Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 Days Till Christmas - When All Else Fails...Buy A Gift Card!

We all have people on our Christmas List that are impossible to buy for!  Perhaps they already have everything they could ever wish for!  Perhaps they are super picky!  Perhaps you're just absolutely clueless about what to buy them!

May I make a suggestion?

When all else fails...buy a gift card!  You really can't go wrong with that type of gift!  Yes...it may seem a tad bit impersonal, but I have never met a person to turn away one!  Of course, it's good to research where they might want to shop...or perhaps their favorite restaurant, but a GIFT CARD is a no fail gift!

Just a thought...and thankfully they are super easy to buy!  Our grocery stores here, have a section of nothing but gift cards from just about anywhere you can imagine that you can pick up as you grocery shop!  AWESOME!!  Kills two birds with one stone and helps you finish up that impossible Christmas list!


Romina said...

I love receiving gift cards. I don't know anyone who doesn't like getting them either. It's super convenient and is definitely more stress free than an actual gift, especially for people who are hard to shop for. That way, the recipient can choose whatever they want. I'm totally with you on this.