Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa...We're All Ready Now! Christmas Eve Presents Are Opened And On!

This is the first year, of many more to come...I hope! 
Today we started a new Christmas Tradition!

I bought the kids pajamas for Christmas Eve/Christmas Morning.  It's a tradition that I know a lot of families have, and since I love to take pictures of the kids on Christmas morning...I figured it was a good one for us to start too.  Plus...what child isn't excited about opening a present on Christmas Eve!  I mean...the wait for CHRISTMAS MORNING is agonizing, right? 
So this morning, they got up asking to open their Christmas Eve gifts.  Of course, I didn't let them...because they needed to wait till the afternoon/evening.  By 4:00, it was all they could do to wait another I broke down and let them have their gifts.
They immediately changed clothes and we are now "TRACKING SANTA" via excitement of his arrival tonight.  It appears he's ahead of schedule, which means the kids will (on their own accord) head to bed a little earlier & more willing than normal!  This, of course, makes me smile too!

Merry Christmas Eve friends and family! 
May GOD bless you richly this Christmas and in the New Year too!  So thankful for that little baby, sent so many years ago...and the change HE made on my life! 
Feeling very blessed this Christmas!


Maureen said...

Loved to see the smiling faces. Cute picture.

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