Wednesday, April 4, 2012


My oldest...I love him!  He's super sweet, soft spirited and just an all around amazing kid!  I know GOD has big plans for his life!  He has struggled a lot this year with school & life, and I was hoping to find an outlet or instrument for him to pour himself out of...because, at least for is a great outlet.  I spent many emotional (happy, sad or bored) nights sitting at the piano...pounding it out on the keys!
(see...I told you it was speaking to me)
So, today I had my two youngest kids in Target and I found a guitar on clearance.  It was half price and it was speaking to me, "BUY ME FOR CLAYTON!"  I tried to fight off the voice in my head, but my heart was telling that spending a little bit of my "GARAGE SALE" money on it would be well worth the sacrifice!!
Sure enough, when he came through the doors today...home from school, I introduced him to the GUITAR!  He nicknamed it "PLAYER"...and let's just say, he hasn't put it down since!  We tuned it (thanks to handy dandy youtube videos) and will hopefully start learning chords together!  I've honestly always wanted to learn to play guitar too!  Kind of excited that we can learn together!
Check out his first MUSIC VIDEO (sort of...):
I am praying that this will be a positive outlet for him...if nothing else!  One that could develop into a passion (mommy wouldn't be to upset about that) and definitely a great way to vent emotion (any type).  At least it's not an instrument that will give a headache when he's practicing!

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Maureen said...

Awesome job Clayton. It will take a lot of practice but I know you can do it! Can't wait to hear you play in person some day soon.
God Bless!