Monday, December 5, 2011

To @Kidorable, He May Be A "Dragon Knight", But To Me..He's My Little "Knight In Shining Armor"! DISCOUNT OFFER INCLUDED!

My youngest is such a happy go lucky guy!  There is really no other way to describe him!  He's got a thankful heart and he is 100% boy as well!  So when it comes to things like "slaying dragons" and being a "BRAVE KNIGHT"...there is no doubt he's up for the challenge!
As you know, we love KIDORABLE products!  LOVE THEM!  Our 3 year old is obsessed with his Pirate Rain boots and has literally worn them everywhere since they arrived for our last review!  But they have since..been this new line:
OH MY GOODNESS!  What little boy wouldn't like to dress like a Knight and be a "DRAGON KNIGHT"
My three year old was not only "ALL ABOUT IT", but he got into role play for me...and the camera, as we took some pictures of his new raincoat and rain boots (sent free of charge for our review/feature). 
And in case you were was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!
So I feel protected and save...with my little "KNIGHT" near me!  He will always truly be my little "Knight In Shining Armor"...Dragon Slayer or not! 

USE THE CODE: DRAGON7 (now until December 11th) to receive a free DRAGON KNIGHT Umbrella with every purchase over $20. 

What a great idea for a Christmas present for your little KNIGHT this year!
Trust me...there is a reason they are called "KIDORABLE"...because my kids truly are ADORABLE when they wear them.
I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!