Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Grandma And Papa Have A Farm...EEE Iiii Eee Iiii OOOO!

Growing up a TOTAL "city" girl...I had a very limited farm knowledge when I married my husband.  Not that I was uninterested in it...cause I love it, but was just not exposed to it.  My in laws have a farm (small to some, but big to me and the kids) and we love visiting it for many reasons! 

I'm going to list a few:
Cooper, their brown lab, is a family favorite.  He's the biggest dog I've ever seen of his breed...but he's well fed and very well loved!  He is great with all my kids and loves being ON THE FARM too!
Grandma Belle's Horses are always a big hit!  Peanut, though a pony that was meant for riding, does not enjoy being ridden on.  So we just give him pats and hands full of treats!  Midge, however, is ride able, even if her attitude might suggest otherwise.  It's funny how much animals can have human like personalities.  She tolerates the kids riding her (with Grandma's guidance), but you can tell she really doesn't like it much at all!  It cracks me up!  Yes...even mommy hops on for a guided ride up and down the driveway!  It's fun! 
This year...Papa has two cows (that will soon be turned to steaks, ground beef and roasts)...that I nicknamed Mickey and Minnie (though both are girls).  I haven't had much exposure to these animals at all.  I got several hand licks (they were pretty friendly if you were slow and quiet around them) and watched them clean their noses (they actually stick their tongue up their nostrils and lick it clean...I laughed about that).  When we visit this summer...I will probably be eating vegetarian (not sure I can stomach a Minnie Steak), but it was fun interacting with such skittish, but sweet animals.
Tractor rides are always a hit!  As a matter of fact, mommy loves these too!  Papa taught me how to drive the big and small tractors (I know...this is a front end loader...but it's the same to the kids).  SO FUN!
Learning work ethics.  DESPITE the freezing cold, the animals have to be taken care of...which means feedings when one would rather stay inside where it's warm.  I LIKE that my kids are able to get the exposure of this type of work ethic. 
Of course, playing in the hay loft is a big deal too.  I am always on the edge of my seat while they are climbing up and down...but even the little guy made it to the top this year!

I just love being there!  I enjoy sneaking out to the barn all by myself, to talk to the horses, get a couple cow kisses and give COOPER some attention.  There is a PEACE there...and I love it!  Do I want my own farm?  Absolutely not!  But visiting it for a few days & enjoying all that it has to offer is WONDERFUL!  Wouldn't trade it!