Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Challenge: LOOK FOR THE SIGNS!! 2012 Can Be A Year Of Change And Blessing!

How many times do we go through our daily grind, in a world of our own?  But is it really OUR OWN?  We share it with millions upon billions of people everyday!  Do you see the hurting?  Do you see the poor?  Do you see those who just could use a moment of your time, a smile, a prayer, a little help?

I was touched by this video...and hope you will be too:
If you are too, please comment below! 
Even if it's just an AMEN!  
Maybe you're someone wearing a sign?  I pray you will be open to those who stop to help!

May 2012 be a year where we have our eyes opened to those around us!  We take ourselves off the throne and open our hearts to those who could use our time, gifts, talents or even silent prayers.  I'm challenging this of myself too!  I have a feeling we will be the ones, walking away feeling more overwhelmingly blessed than those who we are taking a moment for. 



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nutmeg237 said...

Oh my hit the nail on the head. That video blew me away. My New Year's resolution is to be a better person, I do go to church almost every Sunday..but do I truly live the life god has intended for me ? Everyone has their burdens, everyone has their pain. Don't be so quick to dismiss people, you just don't know the signs they have been carrying around. Thank you for that ...truly inspirational ~Amen~

Promosyon said...

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