Monday, August 1, 2011

Back To School Budgeting...How Do You Stay On Target?

With "BACK TO SCHOOL" shopping in full force...I wanted to touch on the topic of "BUDGETS".  That's always a touchy topic, right?
Everyone knows that getting all those NECESSARY school supplies, clothing for the school year, etc., budgeting comes in handy. That is...if you can stay within your budget.
My question for do you do it? 
How do you stay ON TARGET? 
  • Do you shop & buy only when stores put the products you need "ON SALE"?
  • Do you compare the best prices at every store to see where you can find the best deal?
  • Will you wait for something, in order to get the best price on it?
  • As far as your much do you typically spend per child? 
  Having three children in school this year...our budget has increased slightly, considering we now have another child that needs a backpack, school supplies, "first day of school" outfit, etc.  YIKES! 
 It's going to be an expensive year!

I found an article that might be of interest to you:
 CLICK HERE to read about a dozen ways to stretch your "BACK TO SCHOOL" budget
I hope it inspires you stretch your budget to the max!


Jan at The Diamond E said...

I try to pick up things throughout the year so it doesnt feel like such a direct hit! Speaking of back-to-school supplies, I am hosting a 16 pc school supply giveaway. Check it out:

Nelly said...

There are plenty of ways in which you can save money on school budgeting. Some of the popular school budgeting tips are:

1. Going to the shop with other parents
2. Purchase only those items which your son/daughter needs
3. Purchase those items which will last for a long period of time
4. Decide the amount of money you can afford to spend for shopping