Sunday, December 11, 2011

14 Days Till Christmas - Be Creative And Have FUN! These Moments Last A Lifetime!

As we were unpacking the Christmas ornaments to decorate the tree this year, my oldest son found something that resembled (or at least he thought so) MISTLETOE!  Immediately it became a fun game for them to run over, hold it over my head and kiss me!  They all did it...and I loved it!
Now, the "Mistletoe" is hanging over the doorway into the room our tree is in (I was begged to hang it up)!  It's been fun to have the kids tell me, "Mommy...go stand under the mistletoe" and then they each run over and give me a kiss!
I know there will be a Christmas...not long from now, when I will be longing for these sweet signs of love from my kids!  But they will be off, on their own adventures, having their own Christmas with their families!  But I'll always have memories like this...a silly one, like "fake mistletoe" hanging in our house for sporadic kisses from my kids!

So just remember...don't get so caught up in the holiday, that your missing the true fun and joy that it can bring you!  Not to mention, memories that last a lifetime!


Elvirah said...

Having sweet memories stored up in your heart is like a treasure which you open up in the future to smile back. I have many sweet memories with my family and always would like to have many more so.