Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pictures From the 2011 March Of Dimes "BABY WALK" 2011 in Fairfield, CT

As I told you...I have pictures to share with you from our walk today for the "March Of Dimes".  I took my oldest son along (who also happened to be my premature baby...born at 36 weeks) and we had a great time!  My team member (who was also fundraising with me) was in the hospital.  She gave birth to her first daughter this morning (she already has two boys) she obviously wasn't going to be walking with us!  A HUGE congrats to her!!  She delivered a healthy 5 pound, 12 ounce darling baby girl into the world, who I can't wait to meet!
I was moved to pieces by the family that was chosen for this year's walk.  They lost their daughter at 24 weeks...I was pretty much choking back tears through the entire experience.  If you've never done a walk like this might not understand, but it's truly emotional and such a blessing to be able to support such a great foundation!  I was also remembering & reliving in my head, how it felt to leave the hospital without my baby (he had a 5 day NICU stay).  How much deeper some other's there had experienced longer stays, more severe disabilities or setbacks with their children or even the loss of their baby.  This foundation truly makes a difference for parents & these precious lives!
I loved how families truly came together to support one another with t-shirts and emotional support for this walk.
This is definitely something I would love to raise money for again next year! 
I was a little bummed that I didn't get a cool t-shirt (only for people who made PERSONAL donations of $200 or more), but my son got a pom pom for cheering us on and that made his day. And hey, I got to spend the day with my sweet son and even HELD his hand while we were walking!
Thanks again to each and every one of you who opened up your hearts and wallets and sponsored me to walk for such an awesome CAUSE!

Look At What We Found...MAMA ROBIN Has Four Beautiful Turquoise Eggs!

I've been watching those nests...noticing that more and more...Mama bird has been sitting in the nest and not flying off as often. 

So today, thanks to my taller than me babysitter (when I got home from the March of Dimes Walk), we got a picture of why, exactly she is sticking closer to home!
Aren't they beautiful?  GOD's creatures and how they are created amaze me!  THANK YOU LORD for letting us find these perfect eggs.  We can't wait to watch them change into babies!  SUPER COOL!

Today's My "MARCH OF DIMES" Walk! THANK YOU To Those Who Sponsored Me To Walk...

As you know, I am walking today for the "March Of Dimes" March For Babies Walk.  I am excited...this is my first time doing a walk of this nature and I know that I will walk away from this experience (I can only hope), not only feeling good about what me & my sponsors have been able to do, but also looking forward to marching again next year!
I was able to raise $200.00 of my $500.00 goal...thanks to my supporters:
Deida Haysel (My Hot Mama Gowns Owner Friend)
Belle Agler (my awesome Mother In Law)
Stephanie Music (one of my best friends from back home)
Kelley Godbold (My Misfit Mom Friend)
Sarah Bender (Friend and NICU Nurse)
Amanda Sylva (Faithful One Bored Mommy Reader)

You guys deserve a round of applause for helping me out with this fundraising effort! 

I'll post pictures when I get home from the walk...but until then, I'm off on a 3 1/2 mile walk "FOR THE BABIES"!

How Cute Is This? This Dog Can Do The House Hold Chores...SERIOUSLY?

Anyone else feel like I do about this video (my parents sent this to me in an e-mail)...
I want this dog!  How cute, right?

Friday, April 29, 2011

HOLY HATS...The Looks Of The Royal Wedding!

I really don't much about the ENGLISH proper culture, but evidentially the most "OUT THERE" hats are what is acceptable or in style to wear to a Prince & Princess Wedding??
I love that posted these pictures!  Makes me giggle just to look at them!!  These ladies couldn't have put them on and gone out of the house with a serious look on their face.  WOW!  That's all I can say!  Each of them make QUITE THE STATEMENT!

Is It Me...Or Does She Look LIke She Came Straight Out Of The ROYAL WEDDING..."Pink Princess" Made Her Feel Truly Like a Princess!

I have a truly beautiful little princess that lives in my house!  Wearing dresses, beautiful hair accessories, etc. make her happy!  When I tell her to get dressed in the morning, I am surprised to not find her donning a PINK pettiskirt and matching top. 

It was so fitting that the Royal Wedding was this morning and this awesome dress from:
arrived last she could feel like a part of the special day in her own princess attire.
I love the rounded collar and the pink/brown combination.  It's dainty, classic and absolutely PRINCESS suitable.  Plus it has a big beautiful bow & pearl buttons on the backside. If you can't tell from the pictures, she felt truly beautiful wearing it too.  It is even prettier on her than it was in the pictures online!
Pink Princess offers a huge selection of special occasion dresses for your little girl. They offer Flower Girl Dresses, Easter Dresses and Outfits, First Communion Dresses, Christening Gowns, Kids Costumes, Pettiskirts and Tutus, Holiday Dresses and even Boys Formal Wear.  They have everything you need, from the dress, the shoes, gloves, accessories, etc.  It's a one stop shop!  Plus, their prices are reasonable and they have a LARGE "SALE" section (which is where we found this dress) that makes shopping here even more wallet friendly.
If you have "something special" coming up and are looking to find the perfect dress for your little princess, I highly suggest that Pink Princess is your first stop online to shop.
I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!

I Ate My Words And Became A MiniVan Driver...Not To Be Confused With A MiniVan Mom!

I have sworn, since the day I got my driver's license at 16, that I would never be caught dead driving a mini-van.  I started with a Fiero, promoted to a Dodge Intrepid (I know...moving on up), moved on to a two door Saturn, then an Oldsmobile Bravada, upgraded to a Toyota 4 Runner...
and then I get pregnant with baby #4.  FOUR KIDS do not fit in the back of a 4 Runner and ours did not have a third row.  So we had quite the dilemma.  Since all of our kids were still in car seats, we needed to find something that would be roomy enough to buckle them in and add an infant carrier to the mix.  FOUR car seats and two adults in a car. 

What were our options?

Trust me...I researched and test drove and cried over the fact that none of the SUV's I drove satisfied my idea of comfort, functionality and more than anything...ease of buckling in four kids in car seats.
Finally, my husband brought home a 2002 Chrysler Town and Country mini-van.  I was hesitant to drive it, this point I had already had to suck up my pride to test drive a few mini vans.  But there was something different about this one.  First off, it had all leather interior...a must with my kids (cause it's wipeable).  Second, everything was power...the doors, the windows, the seats, etc.  The seat belts were easy enough to buckle, that my older kids didn't need my help with getting them settled in the car anymore.  Was this going to be my next vehicle? 

Was I going to have to swallow my pride to become a MINI VAN DRIVING mom of four?  Seriously? 

Looking back now...I was silly having spent all those years swearing I wouldn't drive one.  With four kids, a mini-van is the most practical option I could drive!  Not only that, but since we take very long road trips, the space in the mini-van is necessary and also offers us plenty of room to store all those suitcases.  We installed a 19 inch screen in the roof, added a DVD player and I was basically driving a mini movie theater instead of a mini-van. 

I could never go back now.  At this point in my life...I know my next car will just be a newer version of the mini-van I have.  I LOVE IT!  It's never had any problems, offered us a very comfortable ride and is functional for all of our activities and kids.

So there you go...pride swallowed and eyes opened to the necessary...
I LOVE MY Mini-Van! 

Do Socks Vanish In Your House Too? THEY MAY HAVE FIGURED OUT WHY...Check It Out!

SOCK's a huge problem in this house! Especially with so many little feet running around!
But thanks to G.E., we may have found our reasons behind it all:
Report your missing sock and enter for a chance to win (CLICK BELOW):
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good Bye Michael Scott...Who's Watching Tonight?

I used to be annoyed by & totally hate the show, "THE OFFICE"...but over the past couple years, I have warmed up to it. 
In fact, I actually (shhh don't tell my husband) like it a lot!
So I am a little emotional about the fact that Michael Scott's character is leaving the show.  I don't think it will be the same without him.  I like Will Ferrell, but he's just not Steve Carrell. 
He's absolutely the perfect "MANAGER" for that "OFFICE" full of characters. 

I guess all I can say is, "GOOD BYE!" 

Is BATH TIME A Fun Time In Your House??? It Is In Ours!

It's no kids love taking baths!  Especially when I make the water EXTRA Bubbly!  They can't resist being silly and getting creative with those iridescent bubbles!
How about at your house? 
Is bath time a fun time for your kids or do you "MEAN BUSINESS" when you put them in the bathtub?  Maybe, you should consider dumping a little extra bubbles in, letting them stay in to play a little longer and watching as they enjoy what their imaginations can think up with the bubbly water. 

It might make you smile a little too!

I REFUSE!! How about you?

This song touched me and I just had to share!!

We are called to do so much more than we do! 
Don't let your prayers be empty! 
Don't live like you don't care! 
REFUSE to with me and Josh Wilson!

Two Fun New Winners...

Michelle said... 31
I like Mega Bloks on facebook - michelle chappell

~*~lilshuga2001~*~ said... 3
Not at the moment, but Id like to be ready just in case - with 2 young boys, something is bound to happen! :)

Congrats!  You both have 48 hours to claim your prizes!  Thank you to MegaBlok & Dry Pro for sponsoring these giveaways!  Thank you to everyone who entered to win!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ever Wanted To Try A Sunless Tan? They Are Giving Away 100,000...Make Sure You GRAB One!

This is no joke!  CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW and print yourself a free "Sunless Tanning" Pass for one free sunless tanning session! - Get A Free Sunless Tan has declared April 2011 “National Live Sunless Tanning Month”, and to celebrate it, they are giving away 100,000 FREE SUNLESS TANS from Mystic Tan and VersaSpa all month long (a $30 Value). 
I was not paid to feature this post!  I will be entered to win a prize pack, to give away to you guys, if my link gets the most uses!

Still An Empty Nest...But I'll Keep Watching!

Rememer how I told you about the two Robin nests we have in our yard.  I've been bird watching...waiting...and hoping that at some point when I check their nests, I will find some beautiful blue eggs nestled sweetly.
So far, instead I see a lot of the mommy bird sitting in the nest...
And empty nests...

But I'll report back when we have some eggs to watch!  Can't wait!  I am curious to see the little babies when they hatch!  Yes, I am living vicarious through the birds...since having babies is a thing of the past in this house! 

Who Else Is Horribly Disturbed By This Show...EXTREME Couponing on TLC?

I understand the concept of saving money.  Trust me, with the size family we have...pinching pennies is no only common knowledge, it's necessary for us to live generously on one income. 
But what I don't understand is these people who are making their t.v. debut on TLC's new show "Extreme Couponing" and think they are being seen on a positive light.  HELLO HOARDER!  I mean, come on, who seriously needs 176 bottles of mustard?  I understand that there's no shelf life and it will virtually last forever, but still.  Not even sure our family would go through 176 bottles of mustard in our lifetime.

(even watching these ladies attitudes towards the cashiers upset me)
To me, this Extreme Couponing show, highlights people who are not only going beyond "saving their family money", but showing how people are working a system where they can virtually walk away with an entire shelf of paper towels for NO $$.  How does that affect other people wanting to buy paper towels? How does it affect the family? Bargain Life has a post that discusses this whole situation.

If you've never watched the show...I highly recommend you check it out to see this for yourself...but I have a feeling you'll really only be able to stomach one show.  The idea that these people are able to save so much money by couponing is awesome...the amount that they are buying, ABOVE AND BEYOND necessary.  After that, you'll be just as disgusted and disturbed as I was with watching it.  I caught myself yelling at the t.v. and shouting out my I watched these people take couponing (which can be a positive thing for a family to save $$) to beyond an extreme level.  Limit yourself people.  If you are able to get this much product for "free", then donate most of it to the homeless shelters or hand out boxes of cereal to people you see on the street that probably forget what a full tummy feels like.  I know some of the families do, but then it's the other's they show...with every nook and cranny in their house stocked full of stuff they probably will never use...but just like knowing they got for free! 

In my opinion...FREE is good (most of the time), but HOARDING is bad (in every situation)!  If you do, do extreme couponing, please be charitable with your purchases.  I mean, you need that many cans of tuna for just your family?
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Do You Think Your Child Is "KIDORABLE"? Enter This Video Contest...And They Could Win All They Need To Be KIDORABLE!

Is your child ready to be the next Dakota Fanning or Jaden Smith? Make their film debut with Kidorable’s Facebook Video Contest. The winner  of this contest will receive a complete Kidorable ensemble of their choice.
It’s easy—send them your short video starring a child you love sporting Kidorable, and you could win the entire collection in his or her favorite style! Have a look here and choose your favorite.

Just post the video to 

Whoever gets the most votes wins!
They are taking entries from Monday, May 2nd until Sunday, May 15. Then voting will continue through May 23 at 2pm when they will announce the winner.

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I know I said I would stop asking...because I really hate asking for money, but I NEED YOUR HELP!  Please consider sponsoring me (even just $5 makes a difference) for the March of Dimes Walk that I am doing on April 30th (this SATURDAY).  It's never easy asking people to dish out their money, especially with the way the economy is right now.  HOWEVER, I know that this cause is worthy of asking my friends and family to reach in their wallets & hearts and donate towards this FOUNDATION.  One that truly makes a difference in the lives of the babies (and parents of) who are born prematurely.

As I've oldest son was born at 36 weeks, and though that doesn't seem "early", he was premature.  His lungs were not developed and he did have a 5 day NICU stay which crushed me (as a new mommy).  I can't imagine how scary it is to have a baby in the 20ish week range and have to not only watch your baby struggle to live, but also have your child apart from you for that long. 

The five days he was in there, were way to long for me...
SO I HATE TO ASK AGAIN...but I haven't even made it to the halfway point of my GOAL - $500.  Right now I am sitting steady at only $175.  I know that more of my friends & family not only want to help support this walk, but will find rest in knowing they have (in a non physical way), wrapped their arms around a parent who has to leave the hospital empty handed...and trust the hospital staff to care for their tiny little infant. 

YOUR DONATION makes a difference!

Just click on the DONATION icon above and you'll be directed to the page to make your donation.  It's super easy and I thank you for considering!  I will be posting pictures from the walk on Saturday, April you can see how me walking for your donations!

Conversations With A Two Year Old...Absolutely Melt My Heart Sometimes!

Sometimes being a mommy can be a truly GRUELING job!  Raising kids is not an easy job and being home with them all day is definitely trying on the patience!  However, there are moments of each and every day that make my job worth putting my all into.  It's moments like I just had with my two year old.
He's been rather "TWOish" lately!  Testing my patience, getting into things that he shouldn't, throwing things and hitting people...WOW!

So I picked him put and proceed to take him upstairs...the while he's fussing, crying, but putting his head on my shoulder and patting my back (I love it when he does that).  It melts my heart immediately!

I take him potty and we have a conversation that goes like this:
Me:  "You day mommy will be to big to pick you up and carry you!"
Him:  smiles and nods
ME:  "Are you going to be a daddy and have babies someday too?"
Him:  he smiles and nods again
ME:  "How many kids will you have?"
Him:  "Two mommy...a boy and a girl!"
ME:  "Wow...that will be great!" 
Him:  smiles and nods again
ME:  "I love you Mason!"
Him:  "love you too mommy!" 
Him:  "will you pray with me mommy?" (as I lay him down in bed for his nap)

We pray, I proceed to leave the room and as I do,I feel just a trickle of baby boy is growing up! 

Despite a few growing pains (being two is rough), he's becoming such a sweet young man already!  It blows my mind how fast they grow and change.  Some days, I feel like I missing all of the special moments...even though I am here all the time...but I definitely thank the LORD when I can treasure little moments like this.  It may have not meant a lot to other people, or even other mommies...but it was something that made me smile and melted my heart again.  He's pretty good at that!!

Adding A "Super Sweet Treat" To My Girl's Room Wall Was Easy And Adorable With! Have A Look...

I love adding extra "sweetness" to the decor in my girl's room!  Especially when it requires very little effort on my part, but produces a look that is PRICELESS!  I feel that way about the wall art I just added to their wall thanks to Wall Candy Arts.
This adorable (AND ALL NEW) "Ice Cream Chalk Board" Wall Art arrived and I knew, without a doubt that my girls were going to love it!  Okay...not just my girls...I LOVE it too!  Not only do a have an extreme sweet tooth, so an ice cream cone couldn't be more perfect...but I love that it's a chalk board too.  I want one for my room too. 
(the wall before the art was applied)
(the wall after the art was applied)
(after I colored with the chalk)
Installation was so easy! I love that too!  The Ice Cream itself, came in two parts that went up on the wall very easily & smoothly.  Then I added the cherry on top.  Finally, I sprinkled around the sprinkles and stars.  This kit also included two pieces of white chalk, which I used to create the swirled ice cream look and filled in some of the toppings...which just added even more character and deliciousness to this already adorable wall art. 
My girls love the fact that it's a chalk board too, because it's guaranteed to produce hours of "school" play and ABC & spelling practice.  I'll admit that mommy loves that too!
In fact, I was so inspired by it, I have been looking into bedding and other room decor to match the "Ice Cream" theme.  What little girl wouldn't want a room decked out in nothing but sweetness?  My girls are no exception...they love the idea!  However, after searching, it appears I will have to make sew the bedding myself...because I have yet to find a company that offers ice cream "bedding sets". 

Use the code: obm15 and save 15% off 
Hurry, because this code expires May 25, 2011.

Thanks Wall Candy Arts for delighted my girl's sweet tooth with this adorable wall art chalk board.  They love it and you've inspired me to find an ice cream bedding set or create my own sometime in the near future.  I'll share pictures when I do!
I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!