Thursday, January 12, 2012

Every Little Girl Needs A Full Length Mirror In Their Room, Right? Oh Yes...Another Project Completed!

My girls share a bedroom!  The older they get, the more excited I am about changing their room decor!  Of course, I would love to be settled into a house we OWN, so I could truly make it permanently theirs...but until then, it's fun for me to dabble with little cheap & easy projects I think up! 

This one I was not inspired by Pinterest to do...but I did post a picture of it on Pinterest I could share this idea!

I went to Target today (in search of a white shirt for my daughter's class project) and instead, came home with supplies for another HOME IMPROVEMENT (of sorts).  Not sure my husband will agree that it was necessary, but I know my girls are going to love what I did!

I bought two of those $5 full length mirrors at Target (meant to hang on the back of the door)
and some designer duct tape and went to work.  I taped the edges of the frame of the mirrors in a "miss matched" inspired type of pattern and hung them on the wall.  Then I bordered it with Zebra stripes (cause you know I love my animal print) duct tape to finish off the look!
What do you think? 

I honestly believe that every little girl needs a full length mirror in their they can see what they look like everyday before they leave the house.  Now...I not only gave my girls exactly that, but who knows...maybe the will each take one off to college one day and make this well worth my time & money!  Or maybe not...but regardless, I know they will love dancing around in from of their new HIP & Trendy mirrors!


dawn said...

what did you use to put the zebra tape on as a border?? love it, adorable!

dawn said...

ahh, never mind, i see! taped on the wall itself! =)

Jennifer Loves Zebra print!! said...

Hi I think what you did was amazing I've been online looking at ideas with zebra print or "duct tape ideas well also that is cheap cuz I love Zebra print and I thought that was cute I'm gonna go to the store tomorrow and do that it got me really inspire thanks a lot and of course it trendy its Animal print what other things have you've done using zebra print duct tape of ect...... Oxoxoox .....