Friday, August 12, 2011

"Creating Healthy Children" - By Karen Ranzi (Will You Want To Buy This BOOK?)

There are so many "IDEAS" out there...especially when it comes to parenting.  Unfortunately, there has never been a SUPREME & ULTIMATE GUIDE (that everyone agrees with and follows) to teach us, as new parents...the right decisions to make for our family and children.

My up on the subject and draw your own conclusions from multiple places!  Some things you read may set your mind racing and other things may give you peace of mind.  Regardless, ultimately the decision on how to raise your children is yours (and your spouses) and that's all that matters!

I wasn't sure this book would line up with my thinking about my kids...though we do encourage a healthy lifestyle.  When I think of raw foods...I don't think it sounds to bad (I could totally do it), but I am not sure my husband and kids would be willing to jump on board.  This book starts at the beginning...with conception and pregnancy, then touches on topics like breastfeeding, co-sleeping, teaching your child to eat, caring about the planet, childhood obesity, vision & dental health, etc. 

Do I agree with everything she writes in this book?  No...but she got me thinking about some things that I do!  I do believe that what we feed our kids has an ultimate effect on their healthy and well being as adults.  I want my kids to be able to live the fullest lives possible.  I will definitely be reading more (there is so much information to absorb) to see if she can encourage me in other areas to raise our family in a HEALTHY & positive way!

Would I recommend this book?  Definitely!  It never hurts to form your opinions off many sources and I do believe this is a solid one to start with or reference for your future decisions. 

 CLICK HERE and you can actually have a look inside the book before you buy it!  Just in case you're a little leery about purchasing it before you read some of it.

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