Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Few Things To Soothe A SUPER SORE Throat...Cause Mommy's Got One!

I'm sick!  I've had a severely sore throat for the past three days!  It hurts to swallow, it's hard to sleep at night and I can't even raise my voice at my kids (which of course they think is fabulous)!  I'm willing to try just about anything to get rid of it too (or at least soothe it).

In fact, for lunch today, I think I put more HOT SAUCE in my chicken soup than there was broth!  It seems to have tamed it a little, but it still HURTS!

So I decided to share with you, some of my favorite things to use when I'm sick with a cold (sore throat) and then I hope you can share with me (or shine some light) other things you use to help bring relief:
First off, I wouldn't be functioning at all if it wasn't for this product (above)...both the DAY and NYQuil.  Seriously!  This gets me through...the majority of the day with some relief! 
I sing it's praises!
I drink lots of tea with honey (even though I would rather be drinking coffee).  It really helps at night time before I am heading to bed...
This is a great chest rub and it works great on the bottoms of your feet (of course then covered with a pair of socks) to help a persistent cough.  However, I do not currently have a cough.  I have to tell father in law (PAPA MARVIN) actually melts it by the teaspoons and swallows it!  I've told him that it's poison...but he swears it helps his sore throat and he's still KICKIN' maybe he has a secret remedy I should try out?  Not sure I could actually deal with the taste (I have a very touchy gag reflux).  Have you tried this before?
Yes, this stuff is genius too...the only problem is that it doesn't last long.  I love the numbing it does to the back of my throat when it's feeling extremely raw...but I have be known to almost go through an entire bottle in one day when I have a SEVERE sore throat. 
My sister in law swears by Vitamin C...and taking mass quantities when you first feel a cold or sore throat coming on.  I don't have any on hand right now, but I am tempted to run to the store and stock up...for the next bout!  The chewable ones are great too...cause even your little guys can take them (they taste pretty decent too)!

 What is your GO TO remedy for a super sore throat or cold symptoms?  PLEASE!!  Share with me!!  What am I forgetting?  What can I try?  I'm desperate for long term relief from my raw throat! 

Thanks guys!  Please pray I feel better soon! 
I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about any of these products. 


Anita said...

These products are indeed very effective as cold and flu relief. Aside from these products, I also make my own flu remedies like Ginger tea and lemon tea whenever I get flu. Honey is one of the best ingredients to mix in the drink. A ginger tea with lemon and honey is great for sore throat and flu as well.

Sharon said...

I've been using Vicks vaporub products for many years now. I can attest its reliability to relieve mild chest pain, cold and cough. For my kids, I always have a cough syrup ready rich with fruity flavor.


Daisy Dee said...

These products are good severe sore throat remedies. You must follow proper prescriptions before taking or using them.

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People sometimes confuse strep throat and sore throat because the way they feel is similar whether they are suffering from a strep infection or a sore throat caused by other facts.

Overuse of the vocals cords and smoking can both cause sore throat. This is one reason why some people who used to smoke cigarettes have switched to ecigs. Electronic cigarettes do not have any smoke associated with them, so there is no smoke to irritate your throat.

aleaconall said...

These products are perfect for sore throat. Vicks Vaporub reduce chest pain and also cough. I recommend to use this product for cold and cough. Honey is also best to get relief from cold and chest pain. It works very well when used with other remedies. Check here
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