Sunday, December 18, 2011

Not Sure About You...But This Is My FAVORITE Time Of The Year...FOR MANY REASONS!

But this scene shows an example of one reason, tonight specifically, that makes my heart smile BRIGHTLY:
Four amazing kids, all chilled out on the living room floor, snuggled in all the blankets & pillows they could find (at the moment), drinking hot chocolate, watching movies together and getting along! 
I am certain that this type of "FAMILY NIGHT" would make any parent's heart smile!

Christmas, to me, is special for many reasons...FAMILY is a huge part of that!

Thank you Jesus for my kids and for Christmas!  Thank you for this down time to watch movies, snuggle, drink hot chocolate and just "BE"!  I am finding that life goes far to fast for us to treasure and cherish every moment, but this is one that I am truly grateful for!  I hope your feeling overhwhelmingly blessed tonight too!