Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Meet Our Little "ELF" And How He'll Be Counting The Days Till Christmas! TWO DIFFERENT ADVENT Options!

I love to keep things fun around here and I honestly haven't done that great of a job, recently, at CRAFTING special "FUN" things for the kids.  I know lots of people are into "PINTEREST" (which I don't have an account) and all the fabulous ideas on there...and after seeing some of them posted on Facebook...I got inspired today
I made this Festive Paper ADVENT COUNT DOWN BANNER that is hanging above our formal dining room!  It's the room the tree will be going in next weekend. 
To get the kids extra excited, I thought that perhaps this little ELF (also made of paper), could help us count the days (he'll hang on each number) till Christmas, which should make it even more fun!
And, as tradition would have it...I also picked up these fun "chocolate behind each DAY window" advent calendars (just like the ones I had as a kid) from Target today for each of my kids to enjoy! 

So there is no doubt...we will know when CHRISTMAS EVE arrives and the celebration of the BIRTH of our SAVIOR begins in this house!  We are excited for Baby Jesus Birthday (as we are every year) and hope that maybe this will inspire you to find a creative way to COUNTDOWN with your kids!

Maybe you already made a fancy fabric ADVENT Calendar! 
Maybe you buy the TOY Advents or have another way to count down! 
I'd love to hear your ideas too! 

PLEASE leave a comment below and share with us how you & your family countdown the days till Christmas!


Bella said...

My Elf On the Shelf Barnaby counts down with little notes every day :)