Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Late Start To My "BEGGING"...Please...Please... Pretty PLEASE!

Well, to some it may not seem "LATE", but to is, since two years ago I started seeking sponsorships right after the Blogher Convention!
BlogHer '12
BUT THIS MOMMY wants to make sure she gets to attend the 2012 Blogher Convention in NYC in August! 
So what does that mean for you?  I need your help!  I need to find a company (or several), who would like me to represent them at the conference!  REPRESENT them how?  Well, first off, their logo will go on my sidebar for the remainder of the year, plus several blog posts about their company...products...and why I am so excited to rep for them, plus I will sport their gear or wear a t-shirt (or their clothing line...if I am so fortunate) while I am at the conference, etc.  YOU NAME IT...I will do it...if it's within the Blogher Guidelines for sponsored bloggers! 


What's so great about BLOGHER?  Well, it's a huge convention (one of the biggest) and a great opportunity to network, promote (self and sponsors) and grow personally in my blogging knowledge.  I have gone two years in a row and feel that the opportunities and experiences I have gained from Blogher have helped me gain personal confidence, awesome exposure and new clients to work with!  Plus, I have been blessed to be able to promote for some pretty AMAZING companies while I've been there! 
A BONUS for me too, it's my only "WEEKEND AWAY" from my full time job as MOMMY...and every mommy needs a break sometimes!

I wish I was going to BlogHer '12
So...if you're a company reading this and you're considering sponsorship for me to attend...feel free to e-mail me (CLICK HERE) to ask questions, request my MEDIA GUIDE (to present to your company), etc. 
ONE BORED MOMMY wants to be your Mommy Blogger at Blogher 2012!!