Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This Was Fun...A Few Things You May Not Know About Me!

I was tagged by my friend Stephanie (we went to high school together) through her cute blog: to answer these questions! 

11 Random things about ME:
I have a nervous habit!  I bite my finger nails and pick at the skin around my nails!  So much so...unless I have acrylic nails fingers and nails will bleed.  It's a habit that I HATE, but when I get extremely stressed...I am typically sporting scabbed and bloody fingers!  HORRIBLE HABIT!

I got SUPER SICK on margaritas one night, when I was having "BONDING TIME" with my very first roommate ever (yes, I was 21).  SO much so, that I can't tolerate the smell or taste of tequila AT ALL...even still. 

I love to vacuum my house!  Not sure why that's the chore that I find so much pleasure in...but I truly do!  It relaxes me, de-stresses me and helps me focus!  I love having a bagless vacuum so I can see the gross stuff I suck makes me feel accomplished!

When I was single and living on my own, I used to go buy new underwear, so I wouldn't have to do laundry!  LAUNDRY is my least favorite chore!  It was worth it to me to put out the money on new ones...rather than put forth the effort to wash the ones I already had!

I do not like taking baths in bathtubs that are not spotless!  If there's a spot of mold or any sign of usage from the prior person...I have to personally clean it before I get in it myself. 

I was picked on when I was younger!  BADDDDD!!  From grades 4-8th grade, I was pretty awkward, suffered from low self esteem and did not like myself (at all).  Kids are and can be really mean.  Thankfully, I built my confidence up in High School and managed to end my schooling years feeling great about myself.  I pray my kids will never go through feeling like that! 

I have always felt a strong CALLING on my life!  If you're not spiritual, you may not get this one...but I really feel like GOD wants to use me for something SPECIAL.  Maybe HE already is??  Even if it's just to brighten someones day, lift someones spirits, be a shoulder for someone to cry on and in the end...lead them to find the place I put my confidence!  My relationship with the LORD!

I AM AN EXTREMELY MODEST dresser (and hope my girls will be too)!  Do I think that makes me less attractive than those "BARING IT ALL"?  Not at's always good to leave some things to the imagination!

I love the smell of orange peel!  LOVE IT!  There is something clean and invigorating about it!

I love having a BIG DOG!  My "RETIREMENT" dog is going to be a Mastiff.  Being a petite lady, I always feel safe with a BIG, STRONG doggy to protect me!  I grew up having a big dog, we've had two since we've been married and I think it's something that will almost always be a part of our lives!

I LOVE to much!  It gets me hurt a lot!  People see it as an opportunity to take advantage of me!  But it's something that I wouldn't want changed about me, because it keeps me sensitive and makes my heart full...I FEEL so blessed and can only hope I can share my HEART FULL of gratitude to everyone I meet.

Her Questions For Me:1. If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?I had to think long and hard about this one!  There are so many things I would love to be able to do "SUPER"!  I guess I would have to say...hmmm...still stumped?  Not sure I would be good with a SUPER POWER!?
2. What’s your go-to comfort food?Though I know it's not my husband's favorite...a definitely comfort food is spaghetti with just sauce (no meat).  That was the meal I would request for my "BIRTHDAY" when I was a little girl!  There's just something about twirling those noodles around the fork that makes me happy!  It always makes me smile, now that I'm a mom, to watch my kids eat spaghetti too!
3. If you could pick a color to describe you, what would it be and why?RED OR YELLOW!  Why?  Well, I am bold (the red) and bright (the yellow)
4. What is your favorite place you’ve travelled?So far in life, I haven't done much traveling!  Honestly...I would say the favorite place I've "TRAVELED" to so far is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  I loved it there!  Warm, gorgeous beaches, great food, and nice people!
5. Where would you like to go someday?I would definitely love to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris one day!  I think everything about Paris is romantic, timeless and lovely!  That's definitely on my BUCKET LIST!
6. What did you want to be when you grew up?
Honestly, believe it or not, I wanted to be a MOM!  No joke!!  And guess what?  I was blessed enough to be one four times over!  Turns out...I'm pretty decent at my "DREAM" job!  ;)  LOL!
7. What is your favorite book?
My favorite book right now is "CRAZY LOVE" by Francis Chan...if you haven't read should!
8. What is your favorite band/musician?I don't have a "FAVORITE" one...though I love almost all contemporary Christian Music!
If they play it on, I LOVE IT!
9. Would you ever go cliff diving?Probably not!  I just don't think I could do it!
10. If a homeless family walked up to you and asked for help for a meal or shelter for the night, what would you do?Honestly, this is a tough one, because I have been BURNED by dishonest "HOMELESS" people begging for money that I've given money to.  If it was a family and they were in desperate need, I would definitely buy them a meal and probably even offer them a hotel room for the night (at my expense), so they could shower, sleep in a nice warm (or cool) place and enjoy a little bit of comfort.
11. What’s the one thing you can’t help but indulge in?CHOCOLATE!!  It's my weakness!

There you you know a little bit more about me! 
Do you feel enlightened?