Saturday, February 18, 2012

A New Review & Giveaway From "CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL"!

I would personally say, for the most part...FOOD AND LOVE go hand in hand.  I mean, you have to put a little bit of love in everything you cook in your kitchen, right?  Maybe it's just me?

We received a copy of "Chicken Soup For The Soul Food and Love", which offers 101 Stories Celebrating Special Times with Family and Friends...and Recipes Too!

This book is loaded full of heartwarming stories about love and food!  It also offers many, many delicious recipes to try out!  This would be a great book for any mommy, grandmother or anyone that has a passion for cooking and a sweet story too!  Do you have lots of great memories that involve food?  Stories about family traditions, family meals, and even cooking disasters (I've had my fair share)?  This book is going to put you through the gamut of emotions...and in the end, offer you cooking inspirations in the kitchen!

Would you be interested in winning your own copy of "Chicken Soup For the Soul - Food and Love"? 


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suburban prep said...

For the first Valentine's Day dinner as a married couple I wanted the dinner to be special and delicious. I came home from work and I took all the ingredients out of the frig to make a chicken limone (one of my husband's favorites). I pounded the chicken and I did everything right (or so I thought). We refer to the evening now as the Pucker Chicken dinner. I had wanted everything to be perfect and well it was because my husband really tried to eat it and was complimentary of it until I took a bite and said it was awful. It is something we look back on and laugh now.

mrsshukra said...

One of our best memories is cooking our favorite lamb and potatoes gratin dinner together with my hubby and child! She's thousands of miles away now and we still make her favorite special occasion dinner, thinking of her texting her photos of what she's missing at home!