Saturday, April 21, 2012

Coming In MAY From Harper Collins Children's - "CHLOE" by Peter McCarty

Being the MIDDLE CHILD can be a wonderful or slightly difficult place for a child.  You can ask my middle daughter, who will tell you, she would rather be the baby or the oldest...cause to her, being in the middle "isn't fair".  Of course, I do everything in my power to make everyone in the home feel INCLUDED all the time...but I guess when you're in the middle, you see things from a different perspective. 
We received the most ADORABLE book from Harper Collins Children's called "CHLOE" by Peter McCarty, that will be released in May!  This adorable story is about Chloe, who is the middle rabbit with 10 older brothers and sisters and 10 younger.  YIKES!  That's a lot of kids!  But one of the best times in this family with so many children is "FAMILY FUN TIME".  When their daddy brings home a television set, everyone is excited except Chloe and baby Bridget.  Until they find the bubble wrap in the box it came in.  While the parents continue to watch the television, the brothers and sisters put on a show of their own INSIDE the box, until bedtime.

Take a peek inside the story:
This adorable story is beautifully illustrated and shares a simple story about family and feeling included!  To me, it also shows how important "FAMILY TIME" can be for every child in the family, and making them all feel included!

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