Thursday, December 8, 2011

When You Give A Dog A Bath...

Your house will smell a whole lot better through the winter! 
Or at least hopefully ours will!

Our dog Jade has had a problem for a few days now.  One stinky, smelly, dirty dog problem! 
(pre-bath me a little attitude)
So the little guy and I took care of that today! 
(she actually didn't mind it at all, once she was in there!)
Now she smells good and feels good!  She's been chasing her tail like crazy since we finished up!  Our old dog Sheba used to tear through the house like a maniac after her bath's.  We always had to stay out of her way...because she was running the water off her back...LIKE A CAR out of a car wash!  It always cracked me up!
(The now...CLEAN DOG)
So that's a relief that, at least for the next few weeks...HOPEFULLY, she will smell clean and fresh!
HIGH FIVE little guy!  Thanks for being Mommy's little helper!


Sara A Broers said...

Looks like a success! Love it. Dogs are always so fun after they get a bath- looks like you tackled the process rather well!