quite an experience)
I would love to buy a "FAKE" tree.  In my opinion, it would save us money (since some of our trees have cost us in the upwards of $80) and can also be a "family tradition" in setting up the tree.  In my family growing up, both my parents had severe allergies to the "real deal", so we always had a "FAKE" tree.  Our tradition was bending the branches and putting the tree together.  Making it look as real a possible with no limb out of place.  There was nothing wrong with that type of tradition either, right?  Plus, there is far less maintenance and when Christmas is over, you take it down, pack it in a box and store it till the next year.

So I want to know...
Does your family get a real tree?
Does your family get a fake tree?
Does your family get no tree at all?

Please share...
I find the information from my readers very interesting and useful.  Pretty sure other readers do to...so share away!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Looking For A Great Place To Buy An Organic Outfit For Your Little One This Winter? Organically Grown Introduces Their "FALL/WINTER LINE"

We love organic clothing in this house.  If $ wasn't an issue, we'd probably wear only organic clothing, eat only organic foods and support only organic businesses.  So it's a treat when we find an organic store that offers products that are not only "ORGANIC", but also offer prices we can afford.
I got the pleasure of reviewing an Organically Grown one piece outfit for my nephew. 
It's from their new Fall/Winter/Holiday line & it's 100% organic and adorable!.   This Organic Cotton Boys "Polar Bear Stripes" Coverall (which was sent free of charge for this review/feature) is not only adorable, super soft and something I am confident will wash well...but it's also safe to put against my nephew's fragile baby skin. 
It makes me feel good, as an aunt...to be able to get him outfits & gifts that are chemical free and SAFE for even the newest baby's skin.
Plus, it has the most adorable POLAR BEAR that is smiling on the front! SO CUTE!

I would love for you to check out their full "HOLIDAY" line today.  They even have 3pc bodysuit sets for $20Photobucket
That's a a great deal for ORGANIC CLOTHING! 

Let them know that the One Bored Mommy Blogspot sent you shopping!
I was not paid to post this review/feature!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!

I've Experienced "Vanishing Twin Syndrome" With At Least Two Of My Four Pregnancies...Have You Heard Of It Before?

When I was pregnant with my 3rd child, I got an earlier than my last two (at 6 weeks) ultrasound to check on the baby. 
My OB, who had delivered my oldest son (and I had a repore with) gasped in the middle of the procedure?  Of course, I immediately started panicking...thinking something was wrong with the baby...or even worse, that the baby was gone.  I looked at her in worry and she immediately told me everything was fine with the baby.  Then she turned the screen and showed me how there were two sacs.  One had a baby with a beating little heart (my youngest daughter).  The other one had matter floating around in it, but not a solid structure or heartbeat.  She explained to me that she believed this was "Vanishing Twin Syndrome" (also known as fetal resorption)
I was shocked! 
I was flabbergasted! 
Had I been pregnant with twins?
Of course, I immediately went home to research this SYNDROME online and found that it is more common than I knew about.  Because of ultrasound, we are able to learn about it and are much more aware of when it happens.  Women before this techology probably had no idea they were pregnant with twins at all.  Mainly because, in most cases, the "vanishing baby" is absorbed by the other baby and there is no bleeding or issues involved in the pregnancy at all.  Had I not had the ultrasound, I would have never know.

So, we got pregnant our fifth time (the four pregnancy was a miscarriage) and I went in for another early ultrasound to find that we had the exact same thing happen.  This time, the second sac was further depleted than the last time, but there were definitely two sacs present...which means my pregnancy started out at twins.

I laugh today, because I have to assume that I get pregnant with twins everytime...I mean 2 for 4 is pretty good odds, right?  If that is the case, I would have had eight kids now (four sets of twins).  Oh My Goodness!  Can you imagine?  I am certain, if that had been the case, we would have stopped at the second pregnancy and had four children that way...but then I would have never known my youngest daughter and son.  It's just weird to think about in general.
So, now I am excited to get to heaven one day and see if my four (at least two for certain) babies & the one I miscarried will be waiting for me to say hello & meet me for the first time.

P.S. I am so thankful that GOD knows what He is doing.  Though I know I would have loved each and every one of them...the thought of having twins that many times over makes me a little looney...and I think I'm already there with four single births.

Teaching Your Daughter Her ABC's Can Now Mean So Much More Than That With This BOOK...

Teaching my kids their ABC's is something I've always done as they are little and we practice and reinforce it with more than just the letters as they are getting older.  When they start the KINDERGARTEN age, they learn A is for "apple", B is for "bear", etc.  You know the drill.  But how about if you could teach your daughters the ABC's with "words" that not only teach but encourage positive self esteem too?
I was asked, by the author (Denise Burke Lyn) of "Celebrating You A to Z - Helping Girls Develop Positive Self-Esteem", to review this book with my girls (sent to us free of charge for this review/feature).  Since I have a daughter who will be starting Kindergarten next year and we have really been working hard on her ABC's, in more than just singing the song...this book will come in very handy.
This beautiful illustrated book starts at the letter A, offering "ACHIEVE" as the descriptor word.  Then it follows it up with the sentence, "Amaya knows she can ACHIEVE good grades if she studies hard.", B is for "Believe", and so on...
The words just offer some reinforcement for girls to believe in themselves.  I LOVE THAT!  With all the worries little girls have to deal with, any way to throw in some positive encouragement is something I am all for.  And what a great idea to start with your ABC's...in doing so.

Here's some exciting news...you can purchase this book at AMAZON.com by CLICKING HERE or directly from the author's site by CLICKING HERE

I truly believe this would make a great Christmas present for any little girl! 
I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!

Our "HELPING HAND" Winner Is...

Michelle said... 21

Entered Snuggly Puppy My Pillow Pet Giveaway

Congrats!  You now have 48 hours to claim your prize!  Thank you to Hamburger Helper, Tim McGraw and MyBlogSpark for sponsoring this giveaway!  Thanks again to everyone who entered to win!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Will "PIGGY PAINT" Be In Your Daughter's Stocking This Christmas? With This Giveaway...It Could Be!

My girls love having their nails & toe nails (otherwise called as piggies) painted.  They beg and plead with their daddy to go to the mall & have them painted, when mommy is getting her nails done.  It's so funny...most of the time he bends and lets them come along. 
Anyway, because I am all about saving money and also, all about keeping my girls finger nails looking pretty...I have to tell you about a company that we (me and my girls) LOVE! 
It is available in an assortment of gift sets perfect for Holidays and other special occasions.  Plus, a portion of their sales from the Breast Cancer Pail will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure for Research!

I am so excited to tell you that, Piggy Paint is offering (1) Lucky One Bored Mommy reader their chance to win a
$15 Gift Certificate to spend in their online store. 
Hurry & Enter Now!

To Enter This Giveaway (you must do the first and then one or all of the following):
1st - Tell me what color PROJECT EARTH Piggy Paint is your favorite
2nd - Follow them on Twitter: CLICK HERE & comment that you do
3rd - "LIKE" Them on Facebook: CLICK HERE & comment that you do
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7th - Tweet about this giveaway & comment that you did (you may do this twice daily)
8th - Blog about this giveaway & comment that you did, with a link, so we can read about it
9th - Enter one of the other giveaways & comment that you did (you may do this once per giveaway entered)

This giveaway will end on December 12, 2010 and is opened to US Residents only!  Be sure to leave your e-mail address with each entry and leave separate comments for each entry.

Also, use this exclusive code: BORED10L (good till February 15, 2011) to receive 10% discount on your order (excluding sale items).

Thank you Piggy Paint.  My niece is going to love her new nail polish and I can't wait to see the smile on her face when she opens her present this Christmas.
I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!

A Lucky And Fun Musical Fan Winner Announcement...

abfantom said... 18

I would keep the BeeGees DVD for myself and give the Frank Zappa DVD to my husband.

Congrats!  You now have 48 hours to claim your prize!  Thanks again to Universal Music for sponsoring this giveaway!  Thank you to everyone who entered to win!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Here's A Cereal You Will Need To Be On The Lookout For...Cinnamon Burst Cheerios! Our Kids Have Their Radar Out!

Our family got the delight to be amongst the first to try out the (not even in stores yet) Cinnamon Burst Cheerios (sent in a gift pack to us by Cheerios on behalf of MyBlogSpark). 
We also received a Flip Camera, so we could capture our family enjoying & being inspired by the product.
Made with real cinnamon, Cinnamon Burst Cheerios delivers a surprisingly wholesome eating experience, providing your family with a delicious and nutritious breakfast that is sure to kick-start any morning!
My kids loved it!  Seriously...they can't wait until we can buy more boxes of this cereal.  Not only is it good with milk on it, but it's delightful to eat by the handful too.  This would be the perfect "Ziploc baggy", perfect for snacking kind of cereal.
I even wrote a catchy (I say that because my 7 year old has been singing it all day today) jingle about how much we love it!
And yes...my 4 year old was especially excited about this new cereal!
Watch the video above to find out why!
We are excited to see this available in stores soon!  Be on the lookout and remember where you first heard about it from!  The One Bored Mommy Blogspot family is hooked on the delightful & sweet flavor of these Cinnamon Burst Cheerios!
I was not paid to feature this post! I was compensated by the product sent for review/feature by Cheerios on behalf of MyBlogSpark to tell my readers about it!

Evolve Textiles Is Keeping Hair Luxurious, Growing And Safe From Breakage And Damage...

Caring for African-American hair is different than caring for my own hair.  I didn't realize what all is involved in the process of having extensions put in, keeping the scalp moistened, etc.
I got the pleasure of receiving three different products from Evolve Textiles that not only make a "fashion statement", but also help preserve your hair and keep it growing and protected from breakage.
We received the Cheetah Silky Knot Headband.  Now...I will tell you, this headband needed a little more elastic added to the back of it.  We had trouble getting it put on and it defeats the purpose of using a product that is trying to preserve hair...when you're product is so tight, it will pull your hair out as you're putting it on. 
Otherwise, we loved the look of the headband and loved the feel of the fabric it was made from.
The second product we received was the Silky Wrap Scarf.  Not only is this scarf silky and pretty...it is totally versatile.  My model had a blast creating new ways of putting it on and making a STATEMENT with it.  She really loved how easy it was to use, how it could spice up an outfit and protect her fragile hair at the same time.
Thirdly, we received a Satin Pillowcase.  I love this idea, cause we all know that your hair gets roughed up when you're sleeping.  This pillowcase was a pretty purple color, super duper soft & silky and she couldn't wait to use it tonight as she slept.  Feeling confident, even from just seeing the product, that it would do the job of preserving her braids and help her hair to continue growing strong and long.  I also liked that it has a zipper closure, which will keep the pillow from falling out.
All three products were definitely products that my model was excited to take home and experiment with some more.  Please, check out the full line of Evolve Textiles by CLICKING HERE!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!  This feature will also be posted on the Chic Mom Magazine Website.