Friday, December 2, 2011

Your Daughter Will Love Her New "MY BFF Doll"...I Know Mine Did!

Girls and Dolls...they seem to go hand in hand, right?  Kind of like boys and mud!  I have one little girl who fits this mold completely!  She loves her Barbies, spends hours changing her dolls clothes & combing their hair, etc.  She's been dying for a "BIG GIRL" doll and we've been waiting until she was "OLD ENOUGH" to take care of it right! 
NOW...flashback to a couple weeks ago!  Remember how we got the chance to go "ONLINE" and she got to "step by step" create her new "MY BFF Doll"!  Remember? 

The wait was on...for the delivery of her new friend...which arrived just in time!

To say she was delighted is not enough EMPHASIS on her excitement, when she realized her doll was here!
She hugged the box before I even let her open it, in anticipation of the new friend inside, a frien that she was about to meet!  A friend that she got to help create (eye color, hair color, picked out her outfit, etc.)!  Talk about a special treat! 
She got to meet her new friend, who she named "Ashley" and she checked her out from head to toe...
She hugged her, kissed her (no...really...she did) and talked to her.  Within the first five minutes, she had taken her clothes off her (to find undergarments which thrilled her) and put them back on again and had showed her through the entire house.
Do you have a little girl who loves to play with dolls?  Especially special dolls that can be made into their "PERFECT" friend (because they get to help pick out the details that make this doll extra special)?
 YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT "My BFF Doll", their easy to use doll designer and you will be completely rewarded when you see her reaction when it arrives on your door step!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!   This was made possible thanks to TEAM MOM and My BFF Doll.