Thursday, December 22, 2011

3 Days Till Christmas - A Few Gift Ideas That Would Be TOTALLY The Wrong Idea!

I have to laugh!  Sometimes people don't think things through, when it comes to gift giving!  Perhaps it's because they are in a hurry or rush!  Maybe they are intentionally buying something to upset someone? 
Regardless, here's a couple gift ideas that would be the WRONG idea if you're trying to make the right impression or buy a gift that they will actually use!

For a vegetarian or vegan friend or family member (for a nice dinner out):
For a person who is struggling with their weight (though you may have the best intentions by giving it):
For a person that does not believe in GOD (though again you may have the best intentions in mind):
For a person that doesn't drink alcohol:
For a person who doesn't follow sports (of any sort) AT ALL (a 1 yr subscription):
For a friend who has been trying for years to have a baby (only cause you hope they will get pregnant soon):'s the thought that counts (when it comes to gift giving), so make sure you put some thought into it.  Ask there any way this might come across offensive to "so and so"?  Make sure you know the person you are buying for and purchase a gift (or gift certificate) according to their "KNOWN" likes!

Otherwise, you might find yourself and them in a very uncomfortable moment as they take in and respond to your gift!  Guess we could write another post on that called, "10 ways to respond to the most awful gift you've ever received"...but that's for another time!