Saturday, February 18, 2012

Topic Of The Day In Our HOME?? FLIP FLOPS In The Winter!!

This West Coast transplanted on the East Coast is experiencing a bit of homesickness right now!  It happens every year at this time!  The mix of Cabin Fever and the fact that my feet are frozen popsicles from October till March have something to do with it! 

So yesterday, as I was cleaning out the boy's closet (because it desperately needed it), I happened upon a pair of flip flops that once fit my oldest son (we bought them on the trip before we moved here) and now fit the little guy (almost) perfectly. 


*  First, because my oldest son's feet are now twice that size!
*  Secondly because if we still lived in Cali, we'd still be weraing our flip flops in the winter!
*  Thirdly, how funny it is that the kids love their flip flops & sandles almost as much as their mommy!

My husband, who was proudly shown these flip flops by the 3 year old, expressed the fact that it was not really "FLIP FLOP WEARING WEATHER" outside...being that it was only 30 degreesish.  I had to giggle, because inside our house, it's the perfect 70 temperature to be wearing those flip flops.  It's the perfect temperature to practice wearing these newly found bad boys around, so he's ready to wear them this summer!

So all morning little guy has been wearing his flip flops proudly.  He's actually doing pretty well in them too!  It makes me want to dig around in my closet and find some of my LONG LOST flip flops (because they are currently buried in winter clothes & shoes). 

There you go...what's the TOPIC of Conversation in your house this Saturday morning? 
I would bet it's not FLIP FLOPS!