Friday, December 30, 2011

Have A Blast With Your Kids On "NEW YEARS" EVE!

I'm going to give you a list of simple, CHEAP, but super fun idea for you & your kids can enjoy a long night of you celebrate a NEW Year's arrival!
First's a project you can do with your kids!  It's time consuming...but so much fun!  And does involve quite a mess in the end...but the smiles you'll see will be worth the vacuuming required to clean up after it.  MAKE CONFETTI FILLED BALLOONS!  These are so much fun (also for the 4th of July) and trust me...your kids will feel like they are experience the "TIME SQUARE" experience in the safety and comfort of your home!

A couple different options for noise makers (things my sister and I used on New Years to be a little noisy as we celebrated the holiday)...
(2) 2x4's.  If you slam those babies together...they make FIRECRACKER bangs.  It's awesome!  TRUST ME!  I know from experience!
Pots and Pans...and wooden spoons to bang with!  OH YEAH!  Your kids will love this!  Not only the noise, but the fact that you're letting them do it too!  ;)

Finally, one thing that always made it feel like I was grown up (grew up in a non-alcoholic house) and truly celebrating...
SPARKLING CIDER!  Yum!  It's delicious, and if you so decide, you can serve it in champagne or wine glasses to make your kids feel even more special!

If you take these few simple ideas and apply a few of your own...I can guarantee that your New Years Eve will be a night you & your kids will not soon forget...involving lots of giggles and smiles!