Friday, April 6, 2012

Celebrating Our Easter Weekend With FAMILY!! Love It!!

Our "GOOD FRIDAY" was exceptionally good...because we anticipated and awaited the arrival of our family from Ohio (Grandma Belle, Papa Marvin, Aunt Nikki and her exchange student daughter from Ukraine Julia)! 
Once they walked through the front door, it was NON-STOP activity!  My mother-in-law immediately started peeling potatoes and putting together dinner, while Julia went outside to hide eggs for the kids for an Easter egg hunt.  After dinner was cooking in the oven, we headed out the front door to find those EASTER EGGS!
Then we came inside to decorate our own...7 dozen of them to be exact! 
It was actually Papa Marvin's first time EVER to color Easter I felt pretty special we got to watch him do it...and he seemed to really enjoy himself!
Grandma Belle got into the action, trying out the 3D glasses on her creatively decorated eggs...and we had lots of giggles and laughs!
After dinner, we headed out to SeaSide Beach (so Julia could get a glimpse of the East Coast waters)...despite the cold breeze blowing outside.
Then...we got a sweet treat of ice cream at our local ice cream shoppe!

The night ended with a second (since the kids watched it last night too) viewing of "HOP" and now it's time for bed! 

What a great day!  Tomorrow, they are headed to NYC to be tourists for the first time ever and the kids and I will be anxiously awaiting them to return (exhausted, but hopefully delighted in their day's excursion)!

I hope you all had as "BLESSED" a "GOOD FRIDAY" was we did today!