Saturday, January 7, 2012

Can You Wear "ANIMAL PRINTS" And Still Look Classy? THE CAT'S MEOW!

So, on Facebook the other day, one of my friends had updated her Facebook status that: PEOPLE who "wear animal print" cause her have certain assumptions about them. 


I personally like "ANIMAL" print!  Now...mind you, I choose to to dress modestly in my ANIMAL PRINT pieces of my wardrobe.  No daisy dukes, skirts that are far to mini or to tight, or tops that show far more skin (belly or breast) than they should!

I found a few photos of products that I would totally wear in "ANIMAL PRINT"!  Would you wear these?
(Cute but modest dress)
(Another cute but sassy dress)
(Accessorizing with animal print is always fun too!)
(Cut and comfy pajama bottoms...MEOW!)
(Pretty scarf can SPICE up a dull outfit with class!)

Would you agree that, people wearing these (above products) would cause you to have those CERTAIN assumptions about them? 

If you're going to wear animal print...WEAR IT CLASSY! 
It can still be fun and a little bit "OUT THERE" without being OUT THERE!  Catch my drift?