Thursday, March 8, 2012

WOW...The Pictures We Took When I Was Young! My Kids Should Be Thankful We Live In A Digital World Now!

Did you take lots of pictures when you were a kid?  My sister and I loved taking pictures and getting them "DEVELOPED".  We would stage "PHOTO SHOOTS" in my bedroom where she would take hilarious pictures me!   It's funny, because we live in a digital world now...where if you take a bad picture, it is quickly deleted and does not live on...forever...on paper! 

I found a few "CLASSICS" that I think really show just how incredibly awful these pictures were...but oh how they make me laugh!!  ;)
I guess I was suppose to be "SERIOUS"??
Oh...the "BLOSSOM" hat and giant stuffed teddy bear!  Aren't I darling?  Plus...gotta love the RED lipstick!
Because you know you need a MATCHING TWINSIE picture with your dog, right?  LOL!
I was sportin' the Gwen Stefani hair from her one of her videos...OH MY!

Do you have any pictures like this, from your childhood (or tween/teen years) that make you giggle?  Though these pictures are far from flattering of me at that age, I love seeing these pictures.  We always had a great time doing our "PHOTO STUDIO" and taking pictures...

Hope you enjoyed a good laugh on me!! 
From the Once Upon The Time Land of "35 mm Cameras"!


Cindi said...


It's definitely too bad we didn't have a delete button back then. Many of my own photos are catagorized as 'what were you thinking'? (LoL)

Stephanie Pires said...

A certain "cute" CHS Tennis photo comes to mind...

Jeimy777 said...

Lol! Definately looking back at some old pictures I can't help but laugh and wonder what was I!