Tuesday, January 10, 2012

FINDING Organization In The NEW YEAR Is A MUST! Thank You Pinterest For This PROJECT...NOW COMPLETED!

I was extremely organized and our house was in NEARLY PERFECT order with one child!  With two, it got a little bit messier and less in order...and so on!  Now with four, I would say that our house is tidy, but far from organized!  Does that mean that I don't crave some order?  NOT AT ALL...I want it and need it, to a certain extent...but I am not going to kill myself either to maintain it all the time. 

That's where, I again...found a love for Pinterest!  Why?  Thanks to my daddy (who taught me how to use basic tools), I can find projects on there that not only I am inspired to do, but I can do while the kids are at school and without any help!

SO...my problem:

NO PLACE TO STORE THE BACKPACKS (our formal dining room table has become the collector of them...which I dislike very much).

TO MANY JACKETS and not enough storage for them (most of the time they are found draped over the Learning Tower, instead of hanging in a closet).

I found some "make your own" coat or hanger type projects on Pinterest! I headed to Home Depot and purchased the supplies and today, I got started on the PROJECT!
Here's my supplies laid out!
Glued on the little ornamental squares with MONKEY GLUE and then spray painted the entire works black!
Came inside and screwed on each "hanger" onto the plaques, and then nailed them to the wall.
I LOVE the finished results! 
This is perfect and exactly what I wanted! 
A place for the backpacks, a place for the jackets and everything in an neatly organized hanging place!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about this!