Monday, March 5, 2012

A Warped Version Of Reality...Oh My Goodness!

So funny...on Saturday night, I got a few moments of "MOMMY TIME"...walking the mall close to our house.  I love to "WINDOW SHOP" and as I passed by this formal store with lots of fluffy and elegant prom dresses, I had to stop.  In the window was a dress that immediately reminded me of my Sr. Formal Dress.  So much so, I snapped a picture and posted it to Facebook saying, "This dress reminds me of my Sr. Formal Dress".

Here is the dress (can you believe I was a Sr. in High School in this picture?) that I wore to the Sr. Formal:
Here's the dress that I saw in the mall (because I posted a picture of it on Facebook):
Now, the funniest part to me, is that they look absolutely nothing alike.  Of course, they are both made with silver sequin material...but my FORMAL dress was very COVERING and modest.  The one from the mall (that I thought looked similiar) was lowcut (I would have never worn that in high school) and had a high slit on the leg.  Would I have ever worn the MALL version in high school?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Would I let my girls wear something like that to their Sr. Formal?  NO WAY! 
What in the world was I thinking that they were even close to the same?  Guess I had a warped version of reality!  Do you ever experience that?  Where you remember something from the past and yet, you don't remember it quite the SAME as what it was?  To funny!  It gave me a good giggle and got a few funny Facebook comments (from the mall version of the dress), so I had to share.


Monicas Mom Musings said...

Hehe, it's funny what we remember things to be like. Coming by to tag you in a game if you want to play.