Friday, December 2, 2011

If You're SPORTIN' One Of These...I Just Might Have To Touch It!

I've got a confession to make...I AM ONE OF "THOSE" WOMEN! 

You know...the ones that can't help themselves, have to reach out, touch, rub and talk to pregnant women's bellies!  I guess you could say I have grabby hands when it comes to "BABY BUMPS"!
(Admit want to touch and rub this cute belly, right?)

I never really minded people touching fact, I thoroughly enjoyed the extra attention!  Of course, personality wise, I am 100% that would explain my acceptance of extra attention during pregnancy, right?

So I am just giving a warning...a shout out...a "PUBLIC announcement" that, if you've got a BABY BUMP...I probably won't be able to help myself.  If you see me coming and you are one that doesn't like people touching...give me a heads up before I reach out, otherwise, it will be awkward for us both! 

SO THERE YOU GO!  Just thought I'd getting that warning & caution out in the open!  HA!
  • How do you feel about it?
  • Are you a "BABY BUMP" toucher too?
  • Did you hate having people (random strangers) touching your baby bump during pregnancy?
Leave a comment and share with me...I'd love to hear your thoughts!