Saturday, April 7, 2012


My oldest sweet, sensitive, kind spirited son...oh how I LOVE HIM!  He's growing up right before my very eyes and he's finding "FASHION and STYLE" all of his own! 
But I'm finding that to be a really big challenge for...ME!
(this was him on the first day of school this school year)
For me...a boy with short hair comes across in society as respectful and honest!  I've always been personally attracted to those with shorter & clean cut hair styles and I guess that has reflected in my mothering of my boys.  Yes...we've had Mohawks and designs in the backs of our heads, but I've never let either of them REALLY grown their hair out.  I don't mind "FUN" as long as they look groomed!
(just took this a day or two ago...and I tried to "FIX" it a little before we snapped the pictures)
But we are there...that turning point.  He's my oldest and is the first to go through these MAJOR like changes!  I have to let him...but the buzzers want a "PLAY DATE" with his out of control hair.

HELP ME!!  This is hard for me!  I've asked him several times over the past couple weeks if I could just give him a hair cut.  His reply is always, "Ummm...NO!"  Of course, we keep things light hearted and silly...but I just can't stand for him to go to school with unruly hair!  And honestly, this child does not like brushing his hair, which makes it even more a STRUGGLE for me!  Maybe because how my kids present themselves at school can give a peek into their at home life...and for the most part, his is very orderly! 

I know we're just in a growing stage.  I mean...the kid has like 2 inches to go and he'll be as tall as I was my FRESHMAN YEAR of high school...he's 10!  I know that the longer boy's hair styles are in right now...maybe we just need to find a style that looks fixed by is longer? 

SUGGESTIONS on this topic would be greatly appreciated! 
Have you been here before?  Be straight with me...and I being a HUGE CONTROL FREAK?  I am trying really hard to be supportive in his "BRANCHING OUT" and becoming his own long as he looks like he cares for his personal hygiene at the same time.  I'm "growing up" a handsome young man and I just want him to feel good about himself and feel PUT TOGETHER!  I guess that means I have to let go and he gets to start picking and choosing a little bit more for himself, huh?

Thanks guys for listening & letting me ask you!! 

Growing up is hard to do...especially for MOMMY!


fathernorest said...

As i always tell my wife, pick your battles. Does h bathe regularly, is he a respecful young man? If so let him express himself, the more you press this meaningless battle, the harder he will dig in. The first pretty girl who makes a comment about his hair to the negative will probably change everything.just my 2¢

Monicas Mom Musings said...

I haven't been there with a boy yet because my boy is only 4. But we just went to the hairdresser for my 3 older ones today (well we got a little trim for the baby too because my hairdresser is awesome like that). But anyways, my oldest turns 13 this month. She was so mad that I was taking her to get her haircut today. Oddly she has been talking about it for days, but when it's actually time to have it done it's just hard for her. She doesn't know what she wants. She doesn't want to have to style it, but she doesn't want it short either. Then she regrets what she does after she does it. Oh it's so different with girls I think, lol. Here's my thing with my kids hair. I don't care what they do with their hair. If she wants to shave her head and dye it purple that's up to her. I might remind her there's no going back and it will take a while to grow out, but that's another thing, my hairdresser can help them make choices that will work for their hair and be stylish. So maybe you can just bring him to the hairdresser. Tell him whatever he wants, but talk it out with the hairdresser. Just to get it cleaned up a little. Although, the messy look is in with the boys. But it's a controlled mess. Sometimes I'll look at hair style websites with my kids so they can pick a style even. Makes me feel a little better and makes them feel like they have control ;).

Mellanhead said...

My feeling with hair is that it is hair and it will grow back and out. Kids need to express themselves and I would rather it be with hair then with something else. I have met honor students that had wild crazy hair.

Also as someone stated...he is a boy. As soon as some cute girl he likes tells him she doesn't like it off it will go (on the other hand she might love it since that is what is in style lol)

My advice? Pick a different battle. I have a 16 yr old girl and I can say there will be more to come.

Cindi said...

I agree with Fathernorest. Pick your battles. I went through this with my three sons. Often times it's just a phase as they discover themselves. Just wait for the purple streaked hair. (LoL)

Tiffany said...

I think he looks handsome in both photos. Maybe you can find some photos of boys with longer styled hair to see if he likes any of them and kind of get an idea of the look that he is going for. I really wouldn't worry to much about it though...If he is anything like his Mommy he probably won't keep the same style for too long anyways. I think he still looks respectful an honest.

Maureen said...

It took my breath away when I saw the 1st photo. I know he has been growing it out. I thought you cut it SHORT again. He looks more his age with the longer hair and he's finding himself. Bless his heart! He is adorable.