Friday, March 2, 2012

Help One Bored Mommy Make A Difference This Year - READ MORE TO LEARN HOW!

So guys...I have something to admit to you!  As I have watched this site grow and become so much more than I ever imagined...I feel so overwhelmingly blessed!  You guys are an amazing group of caring individuals who have STUCK AROUND to enter giveaways, read about our family and be an encouragement me to me!  THANK YOU!

But I have to tell you, I feel like we can do something HUGE too...make a bigger impact on this world than just reading and commenting!  You know??  It's been laid on my heart that perhaps we could help a Non-Profit make a different in THE WORLD!!  How cool would that be? 

I know...before you get worried or start fidgeting in your seat, hear me out!  If you can't financially give, I completely, whole heartily understand and I am just super thrilled that you are a part of my community!  But I know that there are some of you who could, even in a tiny way, make a difference for "THE BETTER" for someone in this world...right? 

The NON-PROFIT I have chosen to focus on and hope we can help make a difference by supporting is:
Do you know what it feels like to be THIRSTY?  No...I'm not just talking about wanting something to drink, but absolutely dehydrated, tongue sticking to your mouth, weak from pure exhaustion THIRSTY?  Well, this company directly helps people who are TRULY Thirsty, to have clean water to drink! 

To some of us, we may not understand what it means to have "CLEAN" water.  I mean, we can run to the store to buy purified water if we feel our own "clean & ready to drink" tap water isn't up to our taste standards!  But there are some, like in villages in Africa, who don't have any CLEAN water to drink.  Their water actually makes them physically sick!  How horrible, right? me a favor and CLICK HERE to read more about this company's mission of what they do!  If you feel led to help (and I pray that at least some of you do) can do it two ways.  By buying an awesome t-shirt (they are really super cool) or buy just donating an amount through Paypal to their organization. 

MY HEART truly feels this is the right thing for our COMMUNITY to do!  Let's give back a little...if you can!  Think about what it will be like, for these people who have been drinking unclean water to take their first sip of CLEAN WATER!  Can you imagine their relief and gratefulness?  Can you imagine the impact that this will have on them?  Peace of mind in HOPE that their kids will stand better chances of surviving and living a healthier life?

Feel free to let them know that One Bored Mommy sent you!  I would love to know how MUCH we are able to make a difference for this company and these people!  THANK YOU for considering!