Monday, April 30, 2012

Following Your Child Down The Stairs = PANIC ATTACK!

Have you ever followed your toddler or young child down the stairs? 
Have you ever watched their little feet going, the way they move and anticipated them falling and since you're behind them...not being able to do anything to stop it from happening? 

Maybe it's just me, but I have a hard time walking behind my kids (all of them) on the stairs because I would rather walk in front of them in case they do fall, so I can help stop or catch them.

Here's a video of our little guy coming down the stairs (see below)! 
Maybe you don't see it...maybe it's the way our stairs are...but some days, I feel a mini-panic attack coming if I am following him down. 
Tell I crazy?  Am I alone?  Have you ever noticed this before with your kids?  Someone...PLEASE MAKE ME FEEL BETTER...or just tell me to stop it!

A "Mother's Day" Chicken Soup For The Soul #Giveaway!

I love being a you know!  There are special bonds built between moms and her kids.  It's different...the bonds between a mother & son and a mother & daughter.  The love is the honestly is, the relationship is different...especially through the vast & sometimes broad stages of life!
I love my girls!  Having two of them (which means there is an oldest and youngest) is amazing at times and truly dramatic at others.  Women are emotional creations from the moment we are born and it makes our relationships sometimes difficult, but truly heartfelt and wonderful too!  We think with our hearts!  We want to feel LOVED all the time!  I hope my girls never spend a moment of their day feeling anything but smothered in love!  Especially from their mommy!
As "Mother's Day" approaches, I was delighted to receive a "Chicken Soup For the Soul" book called "The Magic of Mothers & Daughters". 

If you are a mom...and you have a know exactly what they are talking about!  This book with touch your heart with stories about mothers & daughters of all ages.  About the changing roles of mothers and daughters, as they move through the stages of life!  Any mommy will appreciate reading these TREASURES!!

I am delighted that I also get to extend a Giveaway of the same book to (1) Lucky One Bored Mommy Reader.  Maybe this book will be the perfect gift for your mom on Mother's Day...or maybe you'll just enjoying reading these stories yourself!


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Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Few Pictures Of Why I Was So Excited To Go To NYC Yesterday...

My little sister, my brother in law and my nephew had a stop in NYC yesterday, on their way to a vacation on a tropical island!  JEALOUS?  Absolutely, but delighted that I got to spend a few hours with them in one of my favorite cities in the United States!
And here's why...this little guy!  My nephew!  He melts my heart!
We had a great time...walking and singing and snuggling!  I am pretty sure he loves his AUNTIE!
It was a great day & though we all wished it could have been longer...a great time spent with family in the amazing NYC!  Praying for their vacation to be just as amazing as the short time we got to spend together yesterday!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sometimes I WISH I Was A Three Year Old...

There is just something special and magical about being a child! 
Especially something captivating about being a 3 year old!  Seeing the world through their eyes is definitely nothing like seeing them through adult eyes. 
The way their eyes and faces just show their pure joy and enthusiasm! 
Yes...I'll admit it! 

There are some days, when I would totally trade him places and let him be the adult and I'll be the flopping, smiling, silly little three year old again!

What about you??

Friday, April 27, 2012

Yes...This Pretty Much Sums It Up!

Have you told your mom how much you appreciate her lately?  Have you shared with her the fact that, you know she gave more of herself to take care of you, than she ever spent on herself?

I saw this definition today and I had to giggle:
In fact, my kids thought it was great too...because they know it's the truth!  Okay, maybe it's not totally "FOR FREE" and I know I wouldn't classify myself as "A SAINT", but being a MOMMY is probably the most challenging job I could ever imagine or think up!

Honestly, doesn't matter if you have one kid or 20, a mommy is an amazing piece of work.  The way GOD created us to be able to juggle all the tasks and still keep ourselves somewhat put together is AMAZING!  Those who work outside the home & those who spend their time in the home...give 100% of themselves for their family!

So, maybe you could call your mom today and just tell her THANKS! 
I know it will make her feel great (you might not see it, but I guarantee it will bring a smile to her face)! 
Don't wait for Mother's Day! 
Tell her you love her and respect her today for all she has done for you!

Fabulous Fashionable Friday - 30 AWESOME Beauty Tips!

As a busy mommy...keeping myself always looking "PUT TOGETHER" is sometimes an impossible feat!  Some mornings, I don't even want to try...because I know that no one but my kids will be seeing me and they don't care if my hair is fixed or my makeup is done.  Are you nodding your head in agreement with me?

Then again, I always feel better when I've made an effort to look nice!  Admit do too, right?
You never know what opportunity might come about and it's always good to be READY!! 
Hair, makeup, clothes....CHECK!

So here are 30 AMAZING Beauty Tips I thought I'd share with an effort to inspire us all to be Fashionably Fabulous on this FRIDAY!! 

This was definitely a PINNER for me too! 
Pinterest is so full of amazing ideas! 
Source: via Samantha on Pinterest

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

In Your Life - Did You Ever "REBEL"?

For some reason, the idea of a REBEL is stuck in my mind right now!  Maybe it's because I have four kids I am raising, in hopes that they don't rebel against my teachings!  Maybe it's because I've been at the crossroads a few times and the thought of rebelling is always appealing, right?

My question for you:

Have you ever REBELLED?

Do you know what caused the Rebellion?
What did you Rebel against?
Did you regret your decisions?
Did you find a deeper part of yourself that you didn't know existed through your rebellion?
Did you stay in rebellion, or finding yourself longing for that "PAST" person you were?

I am praying for my kids...right now!  Life is hard!  Decisions are momentary, but leave lasting impressions & even scars on our life!  Wisdom always comes with age, learning, recovering from past hurts and mistakes, etc.  But truly...I wish I could hold their hand, whisper in their ear and guide them along every turn. 

No...I don't think I have every answer!  In fact, we'd probably do some learning together!  But I'd feel better offering my protection!  In reality though, I know that there will be a time when I will have to let go and let GOD do the rest!  It terrifies me, especially when I see what is going on around me, but I guess that's where FAITH (true FAITH) comes in...that GOD knows a praying mom's heart and will protect the ones she is praying for!  I know my GOD will cover them, even if that means they get a few scrapes and bruises along the way! 

Just curious if any other parents have thought about this? 
How do you handle yourself when you find your children rebelling? 

Skinnygirl "Daily" Cleanse and Restore - My Opinion About It!

There are times in every woman's life when she needs to feel internally cleaned and refreshed, right?  At least for me, there have been a few times, when I feel bloated, uncomfortable and just "NEED HELP" taking care of it!
I was excited to try out Skinnygirl Daily (yes, this is a Bethenny Frankel company) "CLEANSE AND RESTORE".  I received a 5 day trial, so I could give you guys my honest opinion!
I'll admit, I was worried about a few things:
  • The taste (with the ingredients listed...I had a bad feeling this wasn't going to taste very good)
  • How it would work & my system would react to it and it's 100% natural ingredients
So, I started out this week by trying it on Monday!  I mixed it with water (which the packet says to do) and I'll admit that I could barely swallow it, but I managed to get it down.  It's suppose to have a Green Lemonade flavor, but all I could taste was the other "VERY NATURAL" ingredients.  Since I took it later in the afternoon...the effects happened in the middle of the night, which surprised me...but it is what it is!
The next day, I decided to drink it earlier in the day and to mix it with a juice instead...and it really helped me drink it.  In fact, the juice masked the taste really well!  And I was much more pleased with the results happening during the daytime instead of in the middle of the night.

I have used this all week and honestly, my "BLOATED" feeling has gone away.  I feel great, refreshed and CLEANSED inside!  One packet a day is all I need to feel cleaned and restored!

I am glad that I got the opportunity to try this product out.  Would I truly use it daily?  Probably not...because I wouldn't require it (my body is good at taking care of itself for the most part), however...I would use it for those times when I am feeling bloated and in need of help with cleansing.  Catch my drift?  Despite the extreme flavor (when mixed with water), it's definitely drinkable mixed with juices and it DOES WORK in cleansing and restoring! 

I would recommend this product to others!!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Do You Ever Wonder What Your Kids Think Or Know About YOU??

Raising kids can be an interesting and truly humbling experience at times!  I love my kids!  I wouldn't trade the four of them for "THE WORLD".  They are my heartbeats, my life, they keep me going and give me a reason to live each day to it's fullest, so they can too!

But have you ever wondered what they think of you (for real) or what they even know about you?

So I saw this on PINTEREST and though it would be interesting to interview "THE BABY" of the family (who got a little help from his sister) these questions to see if he knows his MOMMY:
Source: via Sue on Pinterest

WATCH this video to see his answers:
He cracks me up!  Not sure if it's just me...because I'm his mommy or if everyone can see the glisten in his eyes when he's excited to say something!  I love that!  That ZEST for life! 

Anyway, try it out on your kids and see what they say!  It's funny how they all find different answers for the very same questions!  Just shows that perspective can play in a lot, to how people (even your own kids) see you!

They Have A Shirt To SUIT Everyone's "ISTA"! So...@WhatsYourIsta ?

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Man, I wish I had a shirt to express my inner ISTA"? 
Or better yet..."What the heck is an ISTA"? 
It's actually a suffix meaning "mission" or "passion"!

Maybe you have...maybe you think I'm crazy by asking...but in our world, where classifying yourself into a category is not only typical, but typically've just got to love a company that embraces that and makes t-shirts to suit every category!
"What's Your Ista" offers a full line of t-shirts that are silly, serious and will cause you to make a STATEMENT with your shirt! Plus, they will allow you to share your "mission" or "passion" on a great quality t-shirt! 
Perhaps there is something you're passionate about?  I received the "Fluer del ista" tee and I love it!  I've got a thing for Fleur De Lis...I love them!  Anything "FRENCH" (even though I'm not), I love...especially decoration-wise for my home!  So I thought this shirt was totally suitable for me!  Of course, there were about a million other ones I could relate with, thought, "that's me too!", etc. while looking through their site!  SERIOUSLY...if they don't have you pegged on a shirt, you can make your own "ISTA" tee.
Now, I just want to know,
"What's your ISTA"?

They are evening offering MY Readers a 10% discount code when you use the code "BORED" when you check out!  AWESOME!!

CLICK HERE to find yours and I'd love for you to comment here if you find one or think up one you think is perfect for you!

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Making Your "MEAL" In A "MUFFIN TIN"? Seriously?

In feeding four growing kids, I love to make meals that both please our need to eat healthy, but also give them something that is also fun and nontraditional to eat. 

I just received an amazing new COOKBOOK, that not only offers me a variety of meals, but also compacts them into easy meals, with built in PORTION CONTROL too!  LOVE IT!

This cookbook offers recipes that my kids will love, because you can "handle them" (literally eat them in your hands) and at the same a huge selection of ideas (which I can totally use to my benefit)!
The chapters include:

WOW!!  That's a lot of different ideas!  I could literally make an entire meal using just MUFFIN TINS!  I LOVE this idea! Who would have thought?  Plus, it also gives you a size wise guide (so you know just the right muffin tin to use) to make the perfect serving!

Did I spark your curiosity?  
Does this sound like a cookbook your family would enjoy trying out? 

CLICK HERE and you can even have a sneak peek into the book yourself before you decide to buy it!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Don't IGNORE Infertility...PLEASE!

This is National Infertility Awareness Week® - April 22 to 28! 
Did you know that??
Did you know that INFERTILITY effects 7.3 million Americans! me a favor and stop, take a second out of your busy week, and say a pray for them! 
Will you join me? 

This issue didn't effect my husband & I, but it did personally effect someone almost as close...MY ONLY SISTER and her husband.  Praise the LORD that through the help of amazing doctors and an even more AMAZING LORD, I have a nephew that will be turning 2 in June.  7 years of waiting, praying and hoping came to fruition!  PRAISE THE LORD! 
He's our MIRACLE baby!

May the LORD put His hand on each and every couple trying to have a baby!  May He offer them peace in their waiting and understanding in every outcome! 

I pray that we can be up lifters to those who struggle!  Encouraging each other through prayer and support.  Even if that just means we lend a listening ear or shoulder for them to cry on!  This is something that, unless you're going through it (or have gone through it), you do not understand the emotional road it can lead you down.


Have you heard of before?
I was just introduced to it yesterday (thanks to my little sister)...and I am super excited to share it with you guys!!  This company can save your family a LOT of money on stuff you buy already!!
Plus, you get $10 for every friend you referral (after they have made their first purchase)...and you get $10 just for signing up to shop with!  FOR FREE!!  SERIOUSLY!

AND...TODAY only, you can get a great deal on shipping!  If you use your $10, you can basically get $7.76 worth of stuff FOR FREE!  LITERALLY!! 

SO GO SHOPPING!!   They have everything from Vitamins to Mac N Cheese and so...MUCH...MORE!! 

I was not paid to feature this post!  I will receive a $10 credit for every person that signs up using my referral code and makes their first purchase!

Consumed With "MEAL PLANNING" For The Week - Maybe You Should Try Some "FREEZER MEALS"?

I am not inspired in the kitchen!  If I am told what people want or have been given a request, I am more than happy to make it...but coming up with a plan for the week and sticking to it...IS NOT A STRONG POINT for me!  In fact, I down right stink at it!

I love the idea of "FREEZER MEALS"!  I have yet to do this...but it's on my bucket list when I have a freezer big enough and empty enough to stock with a couple weeks worth of meals at one time!

I great is this?

Wouldn't it be nice to NOT have to "THINK ABOUT" what you're making for dinner?  You just walk over to the freezer, pull it out, pop it in the crock pot or oven and WALLAH! 

CLICK HERE to see a great selection of "FREEZER MEAL" ideas!

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Monday, April 23, 2012

It's Been 9 YEARS? Joe Millionaire Started It All...REALITY TV DATING on FOX

9 years?  Really?  Seems like just yesterday...I was anxiously awaiting the first episode of "Joe Millionaire" to come on TV. 
Because my old roommate Heidi was making her TV debut on that show!!

It was so much fun to watch the show every week and see how long she would be a part of the "cast" of the show. 

Do you remember her? 
Did you watch it? 

Did you know that "JOE MILLIONAIRE" it was the HIGHEST RATED show in the history of FOX.

Now, it's been 9 years since that show aired and it looks like Mr. Joe Millionaire has a different look and a different OUTLOOK:
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Last week was our SPRING BREAK week and I'll admit that, even though I didn't make any formal "PLANS" for the turned out to be a great time for the kids and I!
The weather was great!  Beyond was gorgeous!
So there was car washing...
And lots of outdoor playtime (LOTS)!
There was ice cream eating...
A little sunbathing...
There was personal expression through painting...
There was a trip to the zoo (with my mini-zoo)...and even a little shopping too!

I'd say, all in all...SPRING BREAK 2012 was a huge success...even though we didn't leave HOME for more than a couple hours at a time!

And funny enough, this morning...their first day back to school, we slept straight until the alarm went off.  All week long, when we didn't have to get up and get ready, they were up by 6:15 am.  I think GOD likes to make me smile about funny little details like keep me going! 



It never fails!  It turns SPRING time and I always, I REPEAT ALWAYS, catch a cold!  Sore throat, snotty nose, and the whole shebang!  Which YES, typically if this happens to me, means the whole family gets it (or their own version of it).

For those families who do not like using MEDICATION for relief, there are some fantastic alternatives: 

WE received samples of all four of these products and they are "ALL NATURAL" relief alternatives!

The Cold-Eeze "COLD REMEDY" Products are wonderful!  Both are created to shorten the length of your colds and also offer relief to your sore throats and symptoms.  LOVE THESE!
The Maty's "NATURAL COUGH SYRUPS" for adults and kids.  We've used the Kid's version before and though it worked, my kids had a hard time with the taste of it.  Probably because they are used to tradition cough medication.  So, since I actually had a cold when these items came...I got the chance to try out the Syrup for myself.  I'll was not a flavor I was fond of either.  In fact, I wasn't able to take the second teaspoon.  I MUST SAY THOUGH...I get very gaggy and the strong honey/buckwheat flavor just didn't settle well with my taste buds.  If you're used to using homeopathic products or aren't typically sensitive to thick, strong flavors...this will be a wonderful product to use!

Aside from the strong flavor of the Maty's Cough Syrup...all of these products are FAMILY FRIENDLY and ALL NATURAL!  They are products that you can feel safe giving to your kids and yourself...and can offer ease to your symptoms!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's EARTH DAY - Do Your Part!


What will you do to make a difference for this EARTH?

Maybe you'll make a conscious effort to RECYCLE (even if you don't typically do it)?
Maybe you'll plant some new flowers in your yard or maybe a new tree?
Maybe you and your kids will head to a beach or park to "CLEAN UP" some litter?

Whatever you do...GOD BLESS YOU! 
We only have one EARTH!  Let's all do our part to take care of it!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

You'll Never Guess What I Made This "VINTAGE" Inspired Lacey Tee Out Of...

Me and my sewing machine...we have a special bond!  At least, I'd like to think so!  Though we don't spend as much time together as we used to...(when I had my own children's clothing boutique), I still love to break her out of the closet for moments of TRUE inspiration!  Occasionally, I will come up with a brilliant "ORIGINAL" idea, like I did today, to inspire others with!

Can you guess what I used to add the vintage lace accents on this plain "V" neck tee?
OK...before you get totally grossed out...these never fit me right, so they were NEVER worn...but they make a great accent on my t-shirt, right?
Would you have guessed I used a pair of LACE Boycut Panties to create such an adorable, vintage inspired t-shirt? 
 Anthropology...EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT!
Now...go dig through your underwear drawer and create your own "TRULY INSPIRED" t-shirt too! 
You can thank me later...

Coming In MAY From Harper Collins Children's - "CHLOE" by Peter McCarty

Being the MIDDLE CHILD can be a wonderful or slightly difficult place for a child.  You can ask my middle daughter, who will tell you, she would rather be the baby or the oldest...cause to her, being in the middle "isn't fair".  Of course, I do everything in my power to make everyone in the home feel INCLUDED all the time...but I guess when you're in the middle, you see things from a different perspective. 
We received the most ADORABLE book from Harper Collins Children's called "CHLOE" by Peter McCarty, that will be released in May!  This adorable story is about Chloe, who is the middle rabbit with 10 older brothers and sisters and 10 younger.  YIKES!  That's a lot of kids!  But one of the best times in this family with so many children is "FAMILY FUN TIME".  When their daddy brings home a television set, everyone is excited except Chloe and baby Bridget.  Until they find the bubble wrap in the box it came in.  While the parents continue to watch the television, the brothers and sisters put on a show of their own INSIDE the box, until bedtime.

Take a peek inside the story:
This adorable story is beautifully illustrated and shares a simple story about family and feeling included!  To me, it also shows how important "FAMILY TIME" can be for every child in the family, and making them all feel included!

CLICK HERE to pre-order your copy of this book!

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