Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Little People Need Little Furniture, Right? Check OUT @Sodura...

Since we have a house full of little people (our four kids), we love products that cater to their size and likes!  And since they are little...sometimes our adult sized FURNITURE can be an issue for sitting comfortably while they are watching TV or eating! 
We got the pleasure of doing a review for Sodura of their Aero Stool
(sent to us free of charge for this review/feature)! 
This Modern Children's stool is not only neutral and fully functional, but also super durable (a must for this house) and the perfect size for our 3 year old to sit on.
In fact, it is now his favorite "TV" viewing stool! 
It was super easy to assemble (as you can see, it took 8 screws and it was all set) and I love that it can be used in basically any room of our home!  Giving our three year old the perfect place to sit!
Of course, it goes perfectly with their Aero Table...this "Children's Furniture" company keeps modern, functional and "FAMILY" in mind with their products!  I love that!  Perhaps we'll be investing in the table and more stools very soon!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!


Brian said...

I'm Brian, the GM at Sodura. I'm so glad that Courtney got what we were going for with this stool. We hope that all of our furniture is functional and durable to show off our proud American made quality. We were also going for a design that parents wouldn't be embarrassed to have in their living room, so it has a little style to go along with the durability.

Courtney, I hope to see more pics of your kids sitting on their Aero stool opening some presents this year! That Christmas tree looked a little bare ;). Have fun.

Cindi said...

That is so cute!

Brian, you wouldn't want to see my youngest sitting on that stool. He's 6' and over 200 pounds. (LoL)

Might make for a great durability test and photo OP though. LoL

Brian said...

Cindi - That's no little one! I hope that he's grown or you definitely have one serious grocery bill. Seriously though, I use this stool in our workshop myself and at home for game time with my 3 yr old and I'm 6'2" and 200 lbs. We just did a project for the Vancouver science world with this stool and that was one of their requirements, was that they wanted a stool that was for kids but could handle an adult.

So, your big guy is cool on this one...

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