Sunday, February 5, 2012

Make Your Own...FABRIC BOWL! How Cute Is This Idea?

I have tons of scrap fabric!  TONS!  Huge Tupperware bins in the basement that have been sitting there...since we moved here.  I always get excited when I find "FUN" and "RESOURCEFUL" ways to use it up!

Yes...another PINTEREST idea sparked my interest.  Making a bowl...out of fabric!  GENIUS!
So I got a piece of fabric and cut it up in little strips, got my glue/water mixture ready, blew up the balloon and got started.  Yes!!  It was messy!  It was a good thing I was doing it by myself and that my kids were busy doing other things.  If I do it with them in the future, we will probably take this project outside!  However, for me...the kitchen floor worked just fine.
I let it dry over night...and popped the balloon!
Ta Da!!  The finished great as a fruit bowl, but I am certain I can find many other functions/options for this adorable fabric bowl! was really easy!  If you need an extra bowl (everyone could use an extra bowl, right?) and extra scrap fabric laying around!  It really was a fun project and I love how it turned out!


Carrie said...

oh my, that's really creative. i love this idea! i'm gonna make one for my mom.