Thursday, December 8, 2011

It Seems The Jolly "LEFT" our Santa Last Night! The Kids Met The Guy In The Red Suit!

Every year, it's our tradition to take our kids to the mall to see Santa and sit on his lap for a picture.  It's funny, because we only started this tradition after we moved here...but that's okay, because our little guy was only a few months old, so all four of them are in the pictures!  It's amazing to compare the past three year pictures and see how quickly each one of them has grown too.  AMAZING!

So last night, we headed to the mall for dinner and our yearly picture opportunity.  Since the line for Santa was pretty long when we arrived, we ate dinner first and went back to share our Christmas "wishes" with him after.  The line had died down and we only had to wait for two different meetings before our own.

This SANTA just didn't look happy.  My kids, on the other hand...were extremely excited!  Our five year old had tap danced all over the kitchen floor, waiting for my husband to come home, so we could go see him!  My little guy stood in the line, waving and shouting, "Hi Santa Claus!"  I's the cutest thing ever to see the excitement all over their faces. 
My kids went up to him, as the elf let us into his SLEIGH area, and he immediately started placing them for a picture.  Having four semi-obedient children, they did exactly what he said, looked straight into the camera and gave the biggest smiles they could possibly pour on...BUT SANTA didn't even try!

In fact, he told our oldest son that little boy's who don't smile in pictures, get socks and underwear for Christmas.  I gave a giggle to that, but after looking at the picture, because I think that Santa himself might be getting the same in his stocking!

I am sure that it's a tiring job...sitting for hours, hundreds of kids climbing up and down, sharing their "WANTS" for Christmas.  But for heaven sakes...your representing something so special to these kids.  CAN you not at least smile for a picture...especially for a family where the kids were quiet, obedient, cooperative and smiling themselves?  There was no crying babies...there was no tugging on his beard...our kids got right to business.  He didn't even ask them what they wanted for Christmas!  He handed them their lollipops and we were off.

I feel like Santa lost his JOLLY!  I sure hope he finds it before Christmas Eve!  At least we got a cute picture of our four kids smiling & happy!  Tis the season...